Family of 3 charged with $2 million lottery scam

The desperation of winning the lottery has caused three family members in Indiana, USA, to scam the lottery. The family members redeemed a fraudulent Hoosier Lottery ticket worth $2million. They bought a home and several vehicles before police caught onto the scam. Read the full story below. 

Marion County prosecutor by the name of Terry Curry has announced the charges against three individuals charged in a $2 million fraudulent Hoosier Lottery scam. The scam took place on April 23rd of this year. 

Three members of this scam are all family. They redeemed a fraudulent Hoosier Lottery ticket worth $2million and managed to buy a home and several cars before police caught up with the case. 


The fraud team comprised of two men and one woman. These guilty family members now face 15 criminal counts in connection with a lottery fraud scheme that managed to rake in more than $1.1 million. 

The family members’ names are as follows: Ashlee Parsley, Jackie Parsley ll and Joseph Parsley. They have all committed numerous felonies before attempting this lottery scheme. The family is guilty of theft, forgery, and money laundering charges. After Ashlee Parsley redeemed the ticket in October last year, the prosecutors allege that it was stolen from a Plainfield liquor store, and then called Parsley’s Liquor. It was owned at the time by the estate of a relative of Jackie and Joseph Parsley. 

This sort of case is not an unusual one, police and lottery officials say. The scheme has been seen from time to time: Employees of liquor stores and convenience stores will usually steal winning lottery tickets and cash in small winnings. 

However, fraud related to larger cash prizes is much rare, says the Hoosier Lottery chief, Carrie Stroud. When asked further about the case at the news conference, Carrie said, “This is relatively unusual.”  

The court documents say that Ashlee Parsley, then the fiancée of Joseph Parsley, redeemed the ticket telling lottery officials that she had in fact bought it at Parsley’s Liquor store on the 1st of October. 

The investigators who went ahead and reviewed video footage of the store confirmed that she in fact had not bought the ticket herself, or at that time printed on the ticket. 

Contrary to Jackie’s story of buying the winning ticket, the video surveillance proved that she took the winning ticket and activated it at Parsley’s Liquor, where the lottery terminal had recently been reactivated. 

Based on the premise that the family was planning to sell the store, they didn’t renew their license to sell lottery tickets, and their lottery terminal had gone inactive for a while, court documents said. Jackie Parsley, on the other hand, told the court that she asked the Hoosier Lottery to reactivate the terminal shortly before she redeemed the ticket, documents say. 


The law in Indiana prohibits family members from purchasing lottery tickets at stores owned by themselves or by other relatives. At the time, the store was owned by the estate of a deceased relative of the Parsley’s, but the store was later sold. 

What raised suspicion and concern in the first place about Jackie’s supposed win, was after an executor of the estate of the former owner discovered she had redeemed a winning lottery ticket from that store. That was when Police and the Hoosier Lottery stepped in to take further action and investigations against Jackie Parsley and her relatives suspected of being involved. 

The family members did not wait long to begin spending their winnings. They spent a great portion of their winnings on several trucks and an SUV, as well as a nice house at Heritage Lake in Putnam County. 

After the scheme was uncovered further, investigators seized the assets and froze their accounts, Carrie said. The charges came from a joint investigation that was launched in the month of November by the Hoosier Lottery Security Division as well as the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office’s Grand Jury Division. 

Back in the year 2008, William Foreman, a former Hoosier Lottery security official, was found guilty of theft for leaking the location of a $1 million scratch-off winner four years earlier at the Otter’s Grocery store in South-eastern Indiana. 

After William and his accomplice Chad Adkins claimed the prize, the security chief instantly recognized him as William’s friend. Consequently, Foreman resigned in September 2004 rather than taking a lie detector test. He knew he was guilty and did not want to get himself into any further trouble by pleading innocent and shifting the blame onto someone else. Chad and William eventually were discovered and they pleaded guilty to theft and agreed to testify against William in exchange for suspended sentences. William was sentenced in 2008 to 8 years home detention. 


The breakdown of charges for the Hoosier Lottery scam were as follows: Jackie Parsley ll, Ashlee Parsley and Joseph Parsley have all been charged with corrupt business influence, a felony; false passing of a lottery ticket, a felony; and theft, forgery and money laundering, all felonies in the eyes of the law. Ashlee Parsley has also been charged with perjury, a felony, and Jackie Parsley was charged with unauthorised purchase of a lottery ticket by a retailer, a misdemeanour. 

The three defendants are in custody elsewhere, Carrie said, and an initial hearing will be arranged in Marion County, Indiana, after they have been transferred to the Marion County Jail. 

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PHL is really great!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (24/04/2015)

This must be like a bad dream now!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (24/04/2015)

No good ever comes from greed** #WaitYourTurn

Posted by Krishnan (28/04/2015)

Law ultimately catches up with wrong-doers

Posted by Hoang (28/04/2015)

Really bad. I think they should not do so "" human greed at the expense ""

Posted by Amos (4/05/2015)

nothing like the long arm of the law

Posted by Wilhelmina (5/05/2015)

Why not try until your dream comes true...

Posted by Leyla (22/01/2017)

PHL is really great!

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No good ever comes from greed** #WaitYourTurn

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