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Let’s be honest: every time you play the lottery, the same fantasy runs through your head, popping champagne, children screaming with happiness, buying a new home, car and literally throwing wads of cash into the air gleefully.  That’s exactly what goes through your mind the minute you hit ‘complete transaction’ no matter what the odds.

Now more than ever, the experience of buying a lottery ticket online has become even easier, giving lottery enthusiasts all over the world that chance to feed their lottery fantasies without even needing to go to the local corner shop.  With the opportunity to win massive jackpots on the popular EuroMillions lottery, with nine countries participating increasing the pot every Tuesday and Friday, playing your lucky numbers in to the either the Powerball lottery or the record-breaking Mega Millions all culminates into a journey to millions.

If you’re yet to taste the heart-pounding thrill of winning the lottery (above £10), you can still live vicariously through the experiences of film characters – both good and bad – thanks to the movies that feature lottery wins.
There have been numerous movies that have involved lottery wins.  These have been everyday characters, just like you and me,  who need an escape from the mediocrity of mundane life, and who see their entire universe change in a blink of eye when their lucky lotto numbers they played come rolling in.
We’ve put together 6 of the greatest movies featuring a lottery jackpot win:

Annie (2013)

The latest lottery related movie to hit the big screen is Annie. The film is a about an unlucky young woman who was the only one not to win the lottery in her small town. It’s also this misfortune that turns out to leave her as the only person standing between her town and total disaster.

Lottery players here at will remember a very similar incident that occurred on the Spanish lottery a few years back, where all residents from a small town celebrated and shared a $950 million dollar El Gordo lottery win while one man did not.
Why? He never bought a ticket.  Ironically, Mr. Mitsotakis (the unlucky man) is a Greek filmmaker and fairly diplomatic about his loss.

Don’t end up the only one without a ticket like Costis Mitsotakis.

Play the Spanish Raffle now!

Annie movie, lotto movie,

Lucky Numbers (2000)

The 2000 movie “Lucky Numbers,” which stars John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow, is a story about a weatherman / con-artist Russ Richards (Travolta) who teams up with the Lotto Girl. Together they try to hack the lottery system.  After getting in more debt after a scam goes wrong, everything just gets worse until it leads to a trail of murders and double-crossing. (I’ll stick to writing thanks.)

Play these lucky lotto numbers:     

SuperEna Max - 02 - 20 - 37 - 72 - 81 – 89

Lucky numbers, lucky lotto numbers,


Lottery Ticket (2010)

Kevin Carson (rapper Bow Wow) was just an ordinary guy who lived in the projects, until he wins $370 million on the lotto.  Unfortunately the lottery office is closed until Monday and for now he needs to survive his neighbours who have already found out that his won millions and they ALL want a piece of the pie!  Make sure you get your Mega Millions lottery ticket for this Tuesday’s $52 million draw.

Play these lucky lotto numbers:

Mega Millions - 06 - 14 - 34 - 72 - 75 and 11

Lottery ticket

Lucky (2011)

In the same year Colin Hanks starred in Dexter, he also played another serial killer role in Lucky.  It’s a comedy about a serial killer who kills a woman to steal her lottery ticket. Now rich, his crush Lucy notices him, marries him and then finds out his secret. Does she stay run away or does she stay with him for the money?

Play these lucky lotto numbers:

Powerball - 06 – 30 – 37 – 39 – 43 and 09


Waking Ned (1998)

After years playing the lottery, Ned finally wins the jackpot but dies of shock. He’s friends Jackie and Michael discover their friend has died and try and claim the ticket. The plot however thickens when the lottery claim inspector arrives on their doorstep in person.
Play these lucky lotto numbers:

SuperLottoPlus – 01 – 11 – 21 – 23 – 47 and 02

Waking Ned

It Could Happen to You (1994)

It could happen to you is a story about a hard-working New York cop who instead of leaving spare change as a tip when he goes for a coffee, he offers to split the winnings with the waitress if he wins the lotto.  That’s exactly what does happen and his social climber wife Muriel (Rosie Perez) tries to do all she can to persuade him not to honour his promise.  Naturally, he does the right thing and ends up falling in love with the waitress too.

