What is Norway Family’s Lotto Winning Secret?

3 members of the same family have each won small fortunes on the Norwegian National Lottery. Let’s take a closer look at this amazingly lucky family from Norway and their lotto hat-trick!

If luck ran in the genes then it would seem that the Oksnes family have the perfect genetic blueprint. Over the last 6 years 3 members of the family have taken home sizeable jackpots on the Norwegian National Lottery. The odds of something like this happening are pretty unbelievable but if there is one thing that we have come to realise about life it’s that truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

Happy Hege, the 2nd lucky lotto winner in her family...

Hege Lotto Winner

It started in 2006 with the family patriarch, Leif Oksnes, taking home a respectable £900,000.00 on the National Lottery. Many families would be content with that sizeable sum to take care of any outstanding debts and to provide a comfortable retirement and perhaps an education trust fund for the grand kids. Not the Oksnes family though.

4 years later Leif’s daughter, Hege Jeanette Oksnes, nearly matched her father’s good fortune with a lovely little win of £880,000.00, again on the Norwegian National Lottery. Hege used part of her winnings to purchase new cars and to travel but she banked most of it.

And Tord makes it three...

Tord Winner

It is indeed third time lucky for the Oksnes family as younger brother Tord Oksnes took home the biggest prize yet, a whopping £1.3million in September this year. Lucky Tord who is only 19 years old has no plans to change his future plans based on his sizeable win. He will continue his internship with a Norwegian energy company and maintain his 11 year old car.

'I actually have a bit of a guilty conscience about winning so much money. I'm sure there's somebody who could have done with the money more than me.'


Giving Birth To A Jackpot Win

As a further twist in the tail of this lucky family, the family won these jackpots every time Hege Jeanette was pregnant or had just given birth. Two of the births had taken place within only hours of a family member winning.

Babies mean big bucks in the Oksnes household...

hege oksnes

Understandably Hege’s 3 other brothers are eager to see her belly swell again, hoping it will be one of their turn to make it 'number 4!'

“They're urging me to have at least 10 children”, says Hege.

Will the Oksnes family win a fourth lottery jackpot? Only time will tell. As always, luck on the lottery is anything but predictable.

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Posted by Rnp5q (19/10/2012)

Wow, that is incredible! What a lucky family.

Posted by Patrick (19/10/2012)

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Posted by Slavko (27/10/2012)

I can believe that, I prepare all my life for small part off luck

Posted by Eguono Sarah (2/11/2012)

I hope the Babies were given their fair share of the Jackpots!

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