SuperEna Max SuperStar Week Just Got Bigger And Better

If you thought that the legendary SuperEna Max SuperStar Week could not get any better, then think again!

SuperEna Max SuperStar Week

SuperEna Max SuperStar Week

From the 27th to the 2nd of May, lottery players will have, not 3 but 4 SuperEna Max draws, giving them an even greater chance to win over 200 million Euro!

Due to the fact that there will now be an extra SuperEna Max draw on Monday the 27th, PlayHugeLottos has decided to create another legendary SuperStar Week to celebrate the addition of the fourth draw.
The reason for the fourth SuperEna Max draw, is due to the fact that the draw on Saturday the 25th April 2015 has been postponed due to a public holiday in Italy.

What's even absolute brilliant news is, regardless of whether the jackpot is won, the extra 200 million Euro will again be added to all SuperEna Max draws from the 27th to the 2nd of May 2015!

SuperEna Max draws for the week are as follows:

Monday the 27th April 2015 - Jackpot size:  (€ 205,000,000)
Tuesday the 28th April 2015 - Jackpot size: (€ 220,000,000)
Thursday the 30th April 2015 - Jackpot size: (€ 235,000,000)
Saturday the 2nd May 2015 - Jackpot size: (€ 250,000,000)

With four amazing SuperEna Max draws and the possibility win over 200 million Euro – you could be a SuperStar in our own right.  Just imagine what you could do with such a staggering about of money!

If you think winning the SuperEna Max jackpot and scooping the extra 200 million for matching the SuperStar number, can’t happen to you, then just take a look at the following people. They took the chance. Laughed at people that said they were crazy, never once thought about making an excuse and set out to do what they wanted:

Every day SuperStars:

Even though there’s nothing supernatural about them, these individuals still went ahead and did exceptional things!

Jessica Cox

Imagine flying a plane with no arms. Well, Jessica Cox did just that and holds the Guinness World Record for being the first armless person in aviation history to earn a pilot’s certificate. Not only does she fly planes, she also drives lives a normal life using her feet as others use their hands.

Jessica Cox

Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn was trapped overnight at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport with no one else around. Where I would eventually give up, sit bored out of my skull, Richard made a music video.

Other amazing people who have done the most amazing things in their lives are:

  • Paul Salopek, who recreating the migration of early humans. The walk is taking seven years to complete. It started off in in Ethiopia and ends in Tierra del Fuego.
  • Tania Hassounia, uses her illustrator and graphic designer skills to run her business remotely, while traveling the world and offering her services, complete free of charge to non-profit ministries.
  • Nathan Sawaya, without winning the lottery, quit his job as a lawyer and became a LEGO artist.
  • Tyron Swan, made a paraplegic’s surf dream come true and duct-taped her to his back and hit the waves.
  • Thor Pedersen is traveling to every country in the world… without flying.
  • Jack Andraka, a 16 year old, developed a promising early detection test for pancreatic cancer that’s cheap, effective and non-invasive.
  • A group of schoolboys in the UK who took umbrage to the fact that an administrative ban on shorts was implemented. So they began wearing skirts to class.
  • When Aaron Collins died at the age of 30 he left a wish in his Will, requesting that his family to go out to dinner and leave an awesome tip, to the tune of $500. They did and word got out online. More than $60k in donations came flooding in, allowing the family to travel to all 50 states and keep on tipping.
  • School clerk Antoinette Tuff encountered a man carrying an AK-47 assault rifle into an elementary school in Georgia. Instead of fleeing, she spent an hour convincing him not to hurt anybody. In the end, he didn’t.
  • Christina Stephens built a prosthetic leg from LEGOs. (people love LEGO)
  • Pieter Levels is launching 12 startups in 12 months while living out of a backpack.
  • Maneesh Sethi and a few friends bought an island (more doable than you’d think).
  • Every single one of these people are just like you and me. The only thing stopping any of us from doing something extraordinary is ourselves.

Any of us could be SuperStars! Play SuperEna Max today and who knows – you could be joining these amazing people with your very own awe-inspiring achievement!

Why not grab an entry into all four SuperEna Max draws right now and make those dreams become a reality very soon!

Best of luck when playing!

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Posted by NAgaZ8l (22/04/2015)

You could be a SuperStar with SuperEna Max**

Posted by Ying Kwong (22/04/2015)

Every member would like to be the superstar at PHL, so don't miss the SuperEna Max Superstar Week guys : )

Posted by Balasubramaniam (22/04/2015)

Best of luck to all !!!

Posted by QXE (23/04/2015)

Now moving from three times lucky to four times lucky, me like this one

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/04/2015)

COOL!!! A chance to get really rich!!!

Posted by Wilhelmina (23/04/2015)

Winning is the way

Posted by Amos (25/04/2015)

3rd time is the charm

Posted by IWw0Ut- (26/04/2015)

WoW!!! 4 chances in one week! Simply awesome!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (28/04/2015)

Great week for SUPERENA SUPERSTAR fans!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (28/04/2015)

Truly a once in a lifetime chance**

Posted by Krishnan (28/04/2015)

From desiring to dreaming to reality !

Posted by NJ+ (29/04/2015)

Great!!keep it up the more chances the better chances for me

Posted by Leyla (29/01/2017)

Best of luck to all !

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