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Seeing that we respect and look after our clients’ best interests, we would like to bring your attention to the following: A lottery scam email claiming to come from a supposed winner of Lotto Max from Canada has managed to find its way all the way down to South Africa where current recipients of the email are beginning to warn others to be cautious and astute. Please read further so that you won't become a victim of these smart tricksters from Canada. 

The email chain uses the name of the former winner of Lotto Max, Bob Erb, who comes from British Columbia. The crux of this email chain is that it offers recipients the chance to get their hands on a $450,000 trust fund set up after Bob’s big win of $25 million by his win in 2012. The tricky part here is that Bob Erb did indeed give generously with his lottery winnings, and so scam artists have taken advantage of his story and turned it into a sharp hook to snag unknowing lottery players. 

Bob Erb

The reality is that this philanthropist has become much more selective about whom he gives to, and he only gives to groups and charitable organisations. 

The lottery scam, which supposedly is coming from Mr. Erb, has found its way all the way to sunny South Africa where recipients of this email chain are asked for sensitive information like bank details in order to scam its victims out of their own hard-earned money. Susan Webb, a Geophysics lecturer at the Wits University in South Africa said that for a minute she really believed the email could possibly be genuine. And in all honesty, these scam artists are so clever with their words and choice of story that we have all believed at least one of them which have come across our way in our lives. 



This email contains a link to a video about the generosity of the Lotto Max winner Bob Erb ever since his big win back in 2012. Ms Webb, the Geophysics lecturer who was one of the first South Africans to receive the email, said that she actually found the video quite inspiring. However, the shrewd lecturer was no dummy. She had her wits about her and wanted to double check a few details out before she continued any further. Luckily, Google was her saviour. 

“I googled Bob Erb to check the video link and the link to the story about the scam, and it came up in the search results. Front page actually,” she said in an article published by a local BC paper about the Lotto Max scam that had begun with its roots in Western Canada. 

Be scam smart

Ms. Webb has told many of her friends unaware of this scam that it is very clever, and using people’s personal information could easily lead to identity theft, or worse: emptying out your entire bank account and not leaving a trace behind. With the knowledge that this Lotto Max email chain is now worldwide, it is worthwhile for lottery players, no matter where you are based, to be aware that this is circulating, to be very suspicious, and not to give away any of your details to emails that sound too good to be true. 

Seeing how much we treasure and protect our clientele from other scam sites and con artists, we thought we would make you more aware of what is currently out there. It is better to be with us, because we will always inform you of vital information like this. is the oldest and most highly regarded online lottery ticket purchasing site in the world. We have been running since 1998, and all our clientele are always satisfied with the sterling customer service and lottery ticket purchasing facilities we offer on a daily basis.

With, your information is safe, you always receive confirmation emails of your purchases and results, and we are always on stand-by to answer any of your queries and to help you with anything you would like to know. 


We thank you for being one of our treasured customers, and we are always looking out for you. Share the link below with your friends so that they, too, can be aware of this scam originating in Canada:


We hope you have a wonderful day, and we’ll see you at the next draw results for your favourite lottery. 

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Posted by Wilhelmina (27/03/2015)

Thank you very much for your daily news. To me its really interesting and good to learn about all these important things like these kind of scams. It's also very uplifting to read about the winners and I hope my day is coming very soon.

Posted by Sankar (28/03/2015)

Most important info to the beginners of the online lottery;Thanks--

Posted by IWw0Ut- (28/03/2015)

Thank you for posting and creating an awareness of the scam. Most appreciated.

Posted by Julian (29/03/2015)

This is interesting and good news to know about these kind of scams. Thank you

Posted by Paweł (29/03/2015)

Thanks for the warning.

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (29/03/2015)

Forewarned is forearmed. Thankyou! It's always best when offered something for free to assume its a scam and then try and disprove your assumption.

Posted by Selmy Jeremia (29/03/2015) best of the best

Posted by NAgaZ8l (29/03/2015)

Thank You***

Posted by Krishnan (30/03/2015)

I daily receive at least one such mail, from Cocacola, Micrsoft, American Red Cross, from this Trust, that Trust etc., etc.. The moment I see the subject I could gauge its contents and send them to trash at once. Good HL is warning the players.

Posted by Marcin (30/03/2015)

Good news

Posted by Zn_7h (30/03/2015)

Wow Amazing

Posted by Zn_7h (30/03/2015)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/04/2015)

Undoubtedly PHL has a credible reputation.

Posted by Leyla (26/02/2017) best of the best!

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