Lottery Winners doing Good (Part.2)

In today’s modern age, life moves fast, we are so preoccupied with social media and our phones, and we hardly take the time to step back and just free our minds of our own needs. Today we are telling you the story about how 5 lucky lottery players were favoured by the Goddess of Luck, but used their winnings to change other people’s lives selflessly. Read on further to find out exactly what these thoughtful winners did with their Jackpot prizes. 

Colin and Chris Weir: Sharing hope with their winnings

Colin and Chris Weir were the couple who snagged the highest Jackpot prize in The United Kingdom’s history. They took home the sum of 161 million pounds (almost $251 million US dollars). This selfless couple are well-known for staying humble, never asking for much, and donating their winnings to fund good deeds that they care strongly about. Their most recent good deed involves that of buying an advanced prosthetic limb for a young teen that had sadly lost his leg to cancer. That’s not where their charitable attitudes end. They also assisted a promising and highly talented Scottish tennis player to get access to quality training. Their charitable goodness doesn’t end there either. They have funded several athletic improvement projects and paid for the refurbishment of a historic paddle steamer they were always fascinated with. 

                Chris and Colin Weir          Kieren Maxwell

Anonymous blessing: More than one bargained for in a church collection plate

The pastor at a Baltimore parish that was struggling to get by was taken aback by a huge, unforeseen surprise after he discovered that a winning $30,000 lottery ticket was placed in the plate one Sunday morning at church in 2011. The ticket had already been scratched to reveal the amount of the prize money it was worth. The pastor at first had no clue as to why someone had left it there. It was only then that he realised after he had taken it to the Maryland Lottery Headquarters and confirmed that it was in fact, a very lucky ticket. The money was used to cover church expenses, and of course, to do what churches to best: serve the people who attend mass every Sunday. “We have a lot of people in need,” said the pastor. “Hopefully, we can give some back, especially since this is the way in which we received the blessing.” 

Anonymous blessing

Sheelah Ryan: A lasting legacy for help and care

A lucky lottery player by the name of Sheelah Ryan won a fantastic sum of $55 million back in the year of 1988. She kept a low profile and instead of squandering her money on cars and houses, she instead started her own foundation called “The Ryan Foundation”. This organization provides countless amounts of charitable efforts. The Ryan Foundation helps with everything from paying single mother’s overdue rent and also helping stray cats find a new home. The foundation also focuses on supporting low-cost housing. Ryan unfortunately passed away in 1994, but her foundation lives on in her glorious name. “I thank God every day that I have the ability to help others, not that I won,” Ryan said. 

Sheelah Ryan

Les Robins: Invest in a passion

In the year 1993, a winner by the name of Les Robins won an astronomical Jackpot amount of $111 million. It was recorded as the highest Powerball Jackpot prize in the history of the country. Robins, a junior high school teacher at the time, founded Camp Winnegator, a day camp for the local children of Wisconsin. The camp is still going strong and stands as a testament that fast fortune can still contribute to long-lasting kindness and humility. 

Les Robins

What all these winners had in common, was a passion for playing the lottery, and the hope that once they did, they could do some good in this world and go on to be remembered for a long time to come. 

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If 1 day I will win than I want to open a home for the age

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Congratulations on winning the lotto.

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