Do The “Money Swim” With Scrooge McDuck, a site about money, recently asked the question: How much money do you need to realistically recreate the Scrooge McDuck ‘gold coin swim’. We are sure that every lottery player has at least once dreamed about taking a swim through a pile of money.

Beloved Disney character Scrooge McDuck is the maternal uncle of Donald Duck and famous for being the richest person in the Disney Universe (Forbes magazine does routinely list Scrooge McDuck on its annual "Fictional 15" list of the richest fictional characters by net worth – currently listed at #1 with an imagined worth of $44.1 Billion)

Some of his wealth is held in gold coins and stored in his legendary ‘Money Bin’ in Duckberg – a vast repository of gold in which he regularly ‘swims’. Although it might seem like a fortune, Scrooge refers to this gold as "just petty cash".

Scrooge gets ready to take a dive…

Scrooge Diving Into Money

Life Is Going Swimmingly For Scrooge McDuck

The thought of diving into a pool of gold coins must surely appeal to many lottery players out there. Failing that, many lucky lottery winners would certainly settle for something more modest such as a bath filled with champagne or perhaps mineral water.

But it hasn’t all been easy swimming for Scrooge McDuck who arrived in the USA penniless and worked as a shoe shiner before striking gold, literally, when he found a golden rock the size of an egg.

Scrooge’s fortune quickly climbed and he soon found himself the richest man in the world, beating his rivals Flintheart Glomgold, John D. Rockerduck and even the Maharaja of Howdoyoustan. So just how vast is his fortune? Although Forbes estimates it at $44.1 Billion others have suggested different amounts, including:

• One multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three Dollars and sixty-two Cents
• 607 tillion, 386 zillion, 947 trillion, 522 billion Dollars and thirty-six Cents
• Five multiplujillion, nine impossibidillion, seven fantasticatrillion Dollars and sixteen Cents
• Eleven octillion Dollars

So How Much Money Do You Need?

Returning to our original question, how much money would you need to realistically recreate the Scrooge McDuck gold coin swim?

Come on in, the money’s fine…

Scrooge Money Swim

Well, using some pretty creative math, Matt Powers from The Billfold puts the value at about $31.2 billion Dollars. It would thus be theoretically possible for at least six people in the world to recreate Scrooge’s money swim.

We doubt if any billionaire’s out there would ever really recreate Scrooge’s money swim but it does make for some interesting day dreaming. We are certain that most lottery winners would be more than happy living and driving in their wealth, rather than swimming in it.

If you harbour secret (or not so secret) fantasies about swimming in gold be sure to get your money pool started with a win on the American Powerball lottery this Wednesday night. Who knows, you might wake up on Thursday morning with an egg-sized, golden rock in your bank account!

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Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (30/08/2012)

In my openion ( though the question is hypothetical) a swimming pool requires to dive approx 10,000 liters of water.So conservatively 10,000 kgs of gold is required to fill the pool.Taking the price of gold at $50,000 per kgs you can get the figure.But realistically gold is a heavier and denser material than water so ultimately about 40% extra should be required to fill the same pool that makes is around 14,000 kgs of gold.Though it will be fun but we should think about the poor people two in parts of India and africa who do not have enough money to buy a square meal a day.The idea os swimming in gold looks fun but the thought of people living hand to mouth makes me feel sick if I had to swim n this kind of wealth.

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