Live Your Lotto Dream – No Matter How Strange

Being rich means never having to say you’re sorry! It also means you have the means and wherewithal to indulge in whatever dreams, hobbies or ideas you may find exciting. Take the case of Jonathan Vargas, a lottery winner with a rather interesting vision.

Having an endless supply of money can certainly help in the realization of a person’s hopes and dreams. Things tend to materialize a little quicker when there is a healthy supply of cash bankrolling the new venture.

While many lottery winners might choose something reliable and stable to invest their new found wealth into, Jonathan Vargas had other ideas. He funnelled part of his $35.3 million Powerball jackpot prize into starting an all-female wrestling league, Wrestlicious!

Mr. Vargas lives his dream…

Jonathan Vargas Powerball Winner

A Childhood Dream Come True Thanks To Powerball

Jonathan grew up watching his Wrestlemania heroes on TV and had a dream to be involved in the wrestling industry. With his May 2008 USA Powerball winnings he founded Wreslicious, an all female version of the popular wrestling matches he used to enjoy as a boy.

Perhaps it comes from winning the lottery at such a young age (Jonathan was just 19 years old when he banked the $35 million pay day) or perhaps he really is just living his dream! Make no mistake; Jonathan has not simply blown his entire win on this dream. Below he states his justification for forking over the Dollars to make his dream come true:

“Best case, we have a huge hit. Worst case, I have a tax write off. I would also like to clear up the misconception that I put millions of dollars into this project. For the record, I put considerably less than 10% of my lottery winnings into Wrestlicious!”

Wrestlicious has broadcast a total of 13 episodes in the USA to date.

Invest In A Lottery Dream

The show itself is more comedy than actual wrestling and features “good girls” vs. “bad girls” with all the usual hype and spectacle associated with American WWF wrestling. Whether Jonathan’s investment has paid off for him is anybody’s guess but it certainly looks like he has had a very enjoyable time in the process.

This is the power of money. It turned a young construction worker named Jonathan Vargas into a superstar wrestling mogul who now goes by the name of “JV Rich”.

The lottery lets you live your dreams, no matter how strange or unusual they may be. Live your dreams now at!


Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (12/09/2012)

It is agreable that when you have lot of money at your disposal you can do lot of unimaginative things but my dream is to donate atleast 11,00,000 INR to and NGO called Narayan sanstha based at udaipur India which performs surgeries on handicapped patiants for a mare 5000 INR equal to around $ 100 which enables these patiants to walk and do their normal day to day courus.1.1 Million Indian rupees means minimum 200 patiants can be operated and live a normal life after that.Let us see when my dream comes true as the light of the faces of these handicapped people will be more fun for me than any comedy show created by spending huge amount of wealth

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