The origin of April Fools

The 1st of April is a day you should trust no one, eat no food in your office that someone generously offers you, and try your best not to believe any stories that sound the slightest bit suspicious. Read further to get inspiration on some hilarious pranks you can play on others, and how this day of silliness originated. 

So, how did April Fools’ Day actually start? We promise the following information is no joke, just to clear things up! The exact origins of April Fools is uncertain. There are a few theories in circulation. The first theory is as follows: Ancient cultures used to celebrate New Year’s Day around 1 April. But in the year 1582, Pope Gregory Xlll ordered the Gregorian calendar to be replaced by the Julian calendar. This meant that the new New Year would be shifted to the 1st of January. The theory unravelled upon itself, that is, anyone who celebrated New Year’s on the 1st of April, was considered a fool!

Other arguments suggest that this funny day comes from spring renewal festivals in Europe, where people would dress up and play pranks on each other for entertainment and joy.  

Some of the most memorable April Fools’ Day pranks have included: Ely announcing its bid for the 2016 Olympic, Google Nose allowing people to search for smells, and Taco Bell’s announcement that back in 1996 they had actually bought the Liberty Bell! These big brands really can get very creative and cunning if they really want to!    

Now that we’ve cleared up the theories about this trickster’s day origin, we can move on to some hilarious past pranks to inspire you to create your own wicked ones. 



This prank is truly wicked! What is worse than biting into something expecting your mouth to be filled with chocolate and vanilla goodness, only to be shocked when your tongue tastes a strong mint paste! Gross! Although, it sure would be funny to see the victim’s reaction....



Okay, now this is just plain disappointing! Tell your friend that you are going to bake them some delicious brownies, and then trick them by just cutting up brown paper in the shape of E’s. Get it? Bown-E’s?? Hilarious. 


trick again

I would be fuming if this ever happened to me. First I would experience shock and anger, but then laugh my head off after I realise the cunningness behind this prank! Download a high quality resolution wallpaper of a cracked computer screen, and then put it as a screensaver for your unsuspecting friend! 



Okay now this is just plain unfair. Imagine building up a craving for delicious, warm, freshly baked donuts with your friend, and then going out to get some. But, instead of giving them to your friends exactly as they are, fill them with mayonnaise instead! Oh, goodness!


scary prank

Before you try this prank, first make sure your victim does not have any sort of heart condition, otherwise you will land them in hospital with this prank! Find a door in your house or office which usually bangs against the wall with the handle when opened by people walking through it. Sticky-tape a horn onto the wall so that it directly matches up with the door handle when it approaches the wall. The horn will sound extremely loudly and unexpectedly, and will most definitely scare the life out an unsuspecting victim. 



This is a prank that would be quite frustrating for a few minutes, but the realisation is quickly resolved. This prank is quick and easy and is definitely worth it! Simply stick sticky-tape over the senser of mouse and watch how the user is so utterly confused and annoyed as to why the mouse cannot work. After lifting the mouse up to see what the problem is, they see an “April Fools” note! Brilliant!


In the world of big brands, they also have had a few hilarious tricks up their sleeves. This is an example of a joke Samsung played on consumers. Many people really believed it because it was marketed and executed so well. 


They really explored their “cutting-edge” humour with this prank. Well done to Samsung for getting so creative!

If you have done any ingenious April Fools pranks today or in the past, share them in the comments section below! 

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We wish you the best of luck! 

The Team


Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/04/2015)

Some pranks may be intended good but end up disastrous. One person died of a heart attack from shock prank!!!!!!

Posted by Julian (2/04/2015)

Oh, goodness! I tryed this to my friend on 1st by craving for delicious, warm, freshly baked donuts

Posted by NAgaZ8l (2/04/2015)

Just make sure it doesn't turn out disastrous***

Posted by W6HXN (3/04/2015)

I personally feel April fools is the most childish day on the calender. I do not advice anyone to play a prank on me on that day.

Posted by Shuchi (7/04/2015)

April fool ..the foolest day

Posted by Amos (7/05/2015)

I have never been pranked

Posted by Leyla (18/02/2017)

I personally feel April fools is the most childish day on the calender.

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