Use Your Superpower To Play SuperEna Max! - Win vouchers

I've been thinking about this for a LONG TIME! Having a superpower!  But let’s take this a step further and think about how you would use your superpower to play the lotto. Yeeeeees! Some might say, that if you had a superpower you wouldn’t have to play the lottery, or you might have to look as though you don’t have any powers, so that you don’t bring any attention to yourself. So bear with me…  I might even teleport a few free vouchers your way.


Time Control

With time control as a superpower, you can freeze time and do whatever you want. If you got caught up with something else, and you forgot to play the lotto online, you could simply freeze time quickly and login and play this week’s 116 million Euro SuperEna Max jackpot.  Besides this fantastic opportunity, you could also use your superpower to win arguments, as you would know the answer to every question. Mmm… you could always use your slow-mo rewind capabilities if you have those, to go back in time, check the winning lotto numbers, play them, and revert time back to win!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Having enough time, is what most of us really want out of life; time to spend real quality time with the people we love and time to relax and enjoy this wonderful life. So, even though you don’t have Time Control as a superpower – you DO have the ability to decide how much you are going to pay for your SuperEna Max tickets during the SuperStar week during the last week of July and stand a chance of winning millions! No more work, no more hoping you make things on time. Just sit back and relax, enjoying the fact that you have all the time in the world.  To find out more about our latest promotion, Take July To The Max click here!

Time and money

By the way, cut-off time for the SuperEna Max draw on Thursday night is 7:30pm CET.
Then again... Telekinesis might be even better! Time control can get out of control. We’ve seen enough movies that show people ceasing to exist due to time control. You could turn back time and find yourself in the middle of a gun fight!

Telekinesis is a power with infinite possibilities. The ability to control any element, influence any force or movement, and manipulate any physical action is far better than any other power. Imagine being able to move those lotto balls yourself. The world will see the balls dropping out the lotto machine with your lucky lotto numbers.  You could influence any lotto draw by simply watching it on the telly.
Think about it, you could save your online lottery winnings too. Why? Because, telekinesis, implies the ability to control kinetic energy, which would allow you to work out muscles and direct nutrients to replenish them without ever having to go to a gym. You could even theoretically control and/or defy gravity, using this ability to fly or give yourself super strength. No more gym fees, no more plastic surgery.

This would be an awesome power!



Invisibility would be fun! You could simply walk up to the lotto machine, stand directly in front of it and manoeuvre the lotto balls as you see fit.  You could even spice up the lotto draw by nearly dropping a ball and then change your mind and drop another. In your favour of course! In fact, at this very moment, I could be standing right behind you, no you can’t see me. See, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately science has ruined this superpower, as only you would be invisible, not your clothes or whatever you’ve eaten recently. This plus the fact that you would not actually even be able to see. We need light to enter our eyes and hit our retina. But when invisible, light will simply pass through you without hitting your retina – so you might be invisible but you will be blind – and you need to see the numbers on the lotto balls.


Invisible, invisible superpower


You can’t see me!

Super Speed

As we grow up, we all at some point or another wish we had the superpower Super Speed! Remember when your bigger brothers chased you in a game of tag and you were too small to run away. They just kept getting closer! Super Speed would have definitely come in handy. Super Speed is rather similar to Time Control as we could, in a blink of eye, get our lotto numbers into any draw. But this superpower has its down side too.

If you were going too fast the air in front of you would compress and heat up and you would catch fire. Another thing is inertia, once you start running you look behind you for a second and wonder what that gooey substance is behind you.  It would be your innards liquefying and squishing out your pores. Plus the minute you stop, your brain would slam through the front of your skull. This won’t do.

Take July To The Max Promotion

Here's a Superpower you CAN use! YOU! By taking advantage of our July SuperEna Max promotion YOU will be deciding how much to pay for your SuperEna Max tickets during the SuperStar week being held from the 28th July to the 1st August.

For every SuperEna Max ticket you purchase in the 9 draws leading up to the 28th July, you will earn a discount on SuperEna Max tickets for Superstar week! Naturally, the more SuperEna Max tickets you buy - the greater your discount will be!

Get started today with tickets into the €116 million SuperEna Max draw.

The power is in YOUR hands!

Red play now button


Which Superpower would you like to have and how would you use it to play the lotto online. The most outrageous comment will win 10 SuperEna Max vouchers! 

