Jobs With The Most Lotto Luck

When we read or hear about the latest lottery winner, it’s usually entitled with something along the lines of, Bricklayer Syndicate Lay Down A Massive UK Lotto Win, Sports-Crazy Postman Wins £2.6M UK Lotto Jackpot or Singer/Songwriter Scores Huge $50,000 Lotto Win, so let’s delve a little deeper into which jobs have the most Lotto luck where you will be able to see how lucky your job could be.

We all know that the odds of winning the lottery are well, somewhat small, but in the same breath we also know that the lottery is a game of chance. So, what are the odds of you winning the lottery? Well depending on your profession - you could be in with a better chance than most.

The UK’s National Lottery recently looked into their giant winner file and revealed the list of the top five professions that have the most millionaire winners!

Jobs with the best lotto luck

The Building Trade

It’s good news for anyone in the building trade, as a monumental 331 builders have won the UK Lottery since it was created in November 1994.

On the 8th of July this year, a team of bricklayers from South Tyneside in England, won ust over £69,000 which was split equally between the seven colleagues who all work for the South Tyneside homes. They explained to lottery officials that they knew it was only a matter of time when they would win the lottery, as they have been playing together for nearly 20 years.  

Another lucky lotto winner who won the jackpot is a Strabane scaffolder by the name of Shane Woods. He hit his fortune on the lotto when he won £100k on a scratchcard at the end of last year.

Gareth and Catherine Bull from Mansfield also won a staggering £40.6 million in January 2012. Gareth who owned his own construction company at the time, had just finished building their six-bedroom home. The couple, who were so proud with the fact that Gareth had built their home, said ‘We have an immense amount of pride knowing that Gareth built this. We were in our dream home before, so we thought, why change it?’

The building trade have certainly cemented their ability to hit the jackpot, with a combined £1.26 billion won over the years.  It just goes to show that karma does come round and jackpot wins will come around to those that work hard at building their futures. 


Hot on the heels of the builders are drivers. This trade accelerated into second place as the job with the most lotto luck with 193 lotto players scooping the top prize and becoming instant lotto millionaires. There have also been 1,500 major prizes totaling over £750 million claimed by bus drivers, like Peter Lavery from east Belfast, cabbies and lorry drivers such as Les Scadding from South Wales who won £45 million back in 2009.

Peter Lavery, a former bus driver from Northern Ireland, won £10,248,233 on the 18th May, 2015.  Mr Lavery said: “Most people think ‘it could never happen to me’ but I’m living proof that it can happen to anybody at any time.” 

“It’s wonderful to see so many other drivers, and of course workers from all other professions, enjoying the good fortune that I did. “I’ve certainly enjoyed my win which has helped create a better life for me and the people that are important to me.” 

“I’ve also invested my money wisely in a number of business ventures and plans are now at an advanced stage to build my own distillery at the historic Crumlin Road Gaol site in Belfast.”

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Office workers

The ‘nine-to-fivers’, such as secretaries and admin staff came in third with a combined total of 190 millionaire winners with a total winnings amounting to an incredible £840 million. 

So, if you’re sitting at your desk reading this, play the lotto now – you never know, you’re cubicle might just be the next one to boast a million pounds or so! 

The manufacturing profession with total winnings of over £615m and 176 millionaires were up next and then retail or shop assistants who bagged a whopping £500m with 146 millionaires created.

Mary Hamilton, from Northern Ireland, who works in the retail trade won £13m playing Euromillions. 

Simon Savage, who was a farm shop owner at the time, won £1.8m.  Lauren McLarnon worked in a sandwich shop won £100k on a scratchcard and Strabane store owner Sacha Dolan won just over £76k.

There have been a total of 1,049 big winners and 102 millionaires, ranging from carers to social workers who have found their fortune playing the lottery. 

713 teachers have won big on the lotto, 62 of them became millionaires.

16 lottery players working in the Media have become millionaires, which include journalists. 

Virtually every profession and job has held a giant lotto cheque, so never get despondent, you’re turn will come – but as the saying goes, ‘You have to be in it – to win it.’ 

A spokesman for the National Lottery said: "With six new millionaires made every week there is every chance these figures will change and your job will leap onto the list. But whatever your profession we can assure you the joy and amazement of receiving your giant cheque is just the same.”

Recap of winners by profession:

1. Builders – 331 winners – £1.26 billion claimed in prizes

2. Drivers/transport – 193 winners – £750 million claimed in prizes

3. Administrators – 190 winners – £840 million claimed in prizes

4. Manufacturer – 176 winners – £615 million claimed in prizes

5. Shop assistants – 146 winners – £500 million claimed in prizes

Looking at all these lottery wins, definitely makes playing the lotto online worth it. Whether you’re a builder, postman, secretary or a ‘writer’ (cough), any profession can celebrate a huge lotto win. 

Of course, statistics do show that the more you play the lotto, the better your chances will be to take home the jackpot.  To play the lotto online means to pay a small price and stand the chance of winning a massive return on your investment. One ticket could mean the difference between where you are now, and a permanent jet-setting millionaire lifestyle that you could potentially have after winning right here at!

Play the lotto online

Let us know in the comments section, what your profession is and how you would celebrate winning the lotto?


Posted by Krishnan (23/07/2015)

Now I know, If I cannot become a builder, I can get a job with a builder. That should suffice I hope!

Posted by Ry4i (23/07/2015)

I am a pensioner,but I do not see that any pensioner won.......................................hopefully I am the 1st one to be a multi-billionare.Check me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Julian (24/07/2015)

If I win also I will be the same person and help the poor

Posted by Percivell (28/07/2015)

Any person who is willing to play the lotto can win if he/she is luckyyyyyyy!

Posted by Ritwick (29/07/2015)

Bankers :)

Posted by Amos (29/07/2015)

what about computer industry? I will win despite

Posted by IWw0Ut- (30/07/2015)

I'm a gardener. I'm sure there is some remote chance for one with green fingers to win?

Posted by IWw0Ut- (19/10/2015)

I guess any job will enable you to be lucky, because it will give you the necessary funds to buy the lucky ticket!

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