EuroMillions weekend extravaganza

The EuroMillions Jackpot has surprised us yet again with a terrific rollover. Passionate online lottery players can now look forward to an exciting weekend with the hopes that they can win the new Jackpot prize of €64,000,000! My oh my, what one can do with all that money! Players also have the chance to win big on Mega Friday. Read on further to get up to date with the latest EuroMillions results, and to read about some of the richest people in Europe who you could join the ranks of once you’ve won this extravagant Jackpot amount!

So far, five draws have passed without a winner, and players are getting more and more restless to get their hands on as many tickets as they can to take home this incredible prize in a car that is perfectly matched with their newly-fed bank accounts.

Please read below for the latest EuroMillions lottery results:

Tuesday, 24 March 2015



As you can see from the tabled results above, nobody snagged the Jackpot prize of €52,000,000, so ladies and gentlemen, your new prize has rolled over to a sum of €64,000,000! There were two lucky lottery players who matched the five main numbers as well as 1 star number. Each of these lucky players took home the amount of €566,578,90. Those are some happy wallets if you ask us. 

There were five other lucky participants who picked up €75,543,80 each for matching the five main numbers. The first two winning prize tiers were taken up by Spanish and French ticketholders. 

Moving on to the other side of the millionaire world, continue reading further if you want to know who the biggest high-rollers are in Europe presently.

According to recent stats, the highest millionaire density is actually in Europe. While the EU is still struggling with the current economic crisis that began a few years ago, it is surprisingly in Europe that you can find the highest density of millionaires out there. Do you think this is beneficial for the EU? Should the EU then reconsider its taxation policies? 


And now, we have come to the countdown of the richest person in Europe:

#10  Michael Otto - $18.4 billion (Germany)

Mr. Otto owns the parent company brand of Crate and Barrel. It is a popular furnishings and home accessories retailer in the United States. It has also been said that Mr. Ottos company is the second largest worldwide online retailer after Amazon. 

#9   Alisher Usmanov - $18.6 billion (Russia)

This man is the richest in Russia. He derives his astronomical fortune from the business of metals, namely, iron core and steel. He also has interests in telecommunications and the media, owning Megaphone and Kommersant. He is also a key shareholder of the UK football club, Arsenal. 

#8  Leonardo Del Vecchio - $19.2 billion (Italy)

This man is the founder of the world’s most popular and recognised sunglasses brand: Ray-ban’s.  He also owns Sunglass hut, and Oakley. This hard working man started these companies back in 1961 coming from a very poor and orphaned background. In today’s day, his interests lean towards insurance in the form of a stake in Assicurazioni Generali. 

#7  Theo Albrecht Jr - $19.3 billion (Germany)

This man and his brother Berthold inherited a German discount supermarket chain called Aldi, and also a US grocer Trader Joe’s in 2010 after their father passed away. Sadly, Berthold passed away shortly after, leaving his stake to his wife Babette. Theo owns more than 5,300 stores in nine European countries and America. 

#6 Dieter Schwarz - $21.1 billion (Germany)

Next up we have Dieter Schwarz on the number six spot. He too owns a discount supermarket called Lidl. He was taken off the Forbes list in 1999 after Lidl became a charitable foundation. This man has big money, but, he also has a big heart. 

#5 Michele Ferrero - $26.5 billion (Italy)

And now we get to some delectable information about one of our most favourite chocolates of all time, Ferrero Rocher. This man is one of the wealthiest chocolatiers on the planet. He also owns Nutella, and Tic Tac. The idea for his creation of Nutella had come about during the second World War when the raw material of cocoa was being rationed. 

#4 Bernard Arnault - $33.5 billion (France)

Mr. Arnault is the owner of one of the most powerful and well-known designer brands in the world: Luis Vuitton. This powerful man made his wealth in the field of luxury clothing and cosmetic products. He also owns Bulgari! 

#3 Stefan Persson - $34.4 billion (Sweden)

We are getting closer to the number one spot. Stefan Persson earns most of his wealth from the affordable fashion retailer calle H&M. His family owns a 38 % share in the business, and he is also very interested in real estate, including his massive 8,700 acre estate in the UK. 

#2 Liliane Bettencourt - $34.5 billion (France)

She is the richest woman of the world, the Queen of L’Oreal. 
And now, without further ado ladies and gentlemen, we have the richest person in all of Europe:

#1  Amancio Ortega - $62 billion (Spain)

He is the Spanish tycoon ahead of Warren Buffet on the global list. He owns more than 60% of his shares in Inditex, he is the operator of the fashion brand Zara. His impressive portfolio includes the Torre Picasso skyscraper in Madrid, where Google has a significant presence. He owns about 26 buildings in total. 

If you would like to join the ranks of some of the richest people in Europe, then buy lottery tickets online now on

You can’t win if you don’t play, so you should all play to win. Never give up, keep your head in the lotto game, and we will see you at the other side of the next international lottery draw. 

The next draw for the EuroMilliosn lottery will be this Friday! So if you don't want to be left out of this terrific Jackpot up for grabs, then get your lucky numbers in NOW! 


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We wish you a lovely day, and the best of luck!

The Team


Posted by Beni (25/03/2015)

Good news

Posted by Julian (25/03/2015)

Next will be JULIAN ( INDIA )

Posted by NAgaZ8l (25/03/2015)

Que serra serra**

Posted by IWw0Ut- (26/03/2015)

The euromillions look very promising. i will certainly like to be a winner this weekend!

Posted by Wilhelmina (26/03/2015)

I wish the luck bug will turn to Africa. I tried so many times with no success may be today is the day.

Posted by Leyla (28/02/2017)

Good news

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