€140 Million To Be Won On The July Spanish Raffle

Tickets for the July Spanish Raffle are now available to buy on PlayHugeLottos.com. 

For lotto players who have not yet purchased a ticket into any of the available raffles, will definitely be in for a treat this July as the total prize fund is much higher than usual, at a massive €140 million.

The Loteria Nacional Extra (Spanish Raffle), is a monthly raffle hailing from Spain. For the past 200 year’s Spanish people have been eagerly playing the Spanish Raffle and enjoying the excitement that comes from winning huge amounts of money.
One of the main reasons, they love playing the Spanish Raffle is due to the fact that 1 out of 3 people take home a prize!  Prize’s range from €84, €105, or €140 million!  This July players will once again be playing for the biggest prizefund a gigantic €140 million!
If you want to take part in the highly popular Spanish Raffle raffle, that takes place on the 4th July 2015,  play now at PlayHugeLottos.com and be part of these fantastic odds today!

Loteria Nacional Extra, Spanish Raffle, Loteria Nacional Extra ticket

Play The Spanish Raffle Online

Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to Spain to participate in one of the world’s biggest raffles, as you can simply select Loteria Nacional Extra follow the prompts and viola, you could win your share of the staggering €140 million this July!

Spanish raffle players purchase shares of a ticket or whole tickets. These tickets have pre-selected codes printed on them. These codes consist of 100,000 tickets printed with 5 digit numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999. They are printed in 10 copies and divided into ten shares.  A total of 10 million shares.  With 37,151 winning combination on every ten-share ticket – the chances of winning a prize is huge! 

Depending on availability, Spanish Raffle players can purchase a whole book which consists of 10 shares.

Loteria Nacional Extra, Spanish Raffle, Loteria Nacional Extra ticket

Numbers are drawn one by one from a drum during the draw and these are all assigned a prize. With the odds of 1 in 3 players matching their codes and winning a prize, makes any of the Spanish raffles one of the most exciting raffles to play.

Be part of the raffle action, and take part in the Spanish Summer raffle right here at PlayHugeLottos.com. Winnings are paid out in on lumpsum. No annuity, just wonderful cash in your bank!
The Spanish Raffle donates extraordinary amounts of money in donations to various charities. To see which charity will be receiving a percentage of the draw proceeds, one just has to look at the charity’s logo which will be printed on the left hand side of each month’s ticket.

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Posted by Amos (12/06/2015)

good luck too all

Posted by Prunella (13/06/2015)

All get must win

Posted by Prunella (13/06/2015)

best of luck

Posted by Ritwick (13/06/2015)

Raffles I think are too chanchy. If you don't buy the right ticket you don't win. At least in lotteries you can play the numbers you think will win.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (14/06/2015)

Good luck to you guys!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/06/2015)

something to get excited about

Posted by Wilhelmina (15/06/2015)

Good luck!

Posted by Marcin (15/06/2015)

Good luck

Posted by Krishnan (15/06/2015)

One can feel satisfied that her or his amount paid for the lottery tickets is partly utilized for donating to charities, even if a big win eludes her or him.

Posted by Krishnan (18/06/2015)

This lottery is unique in that it produces more millionaires than all the European and American lotteries combined together. Fantastic !

Posted by VPv6hQ (29/06/2015)

If I win this I'll definitely be visiting Spain

Posted by Sonu (1/09/2015)

good luck

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