The 5 Most Expensive Weddings in History has provided you with many great ideas on how to spend your lottery jackpot winnings. Behaving like a true lottery winner can be quite overwhelming given the sudden change in fortune that one experiences when winning the lottery.

In our recent guide to unlocking doors after a lottery win we mentioned that a jackpot amount is just the key for unlocking the heart of your loved one.

If you are about to become a newlywed, or if you are a seasoned marriage veteran looking to renew your vows, we thought we would give you some ideas for creating the perfect, extravagant, lottery winners wedding.

A wonderful wedding but a terrible marriage.

Charles and Diana

There is no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate the most important day of your life in true millionaire style – or better.

Loving In Luxury

When looking to create that perfect special occasion to celebrate the love of two people why not look at some of the best examples of luxury weddings?

Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive weddings in the world:

1. Prince Charles and Lady Diana ($110 million when adjusted to inflation)
-    The wedding cost them an incredible $48 million back in the 1980’s. The wedding was held in St Paul Cathedral and had a TV audience of more than 750 million people.

2. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia ($60 million)
-    The bride is the daughter of Indian billionaire steel magnate, Lakshmi Mittal. The wedding was held in Paris and was 5 days of festivities at a chateau in Versailles.

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton ($34 million)
-    The British Royal Family certainly has an affinity for large and expensive weddings. This pricey ceremony had flowers worth $800,000.00 along with an $80,000.00 wedding cake.

4. Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin ($8 million)
-    The wedding couple organised flights to Genoa for all their 65 guests, where they all enjoyed a masked ball on a $120-million yacht. It’s a good think that Rooney is one of the world’s wealthiest footballers.

5.  Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky ($ 5 million)
-    Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Bill Clinton, ex-president of the United States. A few of the costs worth mentioning are the air-conditioned tents, the $11,000.00 cake and Chelsea’s incredible Vera Wang wedding dress.

There you have it, the perfect inspiration for your dream nuptials! Take a little bit from each wedding above and you will soon be a part of the list with your own perfect wedding.

A stunning wedding for daddy’s little girl.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

Your Dream Millionaire Wedding put together a brief outline for a millionaire wedding itinerary. Feel free to use this as your blueprint when you make your wedding dreams come true.

•    Fly all your guests to an exotic location
•    Pay for all their accommodation at a luxurious 5 star hotel
•    Have superstars like The Rolling Stones or Madonna as entertainment at your reception
•    Sail away for your honeymoon on Roman Abramovich’s Yacht “the Eclipse”

These are just some of the ideas that a multi-millionaire lottery winner may have at their disposal when planning their dream wedding. What kind of wedding would YOU have with a giant lottery jackpot win in your bank account?

Let your imagination (and your bank account) soar at!

Tell us how you would tie the knot and the best answers will each win 5 FREE Euromillions vouchers. Comments close on 11th October.

Thanks to everyone who entered this comments competition. The lucky winners of the 5 Free Euromillions tickets are: Marina G, Samson S and Dorota F. Good luck for your entries!

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Posted by Natalja (4/10/2012)

Well-well-well.I am already married,but why not to celebrate 7 years together somewhere in Villefrance on the yacht with smooth mohito and ice-cream cake?:)

Posted by Rohith (4/10/2012)

i would love to have a wedding on a private island surrounded by crystal clear water with a yacht 1) marriage hall decorated with beautiful crystals,lights and beautiful white flowers 2)food from around the globe and with the best cake. 3)wedding ring worth 2 million for my bride(my love) 4)private yacht ride after the wedding ceremony. :)

Posted by Vladimir (4/10/2012)

I would have bought the island for € 150 million after a great wedding hall, and of course invited his Chosta and stayed in my 5 star hotels. I bought a car bugatti, expensive champagne for € 25,000, caviar, cake, chlebyčky, finger ...

Posted by Lau (4/10/2012)

Fly me to moon, and have a wedding there.

Posted by Anthony (4/10/2012)

Well,after finding a willing candidate,our reception would be in Acapulco,no less. All 75 guests would be staying at The Fairmont Pierre Marques Hotel,on the beach.Mick Hucknall-ex Simply Red-would definitely must sing.Food,cake,drinks-Champagne,Wine,Vodka(my favorite)would be in abundance At the Toast, I would request a Vodka Martini-shaken,not stirred,and would then whisk her away in a BMW 750Li ,painted Charcoal Grey.

Posted by Vladimir (5/10/2012)

Buy the most expensive jewel bride diamond worth more than € 4,000,000. Then the most expensive wedding dress and wedding rings.

