How Much Did Caitlyn Cost?

The subject of gender has felt like taboo for a long time. Today we’re opening that box of taboo and discussing how much it actually cost Bruce Jenner to successfully transform into Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce had to hide for a very long time, and he felt like he was living a lie. We’ll uncover Bruce’s accounts of his transformation and go into detail about what surgeries Bruce had done in order to create Caitlyn Jenner. Read the exclusive story below. 


Caitlyn Jenner


Above you see a woman, and quite an attractive one as such if we keep in mind that it is in fact Bruce Jenner after his revolutionary transformation. The gorgeous picture was taken by the world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. For the sake of this article and out of respect for her, we will call her Caitlyn, as she so politely states on the cover.

Caitlyn stated, “I felt like I had been living a lie. After my Vanity Fair cover goes out, I will be Caitlyn. I will be born again.” Those are brave words for the past Olympian. Caitlyn was a former college football player and she came to international attention as a decathlete, winning the gold medal in the men’s decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. He beat a world record that had not been beaten since 1980. 

Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn leveraged her celebrity status to endorse products and starred in several movies and television specials. Caitlyn was married to Kris Jenner for 23 years and the couple, together with their children, began appearing on the television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007. 

After their divorce in the year 2015, Caitlyn came out in a television interview as a Trans-woman, preferring more masculine pronouns until her transition was more complete. Many sources have described her as one of the most famous openly transgender person in the world. 

Kris and Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn cross-dressed for many years and also did hormone replacement therapy but stopped after his romance with Kris Kardashian in the early 1990s. Caitlyn says that she had permission to explore her gender identity on her own travels but not while they were together. These many issues contributed to the deterioration of their marriage which ended officially in 2013. 

Jenner’s recent transformation will be the subject of an eight-part documentary series that will premiere in July this year. Caitlyn has undergone cosmetic surgery as part of the transitioning, but has not yet undergone gender confirmation surgery. Caitlyn stated that “life as a woman is primarily a matter of mental state and lifestyle. I have never been attracted to men and had been exclusively attracted to women before my transition, but I currently identify as asexual.”

Jenner’s first public appearance as Caitlyn made her receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the 2015 ESPY Awards in July. Caitlyn received this award because “she has shown the courage to embrace a truth that had been hidden for years, and to embark on a journey that may not only give comfort to those facing similar circumstances, but can also help to educate people on the challenges that the transgender community faces."

We now get to the subject of her surgeries, and how much did it actually cost Bruce Jenner to transform into Caitlyn Jenner successfully? According to one of the top plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, the 65-year-old’s new face came with a hefty price tag of an estimated $70,000.  

On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe and her sisters hinted at Bruce’s preparations for undergoing ‘facial feminization surgery’ and the following morning, the world said hello to Caitlyn Jenner. 

  Caitlyn Jenner  Bruce Jenner

Plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi performs nearly a dozen similar surgeries each year, which softens certain characteristically male features by adding a few feminine touches.  Bruce underwent six procedures to get Caitlyn’s face just right. 

Among his feminization surgery, Bruce Jenner also underwent a few others. Dr. David Alessi claims that the former decathlete also underwent Rhinoplasty, which cost anywhere between $9000 -$15 000. Then, a facial rejuvenation surgery often costs around $25 000. The surgeries don’t stop there, however. Alessi also thinks that Caitlyn has had a brow lift (around $12 000), cheek implants ($6000 - $8000), an Adam’s apple shave ($6000 - $10000), and Botox to the value of $800. 

The total amount spent on Bruce’s transformation is around $70,000 surgeons predict. The surgeries don’t stop there, though, because most patients who undergo similar procedures need to come for yearly touch ups and tweaks to maintain their appearance. 

In addition, most patients who undergo similar procedures get yearly touch ups and tweaks, to maintain their appearance - and Alessi thinks Caitlyn will be no different. Dr. Alessi also believes that Caitlyn will want other procedures down the road, including liposuction to have a more hourglass shape. 

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Posted by Abednigo (5/06/2015)

We don't remember days, we remember moments

Posted by Abednigo (5/06/2015)

We don't remember days, we remember moments

Posted by P_DPXl (5/06/2015)

As an openly gay man, I have first hand experience of the prejudice, pre-conceived notions, ignorance, and just plain hatred that some people have against anyone that is different than what society has carved out as the norm. In a world where there are such clear social constructs of what is acceptable behaviour and not, I have to applaud Caitlyn for taking such a brave step. I think that it would be such a wonderful world to live in if we could just all allow people to do the things that makes their heart sing and makes them happy.

Posted by Subrat (5/06/2015)

Best of Luck for all playhugelotto members who have participated for all the forthcoming Jackpots. God bless you.

Posted by Vladimir (5/06/2015)

Photo naked Hollywood stars but the young.

Posted by Hyunsoo (5/06/2015)

Who shall express their humanity and expression of identity, even though luck and good luck with aura and destiny itjyo belonging to some extent. The most beautiful thing in life is to create your own oneself, to express, I think the most important basis of their own lives is like a loving yourself? Born more than a human being, and see life as Catherine survived, among them Iran itgetjyo luck and great fortune in life together ... somehow fail or hit whatever their luck, somehow floored both cases, I think he made? Believe his luck himself like a living being, I think this is also a big hit big fortune

Posted by NJ+ (5/06/2015)

I aint no judges all I have to say if it makes you happy then you must do what you have to do,I have nothing against gay people so all I have to say is goodluck Caitlyn with your new gender you will need it.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (5/06/2015)

My father taught me about "The Secret" and how to use the power that you've always had. And that is, if you believe something to be true, then your universe must consent to it as being true. So when you look at that bank statement and you see €121 million, the universe says "As you say, so shall it be". You have this power. Use it.

Posted by Julian (5/06/2015)

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always with a dream that comes in the mooring and they say, where there is a will there a way and that way is Euro Millions ticket and my dream

Posted by Ritwick (5/06/2015)

A different kind of news today. Good luck Caitlyn.

Posted by Johnny (6/06/2015)

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Posted by Amos (6/06/2015)

Positive thoughts attract positivity to you. I will win.

Posted by Oh (6/06/2015)

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Posted by Samson (7/06/2015)

You have to be very brave to be what you are and what you want to become. So all those who can afford to do transformation go ahead. The world is a play ground and we are all players .

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/06/2015)

be what you want to be, so long as it makes YOU happy and fulfilled!!!

Posted by Krishnan (8/06/2015)

What an unbelievable and amazing story !! And yet it is true !!!

Posted by Taner (8/06/2015)

I find it reprehensible that the plastic surgery take away the father of children with this kind of operations. How sad is that ??

Posted by Subrat (9/06/2015)

I request to all Playhugelotto Jackpot Winners to give a trick method to all playhugelotto members regarding how to choose lucky numbers for the forthcoming jackpots.

Posted by Subrat (9/06/2015)

Be always positive so that one day you will surely win the jackpot

Posted by Sukanta (9/06/2015)

It's a thought provoking story for all and for those who suffered from this... it's giving them strength and encouragement. Those who afford go for transformation those who not let it to destiny.... thanks to Phil for promoting such an beautiful article

Posted by Osaru (31/08/2015)

i'd rather go the lamborghini way

Posted by Leyla (16/10/2016)

Good luck Caitlyn.

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