Piers Morgan And Katie Price Win The Lotto - You Decide #pleasenotthem

The latest campaign for the Lotto, showcases two of the UK’s most reviled celebrities, Piers Morgan and Katie Price. In the new lotto ad, they make fun of themselves and have caused quite a stir...

Launched on the 4th July, the tongue-and-cheek commercials, which are shot as behind-the-scenes documentaries, show Katie Price and Piers Morgan as caricature versions of themselves – as they pray to win the lottery.  It's these funds that will help them raise the cash they need to realise their dreams. Each commercial ends with the voiceover explaining that anyone can win the Lotto and then pleading to the public, don't let it be them.

The Marketing and Consumer Director at Camelot, Sally Cowdry said: "Our new Lotto campaign really captures the British sense of humour in a playful and irreverent way – using celebs to have some fun with their extravagant dreams and to remind the nation that anyone can win.  And that’s what Lotto is all about, a small outlay for a big dream."

Piers Morgan

If there’s one person who people love to hate, it’s Piers Morgan. It’s for this very reason that he’s perfect for the new lotto campaign.  He’s lotto dream is to establish his legacy with a pier, dedicated to himself naturally. 

Piers Morgan showing off his new pier

Piers plans to build his pier on Camber Sands, with his "gigantic head" making up the entrance of the two-tiered attraction. He said that the pier would be a “lasting tribute to my talent" and the ad concludes with Piers insisting the public will be thanking him for the idea.

Here’s Piers outlining his plans to build a family attraction called Piers' Pier:

Piers Morgan spending his lotto win

As with any campaign, we have those for Piers to win the lotto and create his own pier, and then we have those you are more than willing to use the hashtag #pleasenotthem against him winning the lotto and making his dream come true:

Those for Piers winning the Lotto:

One tweeted: "#pleasenotthem I would seriously love to visit Piers' Pier. It looks fab xx I hope he wins"

Another shared: "Is it wrong that I would rather like to visit Piers' Pier!? @piersmorgan #PleaseNotThem #Lotto"

Piers Morgan tweet

Piers Morgan tweet
Those against Piers winning the Lotto:

One Twitter user wrote: "People will say "Thank you" if you throw yourself OFF the end of that pier Piers Morgan #pleasenotthem"

Another posted: "He's that egotistical I bet Piers Morgan really does want to build a pier to honour himself. #pleasenotthem

While most people seem to be over the moon if Piers won the lotto and built his pier, one particular attraction on the pier seems to be well, sickening…

Piers Morgan's helper getting sick

Although the tea-cup ride that would feature on Piers Pier looks sweet and innocent with its usual decorative flowers, this particular ride is one of the few rides that can make you physically sick.  As you can see in the image above, the ride had a nauseous effect on one of Piers’ helpers. Then again, we can’t help but wonder, if the fact that Piers’ face plastered all over the kitchen crockery helped at all?

Once you’ve had your fun on the tea-cup ride, you will have to obviously fill your stomach again and in true Piers Morgan style, visitors can wonder off to the restaurant offering its customers, “Swedish Piers balls with Morganberry sauce’ as one of the specials. In the ad, the chef enters the restaurant and reveals plans to put Piers' face on "each ball", adding: "We think that could really work."

Katie Price

Katie Price too has lotto fans concerned with her plans when she wins the lotto, as she has vowed to make a 24 hour TV channel all about her.

The ad sees her play a cowboy, Egyptian princess, a boxer, a police woman, a paramedic and more. Surprisingly she’s actually quite good.

Katie Price

Piers Morgan dropped from Good Morning Britain over Lottery ad

While everyone was having the time of their lives, filming the latest UK Lotto ad, Good Morning Britain were experiencing a conflict of interest over the matter.

Apparently, Piers, who was fired from CNN last year, was due to appear on the sofa on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but was absent. The reason is due to the fact that Good Morning Britain is a news and current affairs programme and cannot feature presenters who are simultaneously appearing in commercials.
Piers and Clarkson

Given their longstanding feud between Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson, we can only wonder what Clarkson will have to say about Piers getting fired, as Piers had a lot to say in an open letter he sent to Clarkson.  Once again, it’s simply a case of the pot calling the kettle black I guess, but it does make for some light-hearted news.

Dreaming of winning the lottery, is something all of us have in common. We all have our own versions of how we will spend our millions given the chance of becoming instant millionaires overnight.

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Posted by Hyunsoo (21/07/2015)

Parents giving their children without putting the orphanage haejugo brings a wonderful dream and hope, Like many parents, donated to charity, and I go to a minor ^^ I want to live nicely, if you'll use it a Million Jackpot. In Soso.

