A jacket pocket worth $1 million with the US Powerball

We all hide things in our jacket pockets and forget about them. We all know that wonderful feeling of having forgotten about money in a pocket, only to find it weeks later. It feels like your birthday and you’ve just received a massive gift, even though the gift is your own money. This next story is extraordinary. It tells about how a man won with the US Powerball lottery, and found his prize – right in his very own jacket pocket. Now that is indeed a wonderful surprise! Read further to discover more. 

The lucky winner, who has decided to remain anonymous, comes from Puyallup in Washington State, USA when he found that a Washington Lottery Powerball ticket that had been purchased in February of this year was worth over $1 million. The winner remembered that he had bought a ticket in that month and in that area, and his heart jumped into his throat when he played out all the possibilities in his head that he could in fact be the winner of this lucky ticket. 

sports coat

The winner bought his ticket from Safeway at Canyon Road East in Puyallup. It wasn’t until the 18th of March that he found his Powerball ticket in his jacket pocket that he decided to find out if it was actually worth anything. Not for a single moment did he suspect it might have the potential to make him an instant millionaire. It seemed as though the weather also had a big part in the delay to getting his riches. 

The lucky Powerball winner was actually on his way to get his Powerball ticket scanned, but he got interrupted by getting a call from his boss. He put the ticket back in his pocket. Because the weather got warmer, he put his jacket away and forgot all about the Powerball ticket. 


It wasn’t until the weather had turned cold all of a sudden that he put his jacket on again and remembered he still had the potentially lucky Powerball ticket in the pocket. After he had it checked, and discovered it was worth a staggering $1 million, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He had never won anything in his life before, let alone such a massive amount of money by simply buying one affordable lottery ticket. 

The winner is married, and decided to call his wife immediately and tell her the wonderful news. He said, “I called her right away and told her she could quit her job.” The wife, of course, was absolutely ecstatic. 

quitting job

The Powerball winner has explored some great ideas on how to spend their winnings. The lucky couple’s shopping list includes a trip to Europe this coming summer, and he’s updating his bucket list, too.  He explained, “I’ve been skydiving, raced cars, and I thought my bucket list was satisfied until now. Now, this win changes the whole bucket list game! “

His story reminds us of another lucky winner in South Carolina who had a Powerball ticket worth $1 million sitting in her handbag for over a month! 

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Posted by NAgaZ8l (20/04/2015)

Lol really cool story**

Posted by Ying Kwong (20/04/2015)

Let's get lucky by playing lotteries via PHL's platform!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/04/2015)

Store your ticket in a safe place, and most of all, REMEMBER you did!!!!!

Posted by Wilhelmina (23/04/2015)

Lets get our numbers ready for the biggest surprise...

Posted by Amos (11/05/2015)

good luck

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