Is This Your Lucky Lottery Blue Moon?

There is a saying that goes, “once in a blue moon” and it means that something only happens very rarely. We could say for example that we only find true love once in a blue moon or that we only get to go on holiday once in a blue moon. The blue moon is thus reserved for something very special that only happens occasionally in a person’s life. Well, that day is today!

The term ‘blue moon’ derives from a real life occurrence when a full moon occurs twice in a single month. Today, August 31st is just such a day with the 2nd full moon of the month now occurring.

This auspicious event only occurs once every 2.5 years with the next one happening in 2015. This is therefore a fantastic window of opportunity to make use of the natural cycles of nature to exploit luck! You won’t have another chance to play the lottery under a blue moon for 2.5 years!

Is this your lucky moon?

Lucky Blue Moon

Play The Lottery Under A Blue Moon

Just think, if you won one of tonight’s big jackpots you can tell everyone you won it “once in a blue moon!” So, what big jackpots are available on this lucky lunar day?

Mega Millions - $83 million US Dollars
• Euromillions - €27 million Euros
• Eurojackpot - €10 million Euros

For all those that say it’s just a silly superstition, you may be interested to know the scientific reasoning behind the blue moon. It is actually quite similar to the process of the leap year, except based on the movements of the moon, not the sun.

The Science Behind This Lucky Moment

It only takes the moon about 27 days to travel around the earth. This is less than the days in a calendar month there is eventually a ‘calendar catch-up’ that will result in two full moons in one month – a ‘blue moon’.

Whether you choose to see the blue moon as a ‘lucky gap’ in the fabric of the universe in which to try your luck, or simply as an inevitable outcome of man’s Gregorian calendar construct – there is no denying that it is a very rare occurrence.

Enjoy unique moments of wonder with a celebratory lottery win tonight. You may wake up on Saturday with a bank account even fuller than the moon!

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Posted by Subrat (31/08/2012)

It is very difficult to win jackpot unless experts give tips to members

Posted by Milton (31/08/2012)

I hope that I end up winning 2 major lotteries. That will make it once in a blue moon...

Posted by Willy (31/08/2012)

agree..perhaps this will be my lucky day..

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (1/09/2012)

As it is said once in a blue moon so next full moon being in July 2015 but according to Indian Astrology it is belived that full moon does attract good luck if placed in your horoscope in the right place.So let us hope for the best and pray that someone from Play huge Lotto does win the jackpot shortly.

Posted by Golesedi (1/09/2012)

wow dats new and exciting,it was my wife's birthday yesterday 31 August,i guess its our lucky day to win the lottery,just wondering though how do people actually play the winning numbers coz iv bn on the game for so many years now and iv never won even $10!! wats the trick ppl?

Posted by Panikos (3/09/2012)

Have faith! Soon we gonna win some big jackpots! :) Good luck to all!

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