The winner will be announced on Friday the 10th July 2015.

(Stay tuned for another SUPER comments competition next week where you can stand a chance of winning more SuperEna Max vouchers!)




The winner has to the comment that INCREASED the jackpot to win using his Super Mental Power!


Your 10 FREE SuperEna Max vouchers are locked and loaded in your account!

Go forth and use your power now!

Using your superpower to win the lotto

ps. With a Billion Dollar win you could share some of your winnings with everyone else that commented too!

Thanks for entering! See you next week for another SUPER comments competition.



Posted by Ildefonso (8/07/2015)

Teleportation,like in the film "Jumper" would be my choice of super power.This would enable me to flip between the present and the future,meaning I could go into the future to look at "Superdraws" winning numbers,go back into the present and pick the numbers.Of course..some of my winnings will be used to improve the lives of the under privilege and poor in our society,giving me another "super power",becoming a modern day "Robin Hood".

Posted by Josephine (8/07/2015)

If I would have a lucky power I will try to win the lottery by telekinesis. It will be a great help to my dear and near ones. I will take out the numbers that I need for winning the lottery.

Posted by Debashish D (9/07/2015)

My humble views and ideas expressed below, it's a bit lengthy, but it's worth reading. 1. Precognition : Precognition is the ability to predict the future. With this SUPER power, I could be the first to sense anything which is gonna take place in future. I think according to me this super power would be the most important superpower to start with. I would be able to foresee the upcoming Super Ena Max Super star lotto numbers, play the same, and win it. ***WITH FOLDED HANDS WOULD REQUEST TO SPARE 7 MORE MINS OUR YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO THIS ARTICLE AND DECIDE, ISN'T THIS WHAT WE ALL SHOULD DO IN CASE WE HAPPEN TO WIN*** According to me, just winning the lotto with a superpower would not be ethical on my part at all. We should reciprocate the universe, which has blessed us with this kind of uniqueness, hence I would also like to posses few more superpowers as mentioned below (in the same order), to ensure that my winnings are not wasted,and I am able to do my part to make our MOTHER EARTH a better place to live, for all kinds of living beings. 2. Healing : What if we had the super power to heal? We could not only get rid of our sufferings but also help ease the pain of other people from sufferings.Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and AIDs would all be history. 3. Superhuman Endurance : Now once I start taking care of mankind, I would definetly need Superhuman endurance, which will allow me to continue doing the good activities without getting tired. 4. Superhuman Agility : Along with Super Human Endurance, I also would like to have the superpower of Super Human Agility. My lightning-fast reaction time, great flexibility, and excellent jumping capacity would definitely give me the upper hand to take care of everything i am into. Not even Chuck Norris (Hollywood) / Rajnikanth (Bollywood) would stand a chance against me if I had the power of superhuman agility...lolzzzz 5. Talking to Animals : Ever wondered what our pets are thinking? If only we could talk to them, we would have understood their joys and sorrows. This would be another important superpower I would want to have. Taking care of mankind is good, along with that taking care of animals would be the best thing we can do. They cant speak up, then why not, we try to be more considerate towards them and understand them and try to help them. I think this would definitely be a fantastic thing to do, and would add up to making this beautiful planet called earth to be a better place to live in. 6. Water Breathing : This would be another Superpower which would be very very useful. We have life on earth, the same way we have life in water. If I had the power of water breathing, I could breathe underwater and try to help the living beings staying in our water bodies. I’d be able to scuba dive without bringing an oxygen tank, and try to do some good. Another positive thing would be, now a days Tsunamis are happening quite often, I think this super power might help to save a lot of lives, if I can go underwater and alert the world about any dangers coming in the form of a Tsunami. 7. Night Vision : Taking care during the day would be an easy task, but according to me the real test begins after the sunset.Night is the time, when a lot of things takes place. It's a very beautiful & suitable time to indulge in healthy activities which might help to flourish mankind, but some people use it as a chance to take the wrong way round. Night vision Superpower would help me to keep a check 24/7/365 and help mankind. 8. Omnilinguilism : Omnilinguism is the ability to understand any form of language. I think this would be surely another advantageous super power to possess. I could travel around the world(which i would definitely do, with soo much of money) and never have to worry about a language barrier, to understand the people over their.I could make sure that all their genuine sorrows are taken care of. Wouldn't it be a beautiful sight to see, when you came across happy faces everywhere around the world. With my super powers I would just be trying doing that. Creating happiness. 9. Mind Control : This super power would be another advantage to me. People with good thoughts proceed to utilize it for good, but we all know that their are lot of people around the world who think in a negative way. I think if those people's minds can be controlled and routed towards good things, than nothing would be better than that. Mind control superpower ould help to do the same. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST 10. Immortality : I WOULD LOVE TO SERVE LIVING BEINGS ON OUR MOTHER EARTH FOR AS LONG AS I CAN. I THINK I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT IN DETAILS AS THIS WORD IS SELF-EXPLANATORY. Thank you very much indeed for reading this note. Wishing you all the best that life can offer. GOD BLESS.

