US Lottery ‘Nine-Figure’ Jackpot Prizing

With US Lottery at an all-time high … yet again, the time to play lottery is right now.  There’s definitely all to play for and minimal risk involved especially when playing lottery online.

Play lotto online with and you’re in the running for top prizing with any of the top prized US games of Mega Millions and US Powerball.  Not only are you able to play in US Lotto games, but play in over 15 of the world’s top lottery games like EuroMillions, UK Lottery, EuroJackpot and loads more as you even out the odds of lottery jackpot first prize winning.  

Mega Millions lottery stands at a magnificent …

mega millions mega jackpot

… and US Powerball follows at a towering …

us powerball jackpot prize

With the next Mega Millions draw coming our way this evening, get your online lottery entry right now with so you may be in the running.  In the meantime, here are some quality ideas on what your $100 million-plus jackpot could get you:

White Gold and Diamond Golf Sets:

gold, platinum, diamond golf set

Nothing signifies wealth more than an elite and exclusive set of golf clubs and balls, but imagine showing up on the links with a white gold golf set with real diamond inlay … you’ll definitely be talk of the town.  A set available from Alo Diamonds isn’t however meant to be used on the green, and is more of a collector’s piece or golf-enthusiast gift.  Japanese jewelry manufacturer Nagahori has taken things a step further by introducing a platinum and diamond version of a golf ball and putter. With a weight of 500 grams, the Nagahori platinum putter in inlaid with 22.35 karats of diamonds on the head, and comes in white or pink colors.  The accompanying platinum golf ball weighs in at 165 grams with 25.13 karat diamond inlay.  Now that is sheer extravagance only a huge lottery win can buy!

Fresh Ossetra Caviar:

imperial ossetra caviar

Imperial Ossetra Caviar (also spelt as Osetra or Asetra) comes from the Ossetra sturgeon (acipenser persicus) which weighs anywhere between 50-400 pounds, and can live up to eighty years.  The costly caviar is second only to the world’s most expensive caviar – Beluga Caviar. The cost is in relation to the rarity of the caviar which is hand selected when the sturgeon is at its prime.  Imperial caviar is immediately distinguishable by its exceptionally large size, with the roe giving off an earthy–nut flavor and silky texture, which has traditionally been reserved for royalty.  The color ranges from warm brown to a pewter gray with only five to ten percent of the all the Russian Ossetra caught in the Caspian Sea, given the title of “Imperial”, a testament to how rare this roe really is! 

A giant US Lottery win gets you fresh Ossetra for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or go top shelf with some Beluga on special evenings if you so wish.  Just one big win means the world is your oyster … or caviar.

Gout de Diamants Champagne:

gout de diamantes champagne

Once you hit that giant jackpot, why not celebrate in true luxury and style with a case of Gout de Diamants?  The most expensive champagne in the world, a bottle of Gout de Diamants will set you back $1.2 million – chump change for the nine-figure jackpot winner! The contents of the bottle aren’t the only reason for the high price, the bottle itself is responsible for the opulent price point, as it comes housed in an 18 carat white gold plate, upon which a 19 carat diamond is mounted on the center of the label.  Each bottle represents not only a gift of flavor but also extravagance.

The Mega Millions has its draw this evening and the US Powerball has its draw tomorrow evening – so be sure to secure your entry online with now!

play now

To further stand a chance to win big, leave your Comment in our Section Below and get some FREE Lotto Bonus Points as reward - then play and win big jackpots online!


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Kurt - who has written 532 articles

Posted by Wilhelmina (19/05/2015)

Why not try, you will never know...

Posted by Wilhelmina (19/05/2015)

Today is the perfect day

Posted by Balasubramaniam (20/05/2015)

Play with PHL & get all !!!!

Posted by Amos (20/05/2015)

I am one ticket away from wining the big one.

Posted by Ritwick (21/06/2015)

I'd be happy with seven figures :)

Posted by Leyla (13/12/2016)

Play with PHL & get all !!!!

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