Winner Makes Off With Group’s $16.6 Million Win

It has just been reported that a man who bought a $16.6 million winning Oz Powerball ticket with his co-workers, quit his job out of the blue and disappeared with the massive win. His co-workers only suspected something was wrong when champagne arrives at their office from Oz Powerball. Read further to find out the full details of this unbelievable story. 

The group of colleagues all entered the popular international lottery, the Oz Powerball and won an astounding prize of $16.6 million. The owners of the winning ticket are planning to sue the worker who bought the ticket and made off with it after he deliberately failed to notify them of the win and distribute the winnings fairly between them. 

Powerball winner

The group of co-workers in this case consist of sixteen courier workers at Toll Group in Geelong, Victoria. It is understood that they formed a lottery playing syndicate recently, and entered the lottery draw with a $50 million first-division pool in October of last year, claims Fairfax Media reports. 

Toll Group

The reports claim that a man by the name of Gary Baron, aged 49, called in sick for work on the very same day the three Oz Powerball winners were announced. Gary also suddenly resigned from his job the following week. 

The syndicate were alerted to suspicions after one of their playing members and courier at Toll Group was hired by Tattersalls to deliver a bottle of champagne to Mr. Baron to congratulate him on his win. 

Gary has been unashamed to already start spending the stolen winnings. It is understood that he has since bought a number of properties for himself and his family members, as well as a $200,000 convertible BMW M4. Fourteen of the syndicate members now plan to challenge the man in the Supreme Court of Victoria, where they will try their hardest to claim and have their right to an equal share of the winnings vindicated. 


The disgruntled and upset syndicate players want to ask the court on Thursday to order Tattersall’s Sweeps to confirm the man’s name and how many tickets he bought, the Herald Sun reports. Mr. Baron collected $20 from each of the syndicate members and entered them into the Oz Powerball draw online via an online Tatts Group account. 

The $50 million Jackpot drawn in October last year was won by a Victorian man – believed to be Mr. Baron – as well as a Melbourne couple and a Western Australian man. 

The group of upset colleagues in the case regularly bought Tattslotto tickets but only played Oz Powerball when there was a major Jackpot. The players want details about how many tickets the man bought and his method of payment. 

It is predicted that Mr. Baron will argue a different story, that he bought the winning ticket separate to the syndicate ticket. It is now alleged that the 15th member is now in a relationship with him and no longer wants to be involved in the legal proceedings. 

Just a day after the draw in October, the Victorian man, who the group believes is their colleague, told Tattersalls that he planned to share his fortune and wanted to remain anonymous. 

When questioned about his wink, Gary said in a statement released by Tattersalls, “I’m still in disbelief...I don’t need that amount of money, it’s too much for me.” He also further added, “I’m going to share the prize money with my family. I’ll make sure it doesn’t change who I am but I’ll definitely be able to have a better lifestyle. I’ll buy myself a boat and a jet ski and my kids have wanted the new iPhone 6 for a while so they can have that now, and I might spoil them each with a new car.” 

Fourteen infuriated members of the Powerball syndicate are very eager to challenge the man in the Supreme Court of Victoria whether they will claim that they actually have a right to an equal share of the winnings if Gary did indeed purchase the tickets for the group. 

Supreme Court

What do you think of this story? From the sounds of the expensive things he has bought so speedily, something smells fishy... Leave your comment below. 

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Posted by Amos (25/05/2015)

Thats not good, a deal is a deal you should never skip on a deal.

Posted by A. Mufied (26/05/2015)

I always looking for how to play lottery.. Now i find it in It is convertible for me...

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/05/2015)

He will have to be watching his back for the rest of his life...weary of a lynch mob!!!!

Posted by Krishnan (27/05/2015)

OMG ! Money corrupts !! That too large money and especially Jackpot money !!! People who stick to honesty are really great.

Posted by NJ+ (27/05/2015)

OMG no man!its a lot of money why not share it?

Posted by Leyla (5/12/2016)

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