Posted by Nane Hee (21/07/2015)

I like everything to loving father and a mother with a small amount of business, In good faith will live hard ... pulling one midsize car, the trip can not go around, Donations, and it will help poor people to live faithfully.

Posted by Debashish D (21/07/2015)

I’d tell nobody at first then send a private jet to pick them all up and fly them to my private island I’ve just bought . Naming my island is an easy task "ROY all paradise" were all my friends and family can party and have fun.. If the above is not crazy enough (i think it is), then will also do the below crazier things to make my life look the craziest as hell: 0.Shit in my pants. Then I'd buy another pair of pants, as now i can afford to buy as many pairs as i wish to. 1. Travel to space. 2.Build a casino in Las Vegas and name it after myself "ROY all Casino". 3.Buy a snow machine and every year give a new city a white cold snowy climate 4.Build a water slide inside home. 5.Put an ATM machines all over in my Villa, as i might have to withdraw a lot of cash from time to time. 6. Buy a house with all the furnishing, interior design, gadgets I have always wanted etc. 7. Donate some part of my winnings with my extended family which would be the Play Huge lottos team, as its because of you guys I was able to achieve it. 8. I would buy seven Range Rover's different color for different days i would lower them and put 22" rims on them then i would build super garage with my own gas station to park them in and maintain them as a "Billionaire" 9. Almost forgot i would buy a lion so no body would come in my yard and try to mess with me. 10. Hire a team of ex special forces snipers, as my security cover. I might need them. 11. I’d postpone my visit to rehab clinic . . and the binge drinking would start immediately after wooooohooooo....this seems to be something outrageously outrageous....!!!

Posted by PTsKfKK (21/07/2015)

7 cars for each day of the week. Each one a different color and number plated with the day of the week I would drive it. Of course this would require a bigger house to garage the cars. My hubby would get one car as us women need cars like we need shoes (lots of them)

Posted by Aleksander (21/07/2015)

Just have fun and enjoy.

Posted by Vladimir (21/07/2015)

Entertainment industry on its own island out of 5 star hotels. :) Own entertainment editors therefore a television entertainment.

Posted by Bharath (21/07/2015)

i spend money for animal ..........and poor people. build one planet to them.......in there all have live together in happiness...

Posted by Hoang (21/07/2015)

I will go around the world to spend some money winner ... hi hi

Posted by Samson (21/07/2015)

Charter a flight for one year and visit all countries in the world with a bevy of beautiful women.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (21/07/2015)

HELICOPTER RIDE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!! Funny thing is I actually have a whole list figured out** I already know the house and car I'm getting my dad, and the house and car I'm getting my mom, but first I wanna scare the S&%T outta them in a helicopter before I make them cry outta pure happiness** I want to wild out with my lil bro in Amsterdam, and do what the AMSTERDAMIANS do** If you get my drift lol** BUT MY ULTIMATE PLAN IS MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE. I'MA BE AN INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR. I'm doing it big man!! Y.O.L.O

Posted by Ionut (21/07/2015)

I'm with Katie on this

Posted by P_DPXl (21/07/2015)

I would put in an offer to buy the White house. It will be an offer they cannot refuse. I have always wanted to live in the White House. Not everyone can say they live in The White house ;)

Posted by 2vXmPTH0l (21/07/2015)

I would pay for one of those $20 000 000 flights to the moon courtesy of Sir Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic, while on the moon I'd set up a mosaic of bright red lighting with the words MARRY ME to my girlfriend and I'd propose to her via Skype while she looks up with a telescope I had arranged before lift-off

Posted by Subrat (21/07/2015)

I like to fulfill only my parents big dream for buying a home because now my parents are staying in rented house since 1987 and then donate rest of the money to charity & orphans.

Posted by Toni (21/07/2015)

Next story will be with my name in headline :)

Posted by Елена (21/07/2015)

Doing things you love and please be happy !

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/07/2015)

Have the biggest party ever for myself and all my closest friends!!! There I will present them with extravagant gifts, each with a super car and a mansion. Then I will book a 6 month world travel and holiday to the finest destinations in the world. Again all paid for by me. On my return I will purchase a mansion on the beach to enjoy the view and tranquillity while I sip beverages on my patio.

Posted by Krishnan (22/07/2015)

The celebrities if the celluloid World are quite rich enough and they do not need any big jackpot to realize their dreams,

Posted by Johnny (22/07/2015)

I Want To Build an Orpanage/Run Away Home for the Homeless...My Mission on Earth To Help The Needy...without Limit..

