PowerBall Changes Could See A $1 Billion Jackpot

The US Powerball lottery game will be implementing a few changes, come this October, which could see the Powerball jackpot reach crazy jackpot prize-funds of up to $1 Billion! Imagine winning 1 Billion Dollars!

Back in July of this year, the Commission announced that there would be a rule tweak which would mean more overall prizes being distributed. Seasoned lottery players will be shaking their heads right about now, thinking, yeah right, and the chances of winning the jackpot will be a darn side harder.

But, looking back at similar lotto game changes, we have to admit that bigger jackpots far more exciting to play, and yes, eventually there is always that lucky lotto player that wins the jackpot.  So, before you knock the Powerball changes senseless, ask yourself, “Do I want to be the $1 Billion Powerball jackpot winner?”  Of course you do!

Rollo Redburn, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Lottery had this to say about the impending Powerball changes, “We are excited about the upcoming improvements. The intent of the change is to raise more funding for lottery beneficiaries. For players, the change will make it easier to win a prize in the game; will increase participation at the lower jackpot levels; and will generate those larger jackpots that appeal to our players.”

Powerball game changes

For those of us who do play the lottery frequently, we are familiar with how the game works.

New Set of US Powerball Rules

Current ball set:

At the moment, Powerball lottery players select their numbers from two ball sets, five white balls and one red ball from second ball set.

  • 5 numbers from a possible 59 (White numbers)
  • 1 number from a possible 35 (red Power balls)

New ball set:

After the rules change, the white number ball set is to increase while the red ball set will have fewer numbers, which should give Powerball lotto players a bigger chance of winning a lower tiered prize.

  • 5 numbers from a possible 69 (White numbers)
  • 1 number from a possible 26 (red Power balls)

When exactly will the Powerball changes take place?

The last draw under the current Powerball field of numbers will be October 3, 2015. The first draw under the new field of numbers will be October 7, 2015.

Reason For The Powerball Rule Change

The reason the Gaming Commission have decided to make the Powerball changes, is to give more Powerball lottery players the chance to win prizes. Ticket sales will also increase, due to the fact that more people will win prizes and ultimately increase the popularity of the lotto game.


Use the Powerball Rule Change to Your Advantage

So, even though your odds of winning the top prize tier on the US Powerball are slightly less due to the ball set changes, your overall chance of winning a lower tiered prize is actually significantly higher.

Right now, your chance of winning any prize is 1 in 32. After the change, your chances will improve to 1 in 25.  We know this might come across as a pretty good excuse to buy Powerball tickets if you haven’t yet done so, but it does mean that you the chance of you winning more often – giving you more money to reinvest in more Powerball tickets with the goal of hitting a much higher jackpot!

Believe in something Bigger

According to the ad agency, David&Goliath, the Powerball tagline, “‘Believe in something bigger,’ isn’t just a tagline it’s a mind-set.  One that inspires people to think beyond what’s possible. To be part of a movement of optimism and larger-than-life dreams, and to serve as a filter for the Lottery and the people who play.”
It’s not the first time lottery players have been faced with ball set changes, and there are a huge number that are completely unfazed by them. After all, when you win, the odds don’t matter in the long run.

Remember… “You have to be in it, to win it!”

Believe in something bigger, Powerball tagline

Powerball Results for the 1st September 2015:

Last night’s winning Powerball numbers were:   17 - 22 - 30 - 46 - 56 – 16

Unfortunately, no one matched all the winning Powerball numbers drawn last night to scoop the $120 million jackpot, which means this Saturday’s Powerball jackpot is now sitting at a gigantic $133 million!  Three lucky Powerball tickets holders did however become instant millionaires when they matched all five main numbers, winning 1 million Dollars each. 19 players won $10,000.00 for matching four numbers and the Power Ball.

Play Powerball online

For all of the detailed Powerball results, please have a look below:

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How do you feel about the Powerball changes? Leave your comment in the comments section below and earn valuable LottoPoints which you can use to buy more lotto tickets!



Posted by Muhammad (3/09/2015)

I feel like a million dollars! More power to their elbow!

Posted by Julian (4/09/2015)

This is going to be very good

Posted by Amos (4/09/2015)

i wanna be a billionaire

Posted by Osaru (4/09/2015)

i wanna be a billionaire so freaking baaaaad

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/09/2015)


Posted by Ndeshipanda (4/09/2015)

I need a lot of money. I just need about $100,000

Posted by Felhix Olokani (4/09/2015)

Its worthy Trying it may be we could see some of us being next Millionares.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (4/09/2015)

Its worthy Trying it may be we could see some of us being next Millionares. Wait a minute why don't I win Millions with this current format first?

Posted by Ritwick (5/09/2015)

Yes I hope I win the rollover

Posted by Debashish D (5/09/2015)

Its a very good change that is about to happen. Fingers crossed to hit the big "B"...One Billion Dollars...oh my God...just typing it, creates goosebumps on my body, just imagining how it would feel to actually win it. God Bless..!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (5/09/2015)

The big got BIGGEST!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/09/2015)

the mother of all jackpots!!!

Posted by Mr.Kasiphat (7/09/2015)

I belive lucky number

Posted by Mr.Kasiphat (7/09/2015)

I belive lucky number

Posted by Ildefonso (7/09/2015)

Imagine a foreign player wins a billion dollar jackpot,via a ticket bought through an online ticket vendor such as PHL,the USA will change legislation to ensure that it won't happen again.Hopefully someone on here is destined for a major jackpot win soon.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/09/2015)

A billion???? The sooner the better!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (9/09/2015)

Can't wait to take a shot at the $billion..!!!!!

Posted by Patrick (11/09/2015)

My dream is valid and one day it will be true.

Posted by Anthony (14/09/2015)

I am dreaming to be a millionaire, if god wishes everything impossible things will be possible

Posted by Ying Kwong (16/09/2015)

It's really awesome : )

Posted by JG8g (17/09/2015)

All Lotto games are a game of chance but how ever if the chances are in your favour then don’t let it slip thru your fingers grab it now and with ticket in your hand never stop believing in that Chance of that BIG!! win well i do believe that with PowerBall and the new changers it will be massive to say the least. hehehehe wooo hoo it going to be GREAT!!!

Posted by Anthony (17/09/2015)

Living would be different if my numbers aim the correct numbers

Posted by Amos (19/09/2015)

1 billions, WOW.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/09/2015)

Who wants to be a billionaire??? I do!

Posted by Paweł (22/09/2015)


Posted by Anu Maarit (24/09/2015)

That's enormous. What would you all do with one billion ? I'd definitely do something to help the poor and the homeless in my city and establish scholarships for young artists as well. With such amounts, comes responsibility. As jackpots are going to be huge, after getting all the wonderful houses and safety we long for, we all should reach out and tend to the community as well. Such a chance ! Good luck everyone.

Posted by Sudha (24/09/2015)

Looks like it is already heading towards the Billion Mark ( if not won by October 7)

Posted by Ashish (24/09/2015)


Posted by Shiva (26/09/2015)

$uper Buck$

Posted by Lilik (26/09/2015)

apa bisa dapat uang cuma' ya...

Posted by Lilik (26/09/2015)

apa bisa dapat uang cuma' ya...

Posted by Balasubramaniam (27/09/2015)

1 BILLION !! OWO !!!

Posted by Leyla (29/11/2015)

This is going to be very good

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