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USA Powerball winning numbers

The winning numbers for the American Powerball lottery for the 18th July, 2015 were: 06 - 37 – 39 - 45 - 55 and the Powerball 33.  With no one correctly matching all the winning numbers drawn and scooping the $70 million top prize it was down to the second prize tier to see who would walk away with a Powerball win. Surprisingly enough there were no winners in this tier either  but there were 11 players in the third tier that were the first winners to scoop an American Powerball lotto win, with each ticket being awarded with their guaranteed winnings of $10,000.00 for matching four numbers and the elusive Power Ball.  Moving down into the fourth prize tier, there were as many as 507 players who were granted with $100.00 after matching four numbers.
On Wednesday the 22nd July, 2015 Powerball with the jackpot rolling over to $80 million, we once again saw the jackpot increase once again as all six winning Powerball numbers stayed out of reach to lotto players from all over the world.  The winning numbers for the American Powerball lottery for the 18th July, 2015 were: 12 – 31 – 43 – 44 – 57 and 11.   1 lucky Powerball player did however match all five winning numbers drawn to claim $ 1,000,000.00, while a further 15 players matched four numbers plus the Powerball ball number, bagging a cool $ 10,000.00.  473 Powerball ticket holders who matched 4 main numbers also took home $100.00.

The detailed winning tier results as well as the Powerball winning numbers of the latest Powerball draw can be found below:

$90 million Powerball jackpot draw, 25th July 2015:

After rolling over,  this Saturday’s Powerball draw is now a mega $90 million! Will it be you that claims the top prize this weekend?  There’s only one way to find out – play Powerball online now and make it a weekend to remember!

Mega Millions winning numbers

The winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery for the 21st July 2015 were:  20 - 30 – 62 – 65 – 74 and Mega Number 01.

With all eyes on the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday night, it’s no surprise that the jackpot was won. With 152 million Dollars as the top prize, players from all over the world were making sure that they too had a shot of winning such a staggering amount. One lucky Mega Millions player is thanking his or her lucky stars today, after correctly predicting all the winning Mega Millions numbers needed to bag the 152 million Dollars. Two tickets matched all the winning Mega Millions numbers in the second tier to win $ 1,000,000.00.  25 players got lucky in the third tier winning $5, 000 for matching four numbers and the Mega Ball.  $500 was given to the 444 players in the fourth tier who matched four numbers correctly.  The detailed Mega Millions results in each of the prize tiers can be found here:

$15 million Mega Millions jackpot draw, 24th July 2015:

Tonight’s Mega Millions draw is sitting at 15 million Dollars and although it’s much less than that of Tuesday’s draw, 15 million Dollars is still a lot to play for. Imagine what you could do with $15 million Dollars…

Mega Sena winning numbers

The Mega Sena lotto has rolled over and increased its jackpot amount. The winning Mega Sena numbers for the 18th July 2015 were:  27 - 33 – 37 -39 – 58 – 60. No one matched all six lucky Mega Sena lotto numbers, but 53 Mega Sena lotto players were awarded € 13,975.74 for matching five winning numbers in the second tier.
$11,7 million Mega Sena jackpot draw, 25th July, 2015

This Saturday’s Mega Sena jackpot is standing at $11,700,000 and it’s no surprise that online lottery players are making sure that they get their Mega Sena lotto tickets.  To play the Mega Sena lottery, players need to select six numbers out of a possible 60. If all six chosen numbers match those of the the numbers drawn, they win the jackpot. The biggest Mega Sena jackpot was R$145 million, won in 2009 by two ticket holders. Other big wins have been R$64.9 million (1999), R$52.8 million (2007), and R$53.1 million (2008).

Mega Sena Lotto Results, Mega Sena winning lottery numbers

EuroJackpot winning numbers

The winning EuroJackpot lottery numbers for the 17th July 2015 were:  06 – 21 – 30 – 37 – 44 – 01 – 03.

Eurojackpot results have the potential to turn lotto players into instant millionaires. By simply matching the five plus two bonus numbers drawn that make up the EuroJackpot results, you will walk away a jackpot winner.  With the EuroJackpot results creating numerous prize winners in every draw, it’s no surprise that many players are always eager to view the latest EuroJackpot results.
Unfortunately no one matched all the winning EuroJackpot numbers, which is not always bad news, as this only means that there will be more up for grabs this coming Friday the 24th July. The second tier did prove more lucrative with 5 players scooping €724,891.00 each for matching 5 main numbers and a bonus ball.

The next drawing is estimated at 45 million Euros and you can buy your winning ticket right now at


Euromillions winning numbers

The winning numbers for the Euromillions Lottery for the 21st July, 2015 were:  14 - 20 – 27 - 29 – 44 and Lucky Star numbers 07 and 10.

No one matched all the winning numbers to take home the 30 million Euro jackpot prize. The second prize tier also went unclaimed leaving 6 EuroMillions players claiming €217,974.00 for matching 5 numbers correctly.

Euromillions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday in Paris and players choose five main numbers between one and 50, and two Lucky Star numbers.

Last month a UK ticket holder won a massive £93million jackpot.  Their identity is not known because they have opted out of publicity.

Play the lotto online

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