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It’s a sad fact that many lottery winners make some unfortunate choices when it comes to spending their hard won fortunes. PlayHugeLottos.com takes a look at some lottery winners who thought it would be a good idea to blow some of their prize money on new bodies.

Although plastic surgery remains a personal choice (and certainly for a few could be regarded as justifiable self-improvement) some might query the logic of throwing away thousands of Pounds on liposuction and fake boobs.

Physical Enhancements For Enhanced Bank Accounts

Over the years cosmetic enhancements have become a popular option for lottery winners with an estimated 1 in 4 lottery winners having forked out for surgical enhancements for themselves, friends or relatives.

One of the most popular procedures purchased by lottery winners is the evergreen “boob job”. It is, however, not known if the size of the breast implant increases with the size of the jackpot win.

Lottery Winners Invest In Treasured Chests

Take a look at our list of three of the most famous UK lottery winners who splashed out on bigger chests:

Callie Rogers made history as the 2nd youngest person to ever win the UK lotto. At the age of sixteen Callie took home nearly £1.9 million. At the time she had been in foster care and earning £3.60 an hour working as a shop assistant. In retrospect, it seems that she was much too young to handle such a massive amount of money. Callie went on to blow her fortune on booze, two boob jobs and nearly $500,000 of cocaine. By 2009 Callie was broke and driving a used Volkswagen Golf to her job as a maid.

9 years after her big win she is now broke, but Callie still has her breasts to be thankful for…

Callie lottery winner

Older but certainly not any wiser, 39-year-old Karen Flook took home £130,000.00 in the UK National Lottery. Already a fan of cosmetic surgery Karen had spent £5,000.00 on breast implants and liposuction before winning the lotto. After her win she spent the bulk of her money on cosmetic surgery including:

 - A total of 5 boob jobs costing £18,000.00
- Liposuction procedures on her lower body
- Collagen injections in her lips costing £2,500.00
- A ‘neck lift’ valued at £5,500.00 
- A nose job

Sarah Cockings made a name for herself by treating herself and her 2 sisters to boob jobs after she took home £3 million on the UK Lottery in 2005.  The 21 year old lottery winner forked out £5,000.00 on each of the procedures and also purchased a 4 bedroom house for her parents.

Breast is best for Sarah and her sisters…

Sara breast job lottery winner

Although the cash bought her some new breasts it unfortunately also led to the breakup of her long term relationship. In 2007 the newly single Sarah, dubbed the most eligible woman in Britian, went on to appear in the “Sun Date A Millionaire” promotion held by the Sun newspaper.

We are not sure if the attempts at enhancing their beauty have necessarily paid off for these lucky lotto winners but the point is ultimately about increasing your self-confidence. And if they are feeling better about themselves then they have achieved their goal.

If you are in the mood for some self-enhancement (or for a dear loved one) then you have come to the right place – PlayHugeLottos.com enjoys making dreams come true. So, for those wanting a padded bank account, not a padded bra be sure to try your luck on the UK Lottery every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Posted by Golesedi (4/09/2012)

for me i would rather invest the money so i will not be broke again than flush it away on things that would not bring me any returns,ofcourse spoiling yourself would be part of the enjoyment of such a huge fortune but to a certain extent...use your fortune wisely people,the luck comes only once in a lifetime..

Posted by Raj (4/09/2012)

will spend on a boob job for my technically ex-girl friend and an ovarian surgery so she can have a chance to conceive. would also buy controlling shares of an advertising company and an Event Management Company, open up a 24X7 call Center Business,donate 40% of the business earnings for animal welfare.And would Finally Hope That My Technically Ex-Girl Friend would Accept My Marriage Proposal.

Posted by Moses (4/09/2012)

I'd use some of the money on fitness programs n having a healthy diet.....building a nice lean muscular body to attract women...I'd go for some spa treatments and take exotic vacations....I'd also invest and save some money....first let me win the megamillions jackpot!

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (5/09/2012)

I think no harm in going under the knife after wining a jackpot to look good.If not for such complex surgeris but something like getting rid of love handles for males and maybe facelift etc ( minor surgeries) female is a good option.When you have big amount in your bank account I think no harm in spending a little on your looks.If not big amount.

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

hey I'm a guy... I'm glad they had plastic surgeries... :d

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