Posted by Taner (22/07/2015)

I would build a luxury house on the moon so that nobody else can reach me there. And I will travel around the the space with my space mobile without a tempo limit. Yes that what I am going to do with millions.

Posted by Taner (22/07/2015)

I would build a luxury house on the moon so that nobody else can reach me there. And I will travel around the the space with my space car without a tempo limit. Yes that what I am going to do with millions.

Posted by Taner (22/07/2015)

I would build a luxury house on the moon so that nobody else can reach me there. And I will travel around the the space with my space car without a tempo limit. Yes that what I am going to do with millions.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/07/2015)

:) Buy as much of GREECE as possible!

Posted by Jozsef (22/07/2015)

I would buy a parcel on the Moon and start building there homes for the next generation.

Posted by Julian (22/07/2015)

I want to Save The Girl (STG) Foundation has set up the Project to give education to poor & needy children. These are the children whose parents/guardians are no more and they are totally helpless. I also want to do some thing for them in Nagpur. We are expecting some help from you for these helpless children so that we and you together can give the educated breed to India. I want to fulfill my Grandmother's dream to help the poor and needy

Posted by Antonius (23/07/2015)

propose my gf at antartic, do wedding ceremony at french chateu, honeymoon in bali, move to chill places like kyoto, phapos, southcape, or cebu. and buy another lotto ticket at playhugelottos of course(so I can keep incognito hidden if i got the prize)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/07/2015)

This may sound ludicrous, but I think I will sink into a tub of really expensive champaigne and drink to my fortune until I pass out and then carry on when I sober up till the tub is empty!!!!!! Then I think will be in the BEST mood to decide what to do with those millions! :)

Posted by Sonu (23/07/2015)

I would put half into a trust to allow me to keep my current lifestyle the same. I live in the best city in the world, doing and being exactly what I enjoy already! I would invest in education to allow for children to have BIG real life experiences. For instance, a foundation that is application-based where middle school kids apply to immerse within a specific topic, country, or culture that appeals to them, encouraging their passion and direction during a very impressionable period in their life.

Posted by Subrat (23/07/2015)

Donate some money to poor,orphans and temple.

Posted by Marcin (23/07/2015)

If I win jackpot this money I give for research and the search for alien civilizations created by Stephen Hawking

Posted by Aman (23/07/2015)

I would love to be able to give some money to the small and struggling animal sanctuaries who are taking on the cruelty and don't care attitude of people who abandon their animals to suffer just because they no longer want them. I would also like to fund neutering programmes for these animals in poorer countries. Probably not too popular with many of you but the Brook and Spana do wonders for donkeys abroad who are needed by their owners to be kept fit and well so they can bring in much needed income for the poor. I love children but there are so many charities out there to look after them, I do not find so much corruption in animals charities as they seem more genuine people, just my opinion.

Posted by Sukanta (24/07/2015)

After winning multi millions mega million i purchase a huge mansion super cars and an orchid where i made a golden statue of mine holding a loggo representing phl website..... donate some millions to orphanage and Ngos those who help poor n old people...... lottery theme party to my family friends and relative.....

Posted by Balasubramaniam (24/07/2015)

I will buy big island only for birds & animals to live there freely with my family !!!!

Posted by Samson (24/07/2015)

A museum of vices - for the world finest liquors, wines , soft drinks , cigarettes and lighters.

Posted by Kabo (24/07/2015)

I've just read an article that said the US rapper 50 Cent is bankrupt. When I win the lottery jackpot I'm going to buy his lifestyle. I want the private jets, the luxury cars and the mansions. The only thing I will not get will be the ridiculous gold chains with the spinning medallions, I still have my dignity. While I'm at it I will get 50 Cent to perform at my nephew's 21st birthday party. To avoid going broke like 50 Cent, I will get a financial advisor.

Posted by Deepak (24/07/2015)

well...i will claim my bounty in denomination of 1Rs coins n make my bank manage count it himself all alone....for he always lectures me for keeping MINIMUM BALANCE in my bank account !!

Posted by Samson (24/07/2015)

Conservation of Ant hills.

Posted by Amos (25/07/2015)

travel the world in 60days

Posted by Krishnan (27/07/2015)

It is good that jackpots are mostly won by middle class, not so rich people !

Posted by Osaru (27/08/2015)

i'd rather win the lotto than allow Piers Morgan or Katie Price to win the lotto

Posted by Leyla (22/09/2015)


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