Four Lotteries You Can’t Ignore

In the fast and ever-changing lottery environment, players often miss their lottery results, winning lottery numbers, and how to gain access to the safest and most convenient ways to buy lottery tickets online. This article is especially for players who want to get an insight into four trending lottery games available, how to access more lottery results, and how to buy lotto tickets online. 

The four lotteries currently making waves in the trusty search tab of Google are the EuroMillions lottery, Mega Millions, Oz Lotto, and the US Powerball. These four you’ll most certainly adore, so stay tuned for their lottery results, facts for each lottery, and tips on how to get your lottery tickets online easily and without any hassles. 

We’ll begin with the famous European lottery, the EuroMillions. Now for those of you new players who don’t know much about this lottery game, that’s alright, because this article aims at familiarising you with it and informing you on some fun lottery facts that most players don’t know about. So, in actual fact, we’re putting you at an advantage. Here with us at, we always strive to keep our players happy and informed. 

The EuroMillions lottery comprises one of the world’s largest leading lotteries with some of the biggest cash prizes. It’s grown rapidly in popularity and offers 13 different prize tiers for dedicated and enthusiastic players. It boasts the biggest cash prizes with a minimum of £12 million jackpot guaranteed per draw. The 100 Millionaires Raffle, held on the 27th of July, 2012, set the record for the highest number of newly-made millionaires in a single draw!

EuroMillions Facts

View the latest online lottery results for EuroMillions below

Latest EuroMillions Lottery Results Online

The results you see are for the draw date of 23 June, 2015. Passionate online lotto players from around the world all entered their lucky numbers for the Jackpot draw prize of €15 million! Now that is a lot of cash! The winning lottery numbers were quite spread out evenly, with no odd patterns. There were three numbers in the set which were very close to one another, those being the numbers 4, 6, and 9. The Star numbers were 6 and 9. 

No players managed to snag the Jackpot and take it home, but there were still many other lucky players who got themselves into the second prize tier, which is commonly the case. 8 players matched five numbers along with 1 Star number. Each of these 8 players got to flood their bank accounts with a wonderful sum of €118, 789.90. Congratulations to them for staying dedicated to the game and emerging from the battle victorious!

Interestingly enough, there were also another 8 players who got lucky. They got into the third prize tier, winning them each €39, 596.60. They all matched five main numbers in the draw. The good news is that the Jackpot hasn’t been snagged by any online players yet. The bad news is that you don’t have long to sit and ponder. You have to get into action and get all your lucky numbers out into the next draw! The new jackpot amount is sitting at a staggering €25 million! A prize you would be simply foolish to miss out on. The next draw is on the 26th of June, Friday, so get those tickets in if you also want to taste that sweet victory!

We are now moving on to the second big lottery you shouldn’t ignore: The big-daddy American lottery online, Mega Millions.  For players who don’t know much about the fun facts of this American lottery, stay put. 

Mega Millions Lottery

The Mega Millions lottery has awarded seven jackpots of more than $300 million, including the world’s largest jackpot of $656 million. It also only took 68 drawings, approximately 34 weeks, for Mega Millions to sell its 1 billionth ticket on the 7th of January, 2003. 

View the latest online lottery results for Mega Millions below

Latest Mega Millions Lottery Results Online

The results above were from the draw date of the 23rd of June, 2015. The massive Jackpot up for grabs at the time of this draw was perched at a lovely $52 million! The odds were not in these players’ favours however, because nobody took home the jackpot. That means more room for you to squeeze in and snag it for yourself! Only one lucky player got themselves into the second prize tier and became an instant millionaire as a result. There were a massive number of players who were in the third prize tier. They managed to match four main numbers plus the Mega Ball number of 2. They each got $5000. Congratulations to those players. 

We now move on to an online lottery that lots of players see and hear about, but it still seems to be quite a backseat choice because of how many numbers you need to match in order to win the jackpot. This shouldn’t put you off, though. Bigger odds mean more room for miracles. Is that miracle winner going to be you? 

Oz Lotto is an Australian lottery brand which has been in operation for 20 years. 

View the latest online lottery results for Oz Lotto below

Latest Oz Lotto Lottery Results Online

And, we have a massive winner here! The jackpot of $11, 643, 000.00 has been won by one lucky lotto player! It is just absolutely incredible and fascinating to us still to find winners matching all of the numbers in a draw. The odds were most certainly in their favour on this occasion. Yikes! Matching 9 numbers deserves a congratulations AND a round of applause. 

It seems like a very lucky draw for Oz Lotto players because there were many more others who won themselves something. See what we meant about this lottery being daunting but actually yielding a substantial amount of winners and insane luck? Yip. 

Four players matched a whopping six numbers as well as one of the bonus numbers. They each went home with $37,653.19. Congrats to them! 

And now, last but most certainly not least, we have come to another popular American lottery game making headlines time and time again. The US Powerball Lottery. The very sound of it makes us all jumpy and excited as this lottery has yielded some of the most enormous jackpot prizes to date. 

Here are some US Powerball lottery facts that you might not know about: The Jackpot once rolled over 15 times without producing a winner. It managed to grow from $40 million to a whopping $550 million! Since the $2 million Powerball launch in January 2011, Arizona has had 14 second prize winners of $1 million each. 

View the latest online lottery results for US Powerball below

Latest Powerball Results Online

The winning lottery numbers for this particular draw on the 20th of June, 2015, were nicely spaced out. There was one jackpot winner who snagged the $80 million prize, and they managed to match all of the 6 numbers. There was one lucky player who matched 5 and took home $1 million. 

These four massive lotteries deserve to be played at least once a week each to ensure your chances of walking away as a millionaire quite simply overnight. Think of a fun and crazy idea to get you hyped and inspired for great lucky numbers. Stick to it, and play. You have to stay dedicated to the game if you hope to win big someday. 

We have now happily informed you about the latest lottery results online, and now we are going to share some quick tips on how to get you started if you have never played the lottery online before. Follow our easy steps below:


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We wish you a great day further, and all the best of luck!

The PlayHugeLottos Team 


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