Posted by Hoang (9/07/2015)

Sure I'll insane if I win

Posted by Abhijit (9/07/2015)

I would have routed all the tickets in my name if I had superpowers, winning would have been really super cool.

Posted by Abhijit (9/07/2015)

I would have routed all the tickets in my name if I had superpowers, winning would have been really super cool.

Posted by Pushpa (9/07/2015)

I would choose the super power of looking into the future....that way I would know the winning nos. and also do well for myself in the stock market

Posted by Vladimir (9/07/2015)

Red Bull so I can concentrate more on the winning number.

Posted by LXbeo (9/07/2015)

Charity strikes again. I would let each charity win on different draws and different days, oh and don't forget, my second name "charity"

Posted by Taner (9/07/2015)

If only I had the super power of telepathy I would go into the drawing computer and transmit my numbers to the computer so that I get sure that I will win amazing Jackpots as the only one!!!!

Posted by Евгений (9/07/2015)

Time control. If only I could move into the future, I will always win the jackpot.

Posted by Елена (9/07/2015)

power over time power over the world. I want to be able to teleport !

Posted by Samson (9/07/2015)

I need the super power of a super computer since I am playing online. This computer will erase the wrong numbers I select and put the winning numbers by looking into the future for the lucky numbers of all lottos that will be played anywhere in the world. I will call my computer Super Lotto Computer.

Posted by Krishnan (9/07/2015)

Telekinesis indeed would help in having the numbers want as the winning numbers ! Since no body will believe it is safe !!

Posted by Taner (9/07/2015)

I would like to have the superpower to beam the drawing computer like in Star Trek to my home without anyone's knowing. After that I would manipulate it in that way that when somebody would guess the right number I can change the drawing numbers at once to my numbers.

Posted by Елеонора (9/07/2015)

if I had a superpower would use control over time to see in the future winners numbers to go back, to buy sheet and fill winners numbers.

Posted by Bharath (9/07/2015)

i was travel to future and see the winning lottery number return to the present… make the necessary adjustments…purchase the winning number and create the future we really want? then party start ..................... That would be great, isn’t it?

Posted by Julie (9/07/2015)

Precognition-the ability to see the future so that I would know what the winning numbers are going to be and be able to play the online lottery with the winning numbers before the draw actually happened.

Posted by Sonu (9/07/2015)

If I were to choose a superpower, I would choose to have invisibility. Being invisible would give me the ultimate privacy from everyone in the world.If I did not want to be seen or found I would just turn invisible and not worry about anybody.And while playing superena max lottery i would simply pick my lucky lotto numbers and at the time of drawing I could simply walk up to the lotto machine,stand directly in front of it and manoeuvre the lotto balls as I see fit.I could even spice up the lotto draw by nearly dropping a ball and then change my mind and drop my lucky numbers.i can just change the future.After winning huge amount my winning will be used to change my lifestyle,help poor people and donations to charities.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (9/07/2015)

The superpower I would use in the July SuperEna Max promotion is proper planning in terms of winning numbers , proper preparation and managed time in playing the SuperEna Max Lottery online. Where these are missing then even if you use the aforementioned superpowers it will be a far fetched dream. I would surely employ these super powers to win the SuperEna Max Lottery.

Posted by Юрий (9/07/2015)

The jackpot will win by luck

Posted by Abednigo (9/07/2015)

I would like to have superpower that enables me to put things in my favour. With that superpower I would change my tickets to the selected numbers on any draw.

Posted by Юрий (9/07/2015)

The jackpot will win by luck

Posted by Ramamoorthi (9/07/2015)


Posted by Jozsef (9/07/2015)

Super ability to influence others - in this case it does not matter who wins the jackpot, I could use my power on him/her to share a little part of the prize with me.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (9/07/2015)

I would like to have superpower that enables me telepathy to win in big jackpots in PHL !!!!

