What Type Millionaire Will You Become?

As online lottery players, you have at one point or another, imagined living the life of pure luxury and having millions at your disposal.  The concept of living this wealthy lifestyle does however, vary considerably from one person to the next.

We often write about people that have played the lottery and have become overnight millionaires. Have you ever thought about the lifestyle you would lead once you have won the lotto?
Let’s take a closer look at the various types of millionaires. This way you can see which one closely resembles your personality and how you might end up living, after you win this Wednesday’s $149 million Powerball jackpot.



The Traveller Millionaire

Why travel around the world? Here’s why:  After winning the lotto and becoming an absolute multimillionaire, why not!  There are amazing destinations all around the world with so much to offer the soul.  We’ve compiled a list of the best reasons why every online lottery winner should enrich their life by travelling around the world, which can also be taken as our motivation for doing what we do at PlayHugeLottos.com!

It’s a lot easier than you think – By using a professional travel consultant, you will be given the best advice about where to travel to, the most luxurious resorts and how to make your dream come true. It’s up to you to make the first step however, play tonight’s American lottery, the Mega Millions and you could win a life-changing $95 million!

It opens your eyes – By experiencing what the world has to offer, you will become a more well-rounded human being. Which is really the goal, isn’t it? Learn to know yourself better – Not only does travelling present challenges, it also presents you with new opportunities. You will discover who you are by travelling new roads.

Create meaningful relationships – You will meet people on your travels that will undoubtedly become some of the most valued people in your life. It’s these individuals that will point you in another fabulous direction that you could not have imagined possible. Refreshing new perspectives are out there – it’s up to you to take the first step.

Develop skills you didn’t know you had –  By trying new things, whether it’s reaching the top of a mountain, white river rafting, crossing a gorge, or simply helping someone less fortunate than yourself, you will allow yourself to access skills you never knew you had.

Freedom, the traveller millionaire, man standing on yacht with outstretched arms

The Celebrity Millionaire
How about, champagne for breakfast, caviar for lunch and an evening limo ride? Sound about right? Someone that’s takes their wealth this seriously, definitely needs to play the biggest jackpot available. Thankfully you can play the American Powerball right now, which has rolled once again to a thrilling $149 million. The draw takes place this Wednesday, so don’t delay placing your entries into this gigantic lotto game! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you could quite easily replace your entire lifestyle by hitting the right numbers.
Your wardrobe will also undergo a radical change. Wearing the latest on-trend design while sipping martinis and flying off to the next big social extravaganza, will be, well normal.  Your car?  Only if it’s the latest model and in the most striking colour of course. If a life filled with glamour, parties and rubbing shoulders with the world’s most influential people sounds exactly what you are looking for, then come on – try your luck and win that jackpot!

Celebrity Millionaire, prinate jets and supercars

The Discreet Millionaire

If you prefer things less flashy and rather more discreet, then you will more than likely double check your lottery results in privacy. The discreet millionaire will also be the lottery winner who opts to stay anonymous and plan how you will invest your windfall, by not telling a soul. Having the camera’s flash in your face, while holding a giant cardboard winning cheque is also not something you could ever see yourself enjoying.  Thankfully at PlayHugeLottos.com, your details will be kept confidential and the choice of who and how you inform those around you of your win will be entirely up to you.

Discreet millionaire

The Selfless Millionaire

The selfless millionaire, (my personal favourite), is someone who oozes generosity. This lotto millionaire will make sure that they contact their favourite charity or local community centre and come up with a plan to assist them in the best possible way.
For lottery players who feel that they fit into this category, winning the Mega Millions tonight could give you more than enough to help those who cannot read or write. With today, being International Literacy Day, imagine for one second just how you could help organisations around you with a fraction of your $95 million.  Helping your family and friends to pay off all their debts and spoil them a little will be absolutely wonderful for someone who is totally selfless but undoubtedly an extremely happy individual!

money saint, the selfless millionaire

There you have it. If you want to become a millionaire and enjoy the freedom this lifestyle can create, knowing you have a bunch of money sitting in the bank, correctly invested and working for you, then play any of the available lotteries on PlayHugeLottos.com and your destiny could be a lot closer than you think!
Find out exactly what kind of millionaire you will be, and play the lottery today!

Powerball and Mega Millions

To find out exactly what kind of millionaire you will be after winning an exorbitant amount of money, play the $149 million US Powerball, the $95 million Mega Millions or any of the other massive lottery jackpots all available on PlayHugeaLottos.com today.

Play the lotto online

By playing the lotto online with PlayHugeLottos.com, you will know that you are using the best online lottery ticket portal with the best gaming experience. So why wait? Make sure that your entries are placed in time and before you know it, you could be winning big right here.

Best of luck and good gaming!

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Good luck to become a millionaire with one of the above lotteries! Remember to let us know which millionaire suites YOU best and earn valuable LottoPoints at the same time!


ps. remember, the best thing about the lottery... anyone can win - all you need is a ticket!

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Posted by Osaru (8/09/2015)

discreet millionaire is definitely me

Posted by Ritwick (8/09/2015)

Good article this! I want to be a mix of the traveller, discreet and selfless millionaire.

Posted by Ildefonso (8/09/2015)

A combination of the stealth wealth/discreet millionaire and the selfless millionaire,that's me.

Posted by Ndeshipanda (9/09/2015)

Do people really win real millions????????????

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/09/2015)

discreet but also generous...is cool

Posted by Amos (10/09/2015)

i am a travel millionaire

Posted by Esther (13/09/2015)

I am the Discreet Millionaire

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/09/2015)

modest type

Posted by Anthony (14/09/2015)

I believe that one day god will bless me to win. If I don't give up

Posted by Leyla (17/09/2015)

I am the discreet millionaire.

Posted by Rnp5q (22/09/2015)

I would consider myself as the discreet and selfless millionaire which poses a real problem. How do you help all your friends and family and favorite charity whilst staying anonymous? We have figured out a way. We will have a raffle with cheap tickets and loads of fantastic prizes and make sure all of them enter and we will tailor make each prize for each person and pretend we also win some great prize so they don't get suspicious. Problem solved!

Posted by Wilhelmina (29/09/2015)

I will never stop trying

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