Posted by Debashish D (5/10/2012)

I would like to book an entire island for a week and celebrate my wedding with my family and friends, especially taking care of each and everyone's needs and making sure all of us have a very good time.

Posted by Moses (7/10/2012)

My wedding will be like no other...I will marry like the emperor of the will be the grandest setting,the wedding will happen in two different locations on two different days...the first wedding vows will be taken in the grandest cathedral,like the Milan cathedral.....I will be dropped off from a G5 airplane and will land infront of the church like James bond and walk like an emperor and make the wedding will be followed by a grand ceremony with the worlds who's who A listers and my wedding will be telecasted across the world to all the countries..... Costumes will be designed by the worlds best designers and my wedding will be the talk of the world...... The second wedding vows will take place in phi phi island,Thailand were me n my bride will exchange vows by the beach with just 50guests invited....again I will be dropped off from a airplane and will land on the island and will exchange my wedding vows.....after a night of dance And party I will go on my honeymoon to the island of Capri,Italy .. The cost of both my wedding vows will be $50,000,000! The best and the finest dress ,the diamonds and the locations all fit for an emperor...this is how I will marry!

Posted by Lim (8/10/2012)

that time I married her without a wonderful party,only ome family and friends, if there is the chance of having a lot of money, I will redeem and repeat the most appropriate party for her, im always feel quilty cant provide good party for her thats times

Posted by Surendranath (8/10/2012)

invitees would only be very important relatives, friends and well-wishers. everyone would be enjoying pure-veg breakfast/lunch/dinner based on the wedding ceremony time. it would abiding to the tradition

Posted by Boris (9/10/2012)

With a giant lottery jackpot in my bank account I would prefer for wedding ...the heart of Europe, The Relais & Chateaux Hertelendy Kastely-luxury in Hungary.

Posted by Samson (9/10/2012)

As a millionaire my marriage will take place at St.Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City on a grand scale. Pope Benedict XVI will bless the wedding mass accompanied by Cardinals, priests , nuns and full participation of my family members and celebrity guests The 100 invited celebrity guests will be from all spheres of life ( Kings, politicians, film makers, doctors, engineers, business magnates, sports personnel etc ) from the 5 continents of the world and will be brought in by special chartered flights.. The marriage ceremony will be telecasted live through major TV networks in the 5 continents.. The attire for me and Bride will be eye catching and expensive. Young beautiful girls and boys dressed in fashionable clothes will carry flower baskets to shower on the us once the marriage is solemenized . I will tie an expensive diamond necklace on her and also diamond rings . The wedding reception will be in front of the Roman Colosseum ( inside if permission granted ) and it will continue till midnight. An exotic variety of foods , selected champagnes and wines will be served.. Musical groups will conduct concerts and dance groups will entertain everybody. A cake in the shape of the colosseum will be cut. There will be special fireworks to mark the conclusion of party. Then we will walk hand in hand inside the colosseum before returning to our home.

Posted by Manasa (10/10/2012)

I would love to get married under water in a big submarine especially built for my marriage with all amazing facilities for my guests ,friends and family ..... my marriage hall inside the submarine will be decorated with all precious stones and lighting ..... guests will be served from one of the world's best restaurants ....... i will be calling one of my favourite actor n actress for the performance in my marriage :)

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (11/10/2012)

I like to have my marriage at Jaipur City,State of Rajastan,India which is famous land of Maharaja’s and their Rich and famous Royal Indian Palace weddings and Royal Social celebrations over years among these Palaces the most prestigious Palace for various celebrations and sacred ceremonies which people have witnessed and treasured as memories to last a life time will be at The Raj Palace which is Acknowledged as The world's best heritage hotel.The occasion will have the presence of elephants, camels and horse’s procession including local Folk performers, dancers and musicians, Snake Charmers, Puppet Shows, Kalbeliyas, Dhol walas along with a smart Wedding Band provide no less than a fairy tale wedding experience. In contrast a sophisticated and close party wedding with DJ and Cocktail could also be a part of whole event.

Posted by Vladimir (11/10/2012)

Of course, I will get married in a church but it is also my vlatní some great ostove who will be $ 300,000,000. Any celebration there will be a live music. Its so we can say with great matters and transactions in the account. I would not even know for whom the issue is not a problem.

Posted by Bozena (12/10/2012)

As I am a fresh grandma, I would spare my millions for my grandson wedding. I think it is not too original, because all the "creasy# grandmas would do the same.

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