Play these lucky lotto numbers:

La Primitiva -   02 - 03 – 22 – 24 – 44 - 48

It could happen to you

Winning the lottery could happen to you, if you play the lottery online at 

Here's what some of our lottery players at had to say about what they would do with jackpot lottery win:

Financial freedom is the ability to wake up every morning knowing that I can do whatever I want at a moment’s notice. The freedom to dare to dream big and make it real. Living life LARGE.   – Heather


“It would lift the grey overhead cloud of worry + stress...and brighten my world. The colour in my world would represent happiness, contentment, humour and a new lease of life!”   - Mary-Ann



“Private Islands, VIP tickets for all sporting events, fast British cars need I say more??”   - Sinqobele



"Live.....just being able to do things. To breathe in the sea today and the country tomorrow. To go here and then there, where ever we wanted to, to wake up without issues. To just be Happy.  - Lisa


“I'd be rich enough to buy my mother all the stuff she deserves** I've been waiting quite a while to see that tear of pure joy in her eye!   - Colibre



It’s impossible to know how you’d actually react to winning a million or more, but it’s worth buying a lotto ticket online to be in with a chance to find out!

Comments Competition:

What's your lottery fantasy?  5 lucky comments chosen by our judges will win themselves a FREE SuperEna Max lotto voucher to stand a chance to make their lotto fantasy come true!  Winners will be announced on Tuesday 23rd at 4pm GMT.   Good luck!


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Posted by Taner (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to win the jackpots of all offered lotteries at PlayHugeLottos to get a billionaire.

Posted by Samson (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to win big to make a world trip visiting the 7 wonders of the world and a trip to the iced caped mountains - Mount Alps and Everest.

Posted by Jv5hX (22/06/2015)

ONLY PoSSIBLE with #getyourticketstoday

Posted by Krishnan (22/06/2015)

Who knows any of this set of numbers could produce a jackpot winner !!

Posted by Toni (22/06/2015)

I don't now how is to be millionaire. I will tell you when I be lucky jackpot winner with ur free voucher :)

Posted by AzhHbl (22/06/2015)

My fantasy is to be able to put my mom into a fully paid for house, my friends and myself to be able to retire should we so wish and to be able to go see my siblings on a two month holiday. To never have to worry about finances again & to have our homes transferred into eco friendly houses that rely on nature alone to be sustained.

Posted by Hoang (22/06/2015)

They were lucky. I also tend to like them

Posted by LXbeo (22/06/2015)

If others can win, so can anybody playing playhugelottos

Posted by Sukanta (22/06/2015)

Well my wish is really small that I build a ngo group"HELP THE HELPLESS" for the orphan and old parents whose child left them to die help them to live life comfortably and full fill their dreamsss. It's my dream. I know the pain and suffering of an orphan becoz I am an orphan.. full fill own dream u happy for a moment but help to full fill someone else dream u happy for ever..

Posted by MNij5j (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to take a massive Eurotrip with all my friends and family, seeing every site possible especially including the Northern Lights

Posted by GoHQSV (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to win big enough to make my children also multimillionaires.

Posted by INxkWI9 (22/06/2015)

Firstly i would buy all the usual (a house, car, spoil my kids, etc.) then i would buy enough land to build sactuaries for rescued animals and safe houses for women and children. South Africa doesnt have the support like other countries does and i would change that!

Posted by Amos (22/06/2015)

Take my parents and sibling on a tour round the world, buy a family house and invest nse.

Posted by Wilhelmina (22/06/2015)

Doesn't matter who you are the jackpot will come on the right time.

Posted by Sonu (22/06/2015)

I fantasize about winning the lottery, but I never buy tickets. Thing is, it's never really the chance at a big house or fancy car that I fantasize about, when the jackpot gets really high. It's all about the *power*, for me. I think "man, if I won the lottery, I could sink a few tens of millions into a nationwide - or international! - DC Statehood campaign and still be wealthy" or "if I won the lottery, I could set up a foundation to fund the full-time development of easy-to-use anti-censorship software tools, and let the tyrants of the world tremble. Buwahahahahaha!" Stuff like that. I don't have any particular desire for wealth. Power, however, I crave beyond all reason - and money *is* power, in large amounts. You can move the world with it, if you want.

Posted by Евгений (22/06/2015)

My fantasy lottery to win the jackpot on my birthday July 3.

Posted by NJ+ (22/06/2015)

I'm almost 30 and still living with my parents I don't have a permanent job yet ,we are 5 kinds in a small home so winning the lotto will give me and my family a better life the jackpot would be great but a few thousand will do

Posted by Елена (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to win the jackpots SuperEna Max and start a new happy life.

Posted by Julian (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy aim is to win and buy a Eco friendly car and roam the whole world and it will save the environment also

Posted by Prunella (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy aim is to win and buy a Eco friendly bus and take my family to roam the whole world and it will save the environment also

Posted by Lars (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy: Stop working and start traveling -buy a nice House a warm place and enjoy the life.

