5 Fun Things To Buy When You Win The Lottery

You’ve bought the new mansion in the swanky suburb, you’ve assembled your garage of lottery winners cars and you've taken so many exotic holidays you now permanently smell of the ocean. So now what? How about investing in a couple of “toys” to keep you amused until your next big adventure?

PlayHugeLottos.com has assembled 5 potential new purchases for the lottery millionaire who has everything (or at least thinks he has everything).


Unless you are one of those millionaires with a favourite pampered pooch to guard your estate you might be looking for some extra security. What could be better to scare off potential intruders from your millionaire playpen than a couple of life size dinosaurs roaming the grounds? These beauties aren’t just for scaring away crooks they are great for kids parties or for inclusion in any “Jurassic Park” themed paint ball games!

Adventurous lottery winners have the choice between static sculptures with a price tag of about $30,000.00 all the way up to the fully animatronic dinosaur models for a cool $350,000.00!

13 feet tall, 28 feet long… Meet the T-Rex!

T-Rex statue

A Tron Motorcycle

Whether you loved the movie or not, there is no denying that this Tron style motorbike is pretty amazing. Imagine arriving at a nightclub or dinner party on one of these babies? That’s certainly one very good way to get some attention.

The Tron bike is totally electric (for the environmentally friendly millionaire) and boasts a top speed of 100mph. It will travel for roughly 100 miles before requiring a 30 minute recharge. There might be other things you could buy for $50,000.00 but it’s doubtful if any of them have this kind of sci-fi cool factor!

A ‘JetLev’ Water JetPack

If you prefer treading water to burning rubber then this is just the thing for you! This awesome water powered jetpack has a flight ceiling of 30 feet, a top speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 80 miles. The price tag? A measly $100,000.00! Simply hook it up to your super yacht for up to 8 hours of fun above the ocean!

Getting some air in the JetLev water jetpack!


A Flying Car

Predictions about travelling in flying cars may have been a bit off the mark but that needn’t stop you living in the future. Check out this amazing flying car! It converts from a street-legal automobile to a light sport aircraft in 30 seconds. Best of all, once you are done flying you can store it conveniently in your garage. This dream might well be worth the $350,000.00 price tag.

Flying car with wings folded.

Flying Car

A Warrior Robot

Introducing ‘Kuratas’, the world’s first giant boarding robot all the way from Japan!  This robotic beast stands at about 4 meters in height and weighs in at an impressive 4,500 kg. It is also capable of firing over 6,000 BB bullets per minute – just the kind of soldier you want on your team in the upcoming robot wars.

Fulfil your lifelong dream of becoming a robot pilot with the ‘Kuratas’ mechanical warrior! For a mere $1,350,000.00 this could make a very neat addition to your garage (or arsenal).

Learn how to operate the ‘Kuratas’ in the below video.

With a lottery jackpot win in your bank account the world is now your oyster! By all means be careful with your new found wealth but don’t forget to splash out on fun items every now and then. Sometimes a big jackpot win goes really well with a big imagination to match it.

Find the pearl in your oyster at PlayHugeLottos.com!



Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

the Tron Motorcycle looks like it camed from the fuuture

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