Make the Most out of your Giant Jackpot Winning, Part II

The world of online lottery is on fire, and as the two main games of US Lottery – Powerball and Mega Millions are featuring nine-figure jackpot totals … this weekend has to go down as a win even if you play and don’t place in a jackpot category. That’s just the nature and lucrative sizeable winnings available from the land of US Lotto games.

Enter the Mega Millions lottery and stand a chance of winning a magnificent total of $233 million or play in US Powerball for a whopping $171 million. The best feature when you play lotto online is the fact that you can play in any of the offered games from either territory, be it US or Euro Lottery.  Play in these two titanic US games, or play in the frequent prize-yielding EuroMillions and UK Lottery games, as the site allows you to play in as many games from any region as you wish in an attempt to improve the odds of a jackpot win.  What do you do once you’ve actually won a lottery jackpot – that’s a different story altogether.  While there’s no strict guideline to the rules and regulations that players need to adhere to when they win. It’s always good practice to get your ducks in a row concerning a solid game plan and financial strategy before you start just handing out cash! Best of all, a solid financial plan ensures that you’ll have enough of your well-deserved winnings for generations to come. 

Have a look at our previous list of how to Make the Most out of your Giant Jackpot Winning Part I for a review on what you should not do after your big lottery winning, and then, after you’ve got your lottery entries in, continue on reading the second part below as you wait for your winning results:


don't win the lottery and become a high roller

You’ve literally just won a lucrative lottery jackpot, so what do you do next – well, go out and celebrate by hitting the slots of course, and trying your luck with a devil-may-care trip to Vegas; right? No, wrong, very wrong! 

Becoming a high-roller is reserved for those with generations of wealth to back it up, or for movie stars and A-list celebrities. Don’t go squandering your wealth, like so many lottery winners, thinking that it’s going to last you forever – because it’s not!  Statistics for winners are terrible, and it’s amazing how winners manage to lose their money in such short spaces of time. Don’t become a statistic!


celebrity networth

Just because your giant US or Euro Lottery is so substantial, do not think that you can afford to compete with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Just like you shouldn’t try to go out and hit the casinos, you shouldn’t base possessions on what you see before you and in tabloids. More often than not these A-listers and sports celebrities have endorsement deals that ensure that even when they’re not on a job they still have a steady cash flow of revenue coming their way.


bad investors wasting money

Just because you are now the wealthiest person in the family does not mean that you should automatically become the family sponsor and charity.  Be wary of friends and family who are on the look- out for a quick and easy hand-out. And be especially cautious of fly-by-night investors or start-up companies that come knocking.  It’s therefore better to remain anonymous and carefully plot your financial investments with your financial advisor (See, Make the Most out of your Giant Jackpot Winning, Part I). 

Well, now that you are armed with an arsenal of very good advice you can go out there and confidently play for a world of lottery winnings, right at your fingertips and just a mouse click away. Play smart and conveniently when you play lottery online with now!   

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Posted by NAgaZ8l (29/05/2015)

Lol good tips** Thanx**

Posted by QXE (29/05/2015)

I want in and those millions thank you

Posted by Amos (30/05/2015)


Posted by NAgaZ8l (30/05/2015)

#8 Be Happy you're fortunate enough to be a jackpot winner!!

Posted by Leslie (31/05/2015)

Some good advice Thanks !

Posted by Balasubramaniam (31/05/2015)

7 - Worthly advice for PHL players !!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (31/05/2015)

It's amazing how your win can get people out of the cracks and at your door before you can even finish sipping your bubbly!!!!

Posted by Krishnan (3/06/2015)

Quite True. Even without winning a Jackpot, I had suffered losses by installment-investments in companies who turned out to be fly by night operators.

Posted by NJ+ (4/06/2015)

Thanx PHL!

Posted by Ritwick (4/06/2015)

Sound advice. Hoping to get a chance to try them out, heh heh.

Posted by Leyla (14/10/2016)

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