10 Bond Cars To Choose From Part 2

(Comments Competition) If fast & fancy cars with gadgets included are your scene then you must be a fan of the Bond cars. You don’t need to be on Her Majesty’s Secret Service to appreciate the brawn and beauty of Bond’s favourite vehicles. Find out which of them made it into our list of the top 10 Bond cars of all time.

The job of a famous British spy can’t be easy. Jetting around the world saving the free world from all manner of villains and evil doers must be stressful. To make the job somewhat more bearable he would at least need to be outfitted with the latest gadgets, accompanied by some of the most beautiful women and of course, be driving some of the best vehicles possible.

James Bond

 It’s this last point we are most interested in at the moment as we finish looking at the recent list created at AskMen.com – what are the top 10 Bond cars of all time?

Numbers 5 through to 1 are listed below. Enjoy the cars and be sure to leave a comment to stand a chance of winning 5 FREE Euromillions vouchers.


5. Toyota 2000GT – You Only Live Twice

A very limited production run has seen this vehicle become highly sought-after for collectors. A special convertible version of the 2000GT was created specifically for the movie because, at 188 cms, Bond actor Sean Connery was too tall to fit into the original hard top version.

Apart from never having gone in to actual production, the Toyota 2000GT convertible is notable for another reason. It is one of the few Bond cars that he never actually drove himself, being chauffeured in the vehicle by Bond girl Aki.

Aki behind the wheel…

Aki behind the wheel


4. Aston Martin Vanquish – Die Another Day

The only non-BMW driven by Brosnan’s Bond! Apart from being a stunning machine in its own right, the MI6 version sports some state-of-the-art spy gadgets:

- Machine guns on the fender
- Grill-mounted heat-seeking missiles
- The obligatory ejector seat (for getting rid of clingy Bond girls)
- A cloaking device that renders the vehicle invisible

The ‘Die Another Day’ Vanquish was auctioned off in 2006 for the very respectable sum of £144,500.00.

Aston Martin


3. Lotus Esprit – The Spy Who Loved Me

The Lotus Esprit is perhaps best known as the Bond car that ‘turned into a submarine’. Bond is being chased along a short pier by evil henchmen; upon reaching the end of the pier he continues his escape underwater. The wheels fold in and fins pop out.

Submarine-mode featured some handy add-ons:

- Reinforcing bars across the windows
- A periscope
- Torpedos

Bond gets that sinking feeling…

Lotus Submarine


2. AMC Hornet X Hatchback –The Man With The Golden Gun

One of the few non-European cars to make it as a Bond car! The Hornet features in what is often considered one of the best chase scenes of all the Bond films. Bond commandeers the Hornet from a Bangkok showroom for an epic chase finishing with an unbelievable ‘corkscrew’ jump over a broken bridge, a stunt so spectacular that the Guinness Book Of World Records listed it as the “third among the top ten James Bond film stunts.”

The first ‘astro-spiral’ to be used in a movie…

AMC Hornet x Hatchback


1 Aston Martin DBS – Casino Royale

With a 5.9 Litre 48-valve V12 engine producing 510 horsepower the Aston Martin DBS is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn.

In keeping with Daniel Craig’s current, ‘no-nonsense’ incarnation of Bond the DBS sports no extra frills like laser beams, missiles or ejector seats. It’s just straight forward driving pleasure (and power) in this Bond car, voted number 1 by the good people at AskMen.com.

Aston Martin DBS


Did Your Favourite Bond Car Make The List

The Bond lifestyle actually seems to resonate quite well with the lotto lifestyle. There is lots of travelling to exotic locations, along with the presence of beautiful people and many exciting adventures. Then of course there are the luxury vehicles!

The only thing that seems to be missing is the danger of being shot at along with the pressure of constantly having to save the world. It sounds like a good deal to us!

Which Bond car is your favourite of all time? If you could take home any Bond car which one would it be? Do you already own a Bond car, which one is it (model kits don’t count)?

Leave a comment below and tell us all about it. The top comments will win 5 FREE Euromillions vouchers. Comments close Friday 9th November.

If you need some further inspiration please consult our previous news item or these comprehensive lists of Bond cars from Wikipedia and MSN Motoring.

The competition is now closed!
Thanks to everyone who took part in this comments competition. The winners are:

Pim P.
Elcio A.
Taner K.
Sergey T.
Marcin P
Floryyn F.

Good luck for the EuroMillions draw tonight!