Posted by Julian (9/07/2015)

Saying thank you may be the two hardest words that PLAY HUGE LOTTOS share with us. I like to see myself as an independent and then when needing anyone's help their superpower appears. When someone does something for us, it is difficult to humble ourselves by thanking them. Believe it or not, as strong as your need is to believe yourself independent, Your superpower may have an even stronger need to hear the words "thank you".

Posted by NJ+ (9/07/2015)

I won't choose time control ,invisibility or super speed not because I'm lazy but I do know hard work.I will choose telekinesis why ? Because then I don't have to go throw all that running and staff ,I can just sit at home on my couch in front of my tv playing the lotto on my phone deciding which numbers have to be drawn.yes I would play 6 to 10 lines to prevent suspicion.but the best part of al is I'm a good guy so imagine what a lot of good I will be able to do it limitless ,but that will never happen so I will just keep on trying with www.

Posted by Collin C (10/07/2015)

If I was a superhero I would want the power of telekinesis. The ability the control elements means that I could control positive energy. I could then manipulate and spread of his energy to everyone around the world. Spreading positivity means that even those without much would find happiness. After all if you are not happy naturally then even if you won the lottery you still wouldn't be happy. My positive energy might even cause everyone to dance and sing to 'Happy' 😊

Posted by Collin C (10/07/2015)

If I had any super power, I would want it to be telekinesis. This would give me the ability to spread positive energy and positivity to people all over the world. Happiness does not come from what you have but from the positive energy that you have inside. Using my super powers to spread this energy to people means that even those who are poor would be happy despite their state. Being positive means that you look at the world as a beautiful place and it makes you then want to share that beauty with others. With that energy around I am sure everyone might just break out in the 'Happy' song because that SuperEna jackpot is going to make that positive energy even more positive 😉

Posted by Johnny (10/07/2015)

I Want a SuperPower in Gambling..any Kind of Gambling..espicially Online Lotteries...By this SuperPower...I'll WIn All Lottery Around th Glode...and Then Follows To Be A Powerful Gambler in Las Vegas...Hahaha...its just my little dreams..bebe..Good luck to All comments too. Have a Nice Day!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/07/2015)

I would like to have the power of moving things from a distance, so I can manipulate the machine that draws of the jackpot. in this way I will make myself the winner!!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/07/2015)

with the psychic power of time travel, I will go into the future and document ALL the winning combinations of the PHL jackpots and then return to the present and win ALL the BIG jackpots!!!!!!!

Posted by 2vXmPTH0l (10/07/2015)

I would love to have Jim Carrey's powers in the movie Bruce Almighty, that way I would control what every other lottery player plans to do

Posted by Shravanakumar Jotiba (10/07/2015)


Posted by Samson (10/07/2015)

Luck is what enables us to win lottos online so I wish to have SUPER LUCKY POWER.

Posted by Kabo (10/07/2015)

This is an easy one, my preferred would be to be able to predict future winning numbers for different lotteries around the world. I would then play those numbers on PlayHugeLottos.

Posted by Krishnan (10/07/2015)

With the super mental power to have the numbers I want, I will ensure that US Mega Millions is carried over to a record Billion dollars (1000 Millions) and then strike it. Wow what a win it would be !

Posted by Oh (10/07/2015)

Always useless monies for self expansion, At the same time multi online lottos expansions as self expansion s

Posted by Sukanta (10/07/2015)

I wish I have them to change myself invisible and reached where ever I imagine to change my lottery number to the luckiest super enamax lottery winner to set a milestone in the history of all PHL lottery winner ever....... long live PHL..... I admire u for such craziest free vochers offer.......

Posted by Hyunsoo (10/07/2015)

You can help the world and I hope to help everyone live well also in the direction of the world. If you have a super power. I Adjust the red ball and the adjustments to see that this vote.

Posted by Amos (13/07/2015)

time traveller. Good luck to all SuperEna Max players

Posted by Antonius (16/07/2015)

there is only one ability that useful for lottery player bending time space hirooo nakamura is the correct one.... lol just get back to the past bring list of winning numbers and buy it one by one.

Posted by Leyla (2/09/2016)

The jackpot will win by luck

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