Mega Millions Winner Buys His Dream Car

Our latest news article, “So much money, So much Power With SuperEna Max!” has just been loaded and already we hear about a $1 million Mega Millions winner who can now finally buy his dream car due to his lucky lotto jackpot win!

After playing the same lucky lotto numbers for the past 15 years on the Mega Millions lottery, Lady Luck has finally granted him his wish – to buy the car of his dreams.
The winner, who has opted to remain anonymous became an instant millionaire when his Mega Millions numbers came up on the draw that took place on the 2nd June, 2015. 

The winning Mega Millions ticket was bought at Safeway store in Oak Harbor.  It’s also the same place that the winner double checked his Mega Millions ticket. "I had my regular conversation with the retailer. I ask her to check my ticket and let me know if I'll be winning enough to buy a red Maserati or a caramel Frappuccino."  We can only imagine his excitement when the assistant informed him that he had in fact won $1 million!
The winning Mega Millions numbers that matched those drawn on the 2nd June 2015. Had he matched just one more number, the Mega ball 12, he would have won his share of the $260 million jackpot!  Instead, he was one of 14 Mega Millions lottery players who match all five main numbers and each won $1 million.


The winning numbers for the Mega Millions draw that took place on the 12th June, 2015 were:   02 – 09 – 11 – 22 – 23 and the Mega ball 12.
When asked about his lucky Mega Millions win, he said that every single number he played, had its own special meaning.  "They are made up of birthdays, anniversaries, and years of marriage among other things."
Even though his wife is still in shock over the huge Mega Millions win, he’s excited to now finally make plans to the take her to Hawaii to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

As we saw on the UK National lotteries jackpot list, the most popular entry on any lottery winners shopping list is a new car.
After winning £1m on the EuroMillions lottery, Jeff Pritchard and his wife bought a Camaro Convertible.

There’s one particular car that our $1 million Mega Millions winner has been dreaming about and that’s a '56 Chevy.  In fact his been dreaming of owning one since 1956 and say, "I just might have the means to do so now."


Winning the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery jackpot is a fantasy that all lottery enthusiasts have experienced at one time or another and is especially prevalent in times when the lottery is insanely high, such as in late March 2012 when the Mega Millions lottery jackpot surged to a historic $656 million record-breaking high.
It’s definitely is fun day-dreaming about how you would spend your lottery winnings should you be so fortunate.

Depending on your interests, ambitions and values our dreams vary greatly, however, for men, dreaming of owning a particular car will never change. There is a wide range of possibilities for car enthusiasts to fantasize about. It all depends on their specific automotive passions. For instance, some would want a diverse auto collection with old and new as well as foreign and domestic cars while others would strictly want exotic supercars and high-end luxury cars. While other individuals prefer a garage full of classic hot rods, pony cars and muscle cars.

Obviously there is no right or wrong answer to what the best cars would be for a lottery winner to procure since they are all so diverse.

With the estimated jackpot for next Mega Millions draw on Tuesday July 14th is $123 million - don’t miss this opportunity to become a lottery millionaire and play online at If you play the lottery online you will be well on your way to give yourself the opportunity to buy the car of your dreams too.

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Posted by Edmore (14/07/2015)

If it can happen to others, it is well with my Soul,I declare n decree with my eyes closed and my eyes open,i am going all the way to the bank,in the Mighty name of Jehovah...

Posted by Ritwick (14/07/2015)

Wow...such a great story!

Posted by Selmy Jeremia (14/07/2015)

beauty of the world when winning the lottery superena max

Posted by Krishnan (15/07/2015)

When dreams come true, is there a cap to the job ! ?

Posted by Julian (15/07/2015)

I thing its very good

Posted by Debashish D (15/07/2015)

congratulations to the winner.

Posted by Wilhelmina (15/07/2015)

The best is still to come...

Posted by Yudhister (16/07/2015)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (17/07/2015)

A long but fruitful wait

Posted by VPv6hQ (19/07/2015)

It took him 15 years! Let's hope I can do it in less hahah

Posted by Amos (19/07/2015)

beautiful story

Posted by Heidi (20/07/2015)

Congratulations ;)

Posted by OY6y61v (20/07/2015)

Wonderful story. Congrats!!! My day will come and i will help lots of poeple... much love!!! ;D

Posted by THqofWYOlFgNb (21/07/2015)

Good things happens to those with patience

Posted by OY6y61v (21/07/2015)

Just show it can happen to anyone... congrats!!" One day my dream of winning will come true so i can help lots of poeple...

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/07/2015)

Now that the superenamax superstar is here, i'm going to win really big and buy myself the most awesome supercar my win will allow me to buy! It will most probably be a Ferrari, if not, a Lamborghini.....

Posted by Sonu (1/09/2015)


Posted by Leyla (27/09/2016)


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