Posted by Anthony (5/11/2012)

Definitely the Aston Martin DBS is the one to die for.Do you know what DBS means ? Dead Bl..dy Serious. This machine exudes testosterone,sensuality,grace and pizazz.Five hundred and ten stallions will hold you in your seats with tears in your ears speeds (topless)the car,that is.The V12 will be whisper quiet,with just the right amount of growl,subdued,to announce ...P O W E R R R.

Posted by Vladimir (5/11/2012)

They enjoy the car James Bond definitely worth it especially now win the Euromillions and make the biggest record in the Euromillions and buy all the things that James Bond has a 195 million € but do I need as many vouchers infos in Euromillions.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (6/11/2012)

IMHO the Citroën 2CV (FYEO) is BY FAR the coolest Bond car ever! It also features in one of the better car chases in the series, although some part are played for laughs (it is a Roger Moore movie after all) most of the action is pretty serious.If I could take home any bond cars,I choose 2cv. I might be biased of course because when I was young my distant uncle in uk had several 2CV over the years. Other cars I like: -As said before, the Lotus -Some of the villains cars of the early movies like Lippe's car and that of Viona Volpe in Thunderball. -Can't leave out the DB5 of course. -Worst Bond "car" in my opinion: The Moonbuggy from DAF

Posted by Samson (6/11/2012)

Reputation is what men and women think of us and hence to be in their thoughts I would take home my favorite Bond car Aston Martin DBS which will increase my reputation.. Driving a powerful and beautiful car on the roads attracts everyone’s attention and there are ample chances of getting beautiful women as hitch hikers .Men will hate me and women will love me for owning the unique Aston. Even though the Aston Martin is a straightforward car, not to discredit the uniqueness and specialties of Bond cars I will have my Aston fixed with following gadgets, scanners on the front , rear and the wings to detect dangers (humans and equipments ) , powerful lasers to demolish all sorts of obstacles. And of course it will be bullet proof. The secret agent code 007 will be etched on the wings in golden letters as a tribute to the agent James Bond. Viva James Bond, Viva Aston Martin.

Posted by Gergely (6/11/2012)

My family had a Bond car. It was a Renault 11. It was a terrible car, I hated it because it always brokes down... But I can say nowadays to ladies that we had a Bond car, and all of them thinks that we owned an Aston Martin. :)

Posted by Raj (6/11/2012)

no doubt the Aston Martin DBS – Casino Royale by far the best car. being an IT-Professional and having Almost Zero knowledge of Cars, I would say that Aston Martin DBS is one of the best cars ever customized and that to broke a world record awesome car would surely love to learn and drive this car if not any other.

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (6/11/2012)

The Austin Martin DBS - Casino Royale, its pure machine waiting to be driven, pure style waiting to be flaunted,brute force with a growl, nothing to stop it, nothing to beat it,simply James Bond Style.

Posted by Ernestas (6/11/2012)

Aston Martin DBS – Casino Royale. The best Bond car and a very nice car in general.

Posted by Percivell (6/11/2012)

Aston Martin DBS - Casino Royale. Fantastic features & Super Bond car for 2013 rider on the rain.wow.

Posted by Aiken (6/11/2012)

with 132million euromillion winning jackpot i could be 1 with 11th james bond's car (make movies for myself)

Posted by Moses (6/11/2012)

I will go with the lotus esprit in the spy who loved me,for the simple reason that it was a car that was not that sophisticated yet was one of the best bond cars ever....it could even swim underwater and do lots a wonderful things.......I love it ,every bit of it...lotus is the best bond car ...retro but very icely packed.....

Posted by Sajith (6/11/2012)

I Love Toyota 2000GT ..........she is a Cute Chic !!

Posted by Lim (6/11/2012)

i love bmw, in my country many use the 3 series, because the cheapers one,why i like bmw because the largest premium cars maker in the world and of course its the safety one, im like 7 series because it the highest class from bmw, that will be so comfortable, but many said this 7 series better use for the person already ages/old maybe im choice it if im old, but for modiest and good look young enterprenur, well z series its eyes catching and i will driver this one, i like X series because good for drive out town with any bad condition road, overall if money no more problem for me, i will collect it all series...

