EuroMillions Forecast – Your Weekend to Get Lucky!

With no one who could claim this week’s EuroMillions jackpot prize, there was yet another rollover which took place.  We think you know what this means by now – there’s now even more for you to scoop up in the upcoming draw this weekend!  Let’s take a look at how the previous game performed before we see what is in-store for you:   

Offering all loyal players and dedicated fans an opportunity to win a life-changing amount, Tuesday’s (10th February) EuroMillions draw had a jackpot prize which could make any and all of their dreams come true.  Unfortunately, there were no players who managed to match all of the necessary numbers accurately, which saw no one walking away as one of the latest lucky jackpot winners.  This Euro Lotto game did however see a single player placing in the second prize tier, where they kick-started the winnings.  Just missing the million mark, this player was awarded with a whopping €997, 973.30 for correctly matching the five numbers as well as one of the two Star balls.  More players were awarded in the third prize too.  With a match of five numbers, four players each took home as much as €83, 164.40.  The winnings in the fourth tier were just as impressive.  This came in the form of €5, 365.40 to each of the 31 players who were able to match four numbers and both Stars.  All of the EuroMillions winning numbers can be found in the table below:

An increased jackpot prize can be expected for Friday’s (13th February) EuroMillions draw thanks to a rollover, which will be pushing the main prize up to €31 million.  This will no doubt have dedicated players and lotto enthusiasts from all over the world pouring in to make sure that they place their entries to stand a chance of becoming the next big millionaire.  The best part of this weekend is that there are so many insanely high jackpot prizes for you to walk away with, which will have you well on your way to living the life of your dreams.  Now that you have a selection of only the best international lottery games at your fingertips, as well as guaranteed access into any game of your choice, there’s no excuse to put off the opportunity of a lifetime.  All that you need to make sure of is that you’re registered and have a secure internet connection and you can begin your gaming experience – it’s that easy!    


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Posted by Julian (13/02/2015)

This time you see how lucky I will be and I not miss to play the lotto online

Posted by Ervins (13/02/2015)

let's go

Posted by W6HXN (14/02/2015)

How does one win this thing? If there's a secret formular please do share

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/02/2015)

euromillions jackpot is cool, but the superstar jackpot is even cooler!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (14/02/2015)

SuperEna Max superstar week is coming** Whoop whoop!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/02/2015)

hooray!!! the superstar week is upon us! we have three chances in ONE week to make it really into the BIG time in jackpot wins! good luck everyone.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (16/02/2015)

SUPERSTAR week is the coolest week in the jackpot world!

Posted by Poppy (17/02/2015)

€997, 973.30 and not all the numbers right, that's pretty good!

Posted by Kamal (17/02/2015)

Super ena max this week is very hot but who found this ?kamal kanti sen

Posted by NAgaZ8l (17/02/2015)

SuperEna Max SuperStar Week is my time to get lucky!!

Posted by Pongpat (18/02/2015)

I want to win it.

Posted by Ying Kwong (18/02/2015)

Good luck guys : )

Posted by NAgaZ8l (18/02/2015)

This is it!! This is really it!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/02/2015)

Now that the super star week is behind us, i'm looking forward to the euro millions super draw. I hope it's on the cards soon!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/02/2015)

Now that the super star week is behind us, i'm looking forward to the euro millions super draw. I hope it's on the cards soon!

Posted by GDPRLambertus (1/03/2015)

Ik would be a big surprise March 5th when it is my birthday and that means 75 year old to win in Euromillions especially for my childeren and grand childeren

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/03/2015)

Its a cool 79 million on Tuesday, and then its the massive SUPER DRAW 100million on Friday! Awesome!!!!

Posted by Leyla (26/03/2017)

Good luck guys

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