$1 million Powerball winner swaps slam-dunks for saucepans

In the late 1980s, Michael Graham was regarded as one of the fiercest American college basketball players. This extremely talented and hard-working athlete had his eyes set on playing for the NBA, but he never did make it. He didn’t wallow in his sorrows though, because the Goddess of Fortune had other plans in store for him. In 2013, Michael miraculously won $1 million by playing the US Powerball lottery. This gave Michael the opportunity to follow an equally strong passion and dream: To open his own restaurant, with a basketball theme of course. Read further to learn his miraculous story and the latest US Powerball results online. 

Graham accomplished a win against Georgetown in the USA in the year 1983 NCAA Final and he was once on the front page cover of Sports Illustrated. Despite his love and knack for playing basketball, though, the sport wasn’t destined to make him a millionaire. 


By the year 2013, this dream had long but expired and he was working in merchandise delivery and recovery for Rent-A-Center. He thought his big break he had always dreamed of would never come. In April he stopped at a gas station because he needed to use the restroom there. While at the gas station, he bought a Powerball ticket but nearly tore it up when the clerk told him they didn’t have a public restroom! You could say that his bladder was a blessed part of his being in the right place at the right time, and buying the right ticket at the right time too!

A few nights later, he was dozing off on his couch in front of the television when he heard that DC officials were looking for the winner of Powerball ticket that was bought at a gas station on South Dakota Avenue. Michael didn’t think much of it, and he went back to sleep. It was only until the next morning that he checked his ticket and could not believe his eyes when he had matched all the main numbers in the Powerball draw winning him $1 million! His lucky numbers were:

03, 07, 21, 44, 53.

The tremendously humbled and grateful ex-basketball player used his winnings to renovate and improve the grave of his mother, grandmother, and aunt. He also bought a house, but he has decided to use the blessed Powerball winnings to open his very own restaurant, “Michael G’s BBQ Backyard Grill” in Charles County, Maryland.  His lucky day had come. He knew this was his chance.

Michael has had his hands tied with refurbishing the location he bought to have the restaurant in, and the opening that was meant to happen in January has been delayed. The lucky Powerball winner admits that there are times when he wonders to himself, “Why in the hell did I pick this?” but he is very confident it will be a success. Who knows? Maybe his customers might get some lucky streaks rubbed off on them when eating at his lucky restaurant. 

Mr. Graham’s restaurant will be dedicated to bring back the memories of his one season of fame and athletic success. The walls of the 1,600 square-foot space are covered with photographs of him scoring slam-dunks. The most important aspect for Michael is that he must no longer just be remembered for his brief basketball career, but for much more than that. 


“I’m trying to get a great storybook ending,” said Michael with a humble smile and sincere demeanour. 

If this Powerball player could get his dream ending, then who’s to say it’s not your turn next? 

Read further to get the latest US Powerball lottery results online and how to play the lottery online, too. 

The lucky numbers for the US Powerball on the date of 4th of April 2015 were: 





No player won the Jackpot, which means there is room for you to grab it if you play the lottery online now.  There were three very lucky players who landed up in the second prize tier category, and they each took home the more-than-comfortable sum of $1 million. A further 16 matched four plus the Powerball number, landing them the prize of $10,000 each. A handsome amount of prizes indeed!

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The PlayHugeLottos.com Team


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Posted by W6HXN (7/04/2015)

I have a feeling that this will be my week, I don't know which lotto it will be or how much it will be but either way I am gonna get the jack pot. Wish me luck

Posted by Ashish (7/04/2015)

We have to be active players and someday luck would smile and we also will be one of the jackpot winners.Best of Luck to every player.

Posted by Ashish (7/04/2015)

We all need to be active players and one day luck would smile on us giving a chance of winning jackpot prize.Best of Luck to every player.

Posted by Ashish (7/04/2015)

We all need to be active players and one day luck would smile on us giving a chance of winning jackpot prize.Best of Luck to every player.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (7/04/2015)

Good luck for the Powerball people** I'm about that SuperEna Max life**

Posted by Subrat (7/04/2015)

My biggest dream is to buy a home for my parents who is now 87 years old.

Posted by Julian (7/04/2015)

I had a dream that I am winning jackpot and will be making a Home for the aged. This is my grandmother 's dream.

Posted by Deborah (7/04/2015)

I have a dream for helping the homeless in my area.There are a lot of people just living in shelters and if they want it I would like to get them into apartments.If I won big I could help a lot of people and that would make me happy.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/04/2015)

Luck comes in many guises!

Posted by Leyla (14/02/2017)

Best of Luck to every player.

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