Posted by Michael (6/11/2012)

The Aston Martin DBS from Casino Royale would definitely be the bond car I'd choose to buy should I win the lottery -- although I'd probably just buy all of them if I did win though :) Damn you for making me choose :D

Posted by Anuj (6/11/2012)

All Cars are nice.But if i win the euro-million jackpot i would definitely buy Aston Martin DBS – Casino Royale

Posted by Shweta (6/11/2012)

Aston Martin DBS – Casino Royale

Posted by A.k.a. (7/11/2012)

My favorite car is Aston Martin Vanquish because of its beautiful design, its super finished interiors and for its 6000 liter super speed engine I am very eager to have it after winning huge lotto's.

Posted by Ernest (7/11/2012)

Definitely the the Austin Martin DBS in Casino Royale - Each car in every Bond film is one to dream of. Great publicity for the cars in question - overnight they are instant gadgets to want. Great way to put forward.

Posted by Kabo (7/11/2012)

I was blown away when I saw the Lotus Esprit convert into a sub in 'The Spy Who Loved Me', but the car that is top of my shopping list when I win Euromillions is definately the Aston Martin DBS. I can already smell the leather in that baby's interior. The engine also sounds very good.

Posted by Boris (7/11/2012)

Casino Royale - Unique elegant Aston Martin DBS!

Posted by ZqTd (7/11/2012)

Aston Martin Vanquish *sigh* a girl can dream

Posted by Jozsef (7/11/2012)

It's beautiful, it's fascinating, It's powerful, it's breath-taking, It's elegant, it's luxurious, It's exclusive, it's unique, It's my dream, Aston Martin.

Posted by Taner (8/11/2012)

Aston Marin DBS cause women loves men with beautiful cars

Posted by Julian (8/11/2012)

Aston Martin DBS is the car which I dreamt. Now when I do not have a bike nothings happens but when I get anything I will buy Aston Martin DBS I like three things of the car the V12engine that brings a full 510 horse power, 5.9 liter 48- value & the model of the car. It is my dream car. My dad wanted to have a car but he’s no more but now I want to have a car & a house for my son and if I get sometime it’s defiantly going to rain that day.

Posted by Guntis (8/11/2012)

Aston Martin DBS – no doubts!!! My favourite Bond car - elegant design, innovative manufacturing, nowaday luxury sports car without equal. When, this Friday I will win Euromillions jackpot, I definitely would buy this and then I would put on nice suit, drive to work, go to boss office, fix oneself Vodka Martini “shaken, not stirred” and tell him: My name is Guntis, Guntis G(…) and you are FIRED!!! Drink my cocktail: tastes good!!! Go back to the car hit the pedal to the floor, make out AM DBS sound and then get lost from the smoke. Let my dream comes true :)!!!

Posted by Hermanus (8/11/2012)

Without a dought the Aston Martin Vanquish, very stylish, ellegant, sporty, classy and most definately sexy........this vehicle relinguish the message of absolute power and charm.....a trademark that suits a true Bond Hero............

Posted by Debashish D (8/11/2012)

Aston Martin DBS would be my choice its sleek, glamorous and elegant...the way bond prefers his beauty's to be... ;)

Posted by Chandrashekhar (9/11/2012)

i think the best 007 car has to be the ASTON MARTIN DBS its a true english car from the bond film country has the elegance ,the panash and exclusiveness given to its production number , it deserves to be in the top spot of all time best james bond car definitely

Posted by Chandrashekhar (9/11/2012)

I think it has to be Aston martin DBS with its English heritage ,it surely it fits the bill for an 007 bond car as it belong to the English film making franchise . not to mention elegance,exclusiveness and has such panash built by hand in country side of Gaydon, Warwickshire England.This luxury sport car can top at 307km/h has got 510bhp to growl only ready to power it by flooring down throttle pad and rest is that exhilarating feeling of performance in its iconic style , its for few definitely got to have it to own one ,dreams can come true this Friday euro-millions jackpot and its all yours to it to ride of life time

Posted by Chandrashekhar (9/11/2012)

I think it has to be Aston martin DBS with its English heritage ,it surely it fits the bill for an 007 bond car as it belong to the English film making franchise . not to mention elegance,exclusiveness and has such panash built by hand in country side of Gaydon, Warwickshire England.This luxury sport car can top at 307km/h has got 510bhp to growl only ready to power it by flooring down throttle pad and rest is that exhilarating feeling of performance in its iconic style , its for few definitely got to have it to own one ,dreams can come true this Friday euro-millions jackpot and its all yours to it to ride of life time

Posted by Shuchi (9/11/2012)

i would like to go with BMW...MY facourite car.

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