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As kids, we all took pleasure sitting in the back of our parents' cars and gazing out the window at all the passing houses on the streets. Some of the houses passed us by, and others simply grasped our attention for a while, making us crane our necks to see it for as long as we could before it vanished behind us. As we get older, nothing much changes. As I drive past a fancy neighbourhood, I cannot help but stare at all the mansions and villas. It makes me dream for what I would do with my money after my big win. Read further if you would like to feel like you are in the shoes of a new Jackpot winner, with millions at your disposal, and the world becoming your oyster when it comes to buying a dream home in one of the most expensive streets and zip codes in the world

Imagine the following scenario: You’re sitting in front of your computer, and you’re checking your latest lottery results online with You notice that you’ve matched one number correctly. An itch makes its way from the bottom of your spine to the centre. You read on to see that you have also matched the second, and the third. Small beads of sweat are collecting on your forehead, like shining drops of dew. Your heart starts leaping over hurdles. You see that you’ve matched four, and then five. You are positively screaming inside now, you are almost standing on your chair. You see that you have matched all the numbers, plus the bonus number. You have just won the big Jackpot to your favourite lottery online. What follows next, you can only imagine, but read further to enter the reality of a new multi-millionaire with so many living options at your disposal. Let us step into the means of a multi-millionaire for a few minutes. 

The super-rich still continue to flock to Beverly Hills. The famous “90210” zip code has had more than $10 million and upwards worth of house sales just in this past year. More than any other zip code in the entire US, according to a new luxury market report from Coldwell Banker Previews International. 

A staggering 18 homes were sold for $10 million and more in the 90210 neighbourhood between 2012 and 2014. Let’s take a closer look at other zip codes with the most expensive homes sold during last year. 

The house you see below is situated in Pacific Palisades, a neighbourhood on the Westside of Los Angeles, a popular filming location. It had five home sales of over $10 million. 


At the next spot, we have Atherton, in California with zip code 94027. It is one of the wealthiest towns in the US. This seven-bedroom mansion is currently listed for $27.4 million. 


Next up we have Palm Beach, with zip code 33480. It is also nicknamed “The Gold Coast”. 

gold coast

At the luxurious #4 spot, we have the charming and never-disappointing New York’s Upper East Side neighbourhood from 60th street to 69th. A condo like this is on the market for a mere $10,995 million. Just pocket change for you after you win the big Jackpot. 


We now move on to the more family-centred millionaire home settings. Here we have Santa Barbara at our #5 spot with zip code 93108. This four bedroom setting will set you back at about $18 million. 


Next up at #6, we have the magnificently mesmerizing Malibu with zip code 90265. This highly affluent beach community in North-western LA should definitely be on your books after your big win. This gorgeous 13- bedroom mansion will cost you about $54 million. 


At the charmingly chic spot of #4 we have Aspen, the favourite ski town of millionaires. This lovely and not so humble abode will cost you $39.75 million. 


At our final zip code spot, we have the one, the only....Beverly Hills. With the most famous zip code in America of 90210, it has had over 18 sales of houses costing at least over $10 million. This 9-bedroom mansion will set you back an easy $32 million


If you are bored of the same old glitz and glamour of the US, we have some refreshing location pies you could take a nice bite out of. Read below for the most expensive streets around the world, outside of the US. 

Here we have Pollock’s Path in Hong Kong. 

luxury apartment

This property is located on the top of a mountain that has been a haven for Hong Kong’s wealthiest. The street boasts stunning views of the skyline and harbour. The Hong Kong real estate records were shattered in 2011 when an apartment at the Sky High complex on 18 Pollock’s Path was sold for a mind-blowing $103 million! And who lives here might you ask? The actor Stephen Chow and HSBC executives, of course. 

Our next millionaire street of choice is Kensington Palace Gardens, London. 


This quiet tree-lined street is also where many embassies are located, including those from France, Russia, and Japan. It’s also known as London’s “billionaires’ row” for a reason. Current residents include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Russian oligarch Roman Abaramovich, and Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Tamara.

Moving onto some French flaire of the millionaires, we come to the Boulevard du Général de Gaulle, Cap Ferrat, France.


This dream-like setting is situated along the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur. The exclusive Cap Ferrat peninsula is the world’s most expensive non-urban location. And who lives here might you ask? The answers come to no surprise: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Paul Allen, and even Charlie Chaplin before his death in 1977. 

The next millionaire’s street is in Ostozhenka, Moscow. 


This street in downtown Moscow is at the center of Russian history, dining, and luxury living.  A five-level apartment on Ostozhenka Street has once been sold for a staggering $48 million, the most expensive exchange on this trendy avenue. The Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov lives here comfortably. 

And of course, the last but not the least luxurious and exclusive street in the world, Avenue Montaigne, Paris.


This trendy, upscale street in the Champs-Elysees quarter is one of the world’s top avenues for high fashion. Harry Winston, Christian Dior, and even Salvatore Ferragamo all have shops here – but it’s also one of the most exclusive residential neighbourhoods on the globe. 

We hope you’ve become a little more inspired and enlightened to the amazing range of prime real estate you can invest in after your lottery win online. Property is an investment. It does not depreciate in value. It is a wise choice to invest in property and manage your assets wisely after consulting with a financial adviser on how to deal with your newfound wealth. One thing is for sure; all these options are at your disposal. 

Who knows? You could be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s new neighbour! We trust you will make the right real estate purchases that suit your lifestyle and family situation, and that you will live prosperously for many more years to come with lady luck shining down on you! 

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Click on the play block below and start using those lucky numbers! Use your luck and inspiration while it’s still hot now. And.....go go go!




We wish the best luck for you!

The Team


Posted by Melissa Grace (14/04/2015)

i can just say "wow"!

Posted by Melissa Grace (14/04/2015)

i can just say "wow"!

Posted by Ying Kwong (14/04/2015)

You can own a luxurious zip code with PHL, so don't miss it guys!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (14/04/2015)

I've always loved the ocean** Anywhere close to there is good for me**

Posted by Ashish (14/04/2015)

I like dreaming owing one of he above houses.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (18/04/2015)

Paris just captured my heart** It looks so beautiful**

Posted by Ritwick (18/09/2015)

Dream zip codes these

Posted by Leyla (3/02/2017)

New York just captured my heart** It looks so beautiful .

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