“Flour Power” for $1 million MegaMillions Ticket

We all keep things in funny places sometimes. When you’ve got that one item that you never want anyone to find, you always end up putting it in the most random place you can think of, hoping that nobody in their right mind would look for it there! For Fred Morgan, this is exactly what he did to make sure nobody found his winning $1 million MegaMillions ticket.  Continue reading for the full story. 

Fred Morgan is from Detroit, Michigan, USA. After winning big with the MegaMillions lottery, he immediately retired from work on April 17th of this year. Fred used to be a postman, and he kept his winning ticket hidden in a few places while he and his wife were still contemplating the right decision for their newfound wealth.  

This lucky lotto player managed to match all the main five balls in the draw, making him an instant lottery millionaire. Fred only checked his ticket the day after. Fred was getting very frustrated when the self-scanner for his ticket wasn’t working. All he wanted was to find out whether he had won or not. He then decided to ask the clerk to check his ticket for him. Upon checking the ticket, the clerk looked very nervous and at the same time very excited.  The clerk looked at Fred surprised and said, “It looks like you’ve got something here, you’d better sign it.” 

Fred’s heart was in his throat. He initially thought he’d won something like $10,000 or $8,000. He called his wife on his way home to tell her the great news about their recent Mega Millions win. After Fred got home to his wife, he realized he had actually won $1 million after checking his results online. The lucky winner admitted that he couldn’t eat or even sleep for three days. 

Fred knew he had to keep his ticket safe. Afraid of losing their winning $1 million ticket, Fred and his wife hid the ticket in a variety of places, including a container of flour! Once they knew they had their ticket in a safe place that nobody could suspect its existence, they sat down together and drew up a financial plan before taking the steps to claim their MegaMillions winnings. 

Mega Millions lottery ticket

“We watched that ticket very carefully,” said the ecstatic MegaMillions winner. Fred added further, “We thought somebody may look in the sugar jar, but no one would ever check for anything valuable in the flour container.” Fred had been in the US Postal Service for over 31 years, and he said that his retirement couldn’t have come at a better time. 

We have covered the story about a winner named Philip Dunning who won a UK Lotto Jackpot prize and then went to work to announce his retirement. Well, Fred did exactly the same thing after his boss asked him why he was just emptying out his things in his locker. Fred simply replied with, “I got a million and I’m retiring!” 

Fred bought his lucky MegaMillions ticket from the Mobil Gas station situated in Dearbom Heights. His winning numbers for the draw on the 17th of April 2015 were as follows: 

15-18-29-41-50 and the Mega Ball number of 5. 

When asked about what he and his wife plan to do with their newfound wealth and financial freedom, he added, “I can’t really put it into words how this feels, but I do know I feel relieved and excited!” 

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The MegaMillions Jackpot prize has rolled over again! The new Jackpot amount has now reached a soaring $126 million! Oh, what one can do with all that sweet money? Nobody won the Jackpot for the most recent draw on the 5th of May, Tuesday. That means, you still have a chance to scoop up this magnificent prize. 

There was one lucky player who fell into the second prize category and walked home with a lovely $1 million. The winner is still anonymous, but we know that his ticket managed to match five main numbers. 

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We wish you the best of luck!

The PlayHugeLottos.com Team


Posted by NAgaZ8l (6/05/2015)

Lol think I would just keep mine in a bank safety deposit box**

Posted by QXE (6/05/2015)

Will keep it in my bedroom safe at home

Posted by QXE (6/05/2015)

Will keep it in my bedroom safe at home

Posted by Ying Kwong (6/05/2015)

Will invest the newfound wealth and let it grows like a tree : )

Posted by NJ+ (6/05/2015)

In my pans pocket that I did not wear yet

Posted by Krishnan (7/05/2015)

Ya. some people could lose their head if they happen to win a big prize. And yet some are quite cool.

Posted by Amos (7/05/2015)

may you prosper in your future endeavour

Posted by Wilhelmina (7/05/2015)

Winning must be for everyone.

Posted by Ritwick (26/09/2015)

Safe place that as long as someone doesn't want to make bread

Posted by Leyla (8/01/2017)

Winning must be for everyone.

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