The Most Expensive Gadgets For A Lotto Win

The following gadgets we are showcasing for you require piles of money in order for you to afford them. But there is no need to worry. After your Mega Millions lotto win online, some of these items will be pocket change for you. Get into the lottery spirit now and feast your eyes on all these unbelievable gadgets. Continue reading for your shopping guideline after your Mega Millions win. 

Let’s face it. Computers, smart phones, and tablets are expensive enough as it is. But when you start outfitting them with custom designer fabrics and jewels, they start costing you a mind-blowing sum of money. While some gadgets have the price tag to cost you thousands of dollars because of their luxurious build materials, others are extremely expensive because of the technology that’s inside them and what they can do for you. 

We’ll be taking you through the list from gold-crafted iPhones to giant tablets with gorgeous displays. 

1) AeroSystem One iPhone Dock/Speaker ($1,115)


Most people won’t spend more than a few hundred dollars for a smartphone, let alone an accessory for your phone. French composer Jean Michael Jarre and his team designed the sound system as a result of years of research. Jarre claims that the sleek and tall iPhone speaker dock is worth every penny. 

2) Optimus Maxiumus Keyboard ($1,500)

Optimus Maximus Keyboard

This keyboard must have been engineered by aliens or something for it to cost so much. The device’s keys are fully programmable. This means that you can assign a different key function to every individual key. Each button on this keyboard is a miniature display which tells you what its function is at a given time. 

3) Panasonic 4K Toughpad Tablet ($6,000)

Panasonic 4K Toughpad Tablet

This next gadget is Panasonic’s 4K Windows 8 tablet. You don’t have to worry about breaking it under stress. It’s called a Toughpad for a reason. It’s the rugged line of laptops and tablets and can withstand being dropped from 3 feet. A device as rugged as this one is usually much more expensive than the regular tablets because they are equipped to meet certain standards. Another feature of this product that makes it so exclusive and pricey, is its 3,840x2,560 pixel resolution display. 

4) Ego Lifestyle Emerald PC Notebook Computer ($10,900)

Ego Lifestyle Emerald Notebook

This laptop isn’t for the faint of heart, or for the faint of pocket. If you’re willing to dish out $11, 000 on a laptop, then Ego Lifestyle’s emerald PC is available via Saks Fifth Avenue's website. This PC claims to combine “high tech and fashion” and features a handcrafted exterior made entirely out of exclusive crocodile leather. The only downside is that it runs on Windows Vista. 

5) Vertu Signature Touch ($18,000-$20,000)

Vertu Signature Touch

This beast of a phone is handmade in England. This phone is all about the design. The phone’s casing is made of natural-grain alligator leather and grade five titanium alloy. Vertu claims that it is 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel but is still just as light. The display is also made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Yikes! 

6) Stuart Hughes iPad 2 Gold History Edition ($5 million)

Stuart Hughes iPad

The designer Stuart Hughes has re-created Apple’s iPad 2 and encrusted it with 12.5 carats of flawless diamonds. But the diamonds are not what make it so darn expensive. According to Hughes, it is the main front frame that is crafted from one of the oldest rocks in the world. The rock is an Ammolite, more than 75 million years old. If you think this is over the top, think again. To top it all off, this iPad also has T-Rex bones embedded within the rock.

7) A $6,700 toilet

Fancy toilet

The designer of this toilet is Kohler Numi. The toilet is fully automated. This means you never have to touch the toilet with your hands, ever. Instead, you control the toilet’s actions using its touch screen remote control. The other features of this toilet fit for a king, is a heated toilet seat, integrated bidet, colour-changing lights, controls for music, and even a heater for your feet!

Well, ladies and gents, there you have it. After your lotto win, you will have the means to buy any of these if you so choose. A little self-spoiling never did anyone any long as you don’t use all of it on material things! 


Best of luck!

The PlayHugeLottos Team


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Posted by Amos (22/05/2015)

the iphone dock looks good and functional. even the keyboard though.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/05/2015)

these gadgets may be expensive, but some are ridiculous also.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (22/05/2015)

Thanks for the tips** I could definitely go for that hi-tech restroom lol**

Posted by Wilhelmina (22/05/2015)

Thanks, will try

Posted by Balasubramaniam (23/05/2015)

I like Vertu Signature Touch phone !!!

Posted by Chidi (26/05/2015)

i love the comment on keyboard " This keyboard must have been engineered by aliens or something for it to cost so much" ...i thought that was

Posted by Chidi (26/05/2015)

i love the comment on keyboard " This keyboard must have been engineered by aliens or something for it to cost so much" ...i thought that was

Posted by Chidi (26/05/2015)

i love the comment on keyboard " This keyboard must have been engineered by aliens or something for it to cost so much" ...i thought that was

Posted by Leslie (31/05/2015)

Ha...i would go for the toilet

Posted by Osaru (22/08/2015)

that iphone is so damn expensive,maybe thats for now till i eventually hit it big

Posted by Ritwick (14/09/2015)

nice things

Posted by Leyla (11/12/2016)

Thanks, will try.

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