Having A Good Head For Money Matters

It is often said: “Money makes the world go round” as everyone needs money to buy both the necessities and the desirables in life. There may be poor and happy people as well as rich and unhappy people and therefore we cannot equate happiness to wealth alone. It is almost impossible to quantify happiness in the first place. Let’s explore what we can do with money.

If you desire the finer things in life, you are going to have to pay for them - it’s the law of economics.  People don’t just give their things away, they want something in return and therefore money is the universal trade item.

One of the advantages of having a lot of money is that you can do a multitude of things such as investing in new business ventures or fulfilling a vision.  But even if you had the best ideas in the world, without money you simply will not be able to convince people to help you in your great plan.

When it comes to money you need to put your thinking caps on!

money matters

The usefulness of money to influence people is at the heart of the idea that money is power.  It’s not really the politicians who tell people to do things all the time with the threat of coercion, it is corporations and businesses that get people to do their jobs every day with the offer of recompense.  It is in fact the sole reason people do almost anything.  This is not a modern phenomenon.  Since money was invented it has been used for this purpose.

Money can also make a person famous. Just take a look at Donald Trump who has become very successful in finance and property. But perhaps best of all the powers that money provides is that people value your opinion.

Don't horse around when it comes to money.

money matters

A lesson to be learned is that if you want a lot of money, you will have to spend less than you make.  This simple rule will allow your fortune to grow. Money allows freedom of movement.  If you have enough cash to spend you can go almost anywhere in the world and decide what to do with all your wealth.

No matter what your views are about money, without it the world as we know it, would grind to a halt.  Money will definitely not disappear any time soon.  With prices going up every day, it is certain that people will need more of these universal trade units to survive.

Be aware of any monkey business when dealing with your money business.

money business

Every time a big jackpot rolls over, it seems people always have the same conversations. “If a huge pile of cash suddenly fell in your lap tomorrow, what would you spend it on?”  Maybe you'd spend it on your family or make sure your children or parents were set up for life. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with exotic trips or new cars, or simply pay off all the bills and do some smart investing. Be wise, take your windfall seriously and whatever you do, do not rush into anything. A windfall such as a lottery win will change your life forever!

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Posted by Natalja (4/10/2012)

I win 100 millions and definitely(you can catch me after on my word!)I will give at least half to sick children who need help and care,so poor their parents need to beg literally some 10 or 20 thousands for operations,which must be paid by state.Well politics are very corrupted nowadays,so let's help each of us and believe me you will get even more.Because in Bible is said : that hand which helps will be rick always.

Posted by Katherine (4/10/2012)

I always said that if i was to become a millionaire all of the grand things i would do to feed the poor, how much i would donate and all the good i would do first, but that's the same thing alot of people say, but it sometimes well most times i would imagine, is the last thing we would do. Good intention, but all we think of is what we need to do for ourselves, well it is our money right? I think that we should take a few days to take in everything then we would have a clearer view on how to proceed now giving our present wealth or we will regret our decisions even if they were well intended. Good luck to me!

Posted by Rita (5/10/2012)

Would help a lot of people but must be used wisely. After all money should be the slave not I a slave to it :-)

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