Posted by антон (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to win always ! $$$

Posted by Ольга (22/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to win the jackpots and realize their dreams,beautiful and crazy dreams. ♥

Posted by Ritwick (22/06/2015)

My fantasy if I win the lottery is that after sorting out my financial situation and worries I would be to do random acts of charity without revealing my identity to the beneficiaries.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (22/06/2015)

I wont call it a fantasy because I KNOW with every fiber of my being that it's already happened** I've already lived the life of a SuperEna Max Jackpot lottery winner in my mind** I've seen my dad cry and laugh all at the same time after showing him his new mansion and car** I've already seen my mom faint from shock and happiness after handing her the keys to her own Roll-Royce** I've already heard the laughter of my siblings away with me on holiday in Hawaii** I've seen it all. All I do everyday now is thank GOD, and wait for the day when the material world will catch up to my spiritual world**

Posted by Pongpat (23/06/2015)

I have a lot of choice for play lotto online in many country with Thank you very much for a chance that you deliver to me.

Posted by Hyunsoo (23/06/2015)

My lottery fantasy is to feel the joy and euphoria of winning the jackpot is to liquidate the debt and the debt.

Posted by Johnny (23/06/2015)

My Lottery Fantasy is...I Always Play Base on my Monthly Horoscope Lucky Numbers..and Dreaming to Hits...Big..biG Jackpots..and EUROPE..'till my last of my journey!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/06/2015)

movies about lotteries seem a little far fetched

Posted by Debashish D (23/06/2015)

I fantasize about it now and then. I go halfway between the OP and his wife, though. Whatever amount I win, I set aside a large chunk of it to be invested. I figure I'm gonna buy stuff with the rest of it - and at least some of it will have maintenance/upkeep costs. Plus I don't wanna be rich for a few years and then be stuck with a big house and a fancy car but not be able to afford to heat my house or run my car. I may even buy a smallish business or something with some of it - something I'd enjoy being part of and helping to run better, like a bookshop maybe. Another chunk goes to various charities. Another chunk goes to various friends and family members. The rest - all mine, baby. Obviously, I need to win a lot of money to accomplish all this.

Posted by Vladislav (23/06/2015)

My fantasy is about mansions, fleet of fast cars, private jets, yachts, expensive clothes and accessories, gourmet food in 5 star restaurants, 7 star hotels, loads of hot girls. You know, the usual.

Posted by Kabo (23/06/2015)

Funny, the first thing I think about if I were to win the lottery is to pay tax. I don't want the taxman on my back while I'm trying to enjoy my life. The next thing I would do is set my family up for life then travel the world. I would also set up a charity foundation. I'm really looking forward to that life.

Posted by -3_JIV (23/06/2015)

my dreams are simple which i am playing for last 10 years with PHL which is "one day is one day" and "never ever give up".we all have our dreams of our life but one day dreams can come true so my simple advise is to be prepared and be humble.

Posted by Vladimir (23/06/2015)

The film that tells me how to win the lottery may also be in 3D just to finally win. :)

Posted by NAgaZ8l (23/06/2015)

Can 4pm come already!! **Excited**

Posted by P_DPXl (23/06/2015)

My father died 3 weeks before I was born and my mom decided that we were going to live with my grandmother, who was a widow, in her house. My mother was mother and I loved her dearly, but my grandmother was my hero as she was a strong business woman. My grandmother taught me to respect everyone and to always be humble and honest. I grew up in a house where we had maids and a gardener. Even though I had a nanny and there were 2 maids in the house, my grandmother insisted that I had to do chores, like work in the garden, make my bed, clean my own room, do the dished after dinner and many other things. I grew up very happy and understanding the value of money, not spoiled. My grandmother had a stroke a few years back and she has lost the business, friends, most of her money, the big house and her cars. When I win the lottery it would give me no greater delight than to buy back our old family house and to give my granny the life that she was accustomed to. She is and will always be my hero and she deserves only the best and if I win the lottery I'll make her last days absolutely wonderful.

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (23/06/2015)

PLAYHUGE opens the door to a dream. Time to start living the dream!!

Posted by Oh (23/06/2015)

A not really poor man win absolutely no costs at PlayHuge

Posted by Keyvan (23/06/2015)

this is best lottery site.

Posted by Leyla (3/10/2016)

My lottery fantasy is to win the jackpots.

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