Should Lottery Winner’s Identity Be Announced OR Not?

An internal debate has recently surfaced within the lottery world.  It is however, a debate and a question that has been raging for quite some time, in fact since the lottery and its jackpot winning was institutionalized all those years ago. 

Two distinct arguments surface, with Pro’s and Con’s to both.  On one end many feel that the public have the right to know exactly who is receiving government funds, how much, when and where – so that those funds may be tracked and accounted for.  It’s no use say five winners from state X have won X amount of millions – who would then truly be able to account for those funds and were they really paid out to Mr. and Mrs. X or were they misappropriated and ended up in some politician’s back pocket?

The other argument is that these winners have rights too, and that they should have the right to privacy if they so wish to.  If they do not wish to have their identity known in hopes to keep their lives peaceful and to deter criminals or troublesome attention, then they should have the right to anonymity.

Both camps have one central argument that echoes singularly, and that is the protection against fraud or fraudulent practice.  Those who wish to have the players identity announced want to prevent government fraud, and those who want players to remain anonymous want to prevent fraud against the winner. 

anonymous lottery winner

There are no clear cut winners in either of these arguments with both making valid points as to why lottery winner’s identities should or should not remain anonymous.  The editorial board of Pennsylvania’s site, The Sentinel, has made their feelings on the matter quite publically known:

“Sure, winning the lottery may make you a target, but so will wearing the latest pair of Air Jordans and getting $20 out of the ATM. Keeping public information secret is not the answer to ending scams and frauds or deterring thugs. People have a right to know who receives public funds, including lottery winnings. The effort here is not to protect a handful of lottery winners, but a continuation of government to chip away at the public’s right to know.”

In the meantime, however, US states like Arizona have already started implementing Bills that allow winners of their local lottery games, like the Arizona Lottery, to have what they call a ‘running start’.  The Bill allows player’s privacy to be protected while giving them a time-frame in which to remain anonymous and settle their affairs before their identity goes public.  The proposal was set by Senator John Kavanagh and would still permit winner to go public before that if they so choose.  The legislation was approved by the Senate Commerce and Workforce Development Committee on Monday without any dissent, and allows for major winners identity to remain confidential for 90 days, including anyone who wins at least $600. 

“To have your name quickly put out into the public really would subject you to a lot of problems,” he told lawmakers. That could range from efforts to kidnap children for ransom to being harassed by everyone from investment advisers to people who want to borrow money,” said Kavanagh.

With the US Powerball Jackpot at $261 million – can you imagine how you would be hounded by long-lost ‘friends’ and ‘family’.

Whether this Bill will become popular with other states around US or even the world, still remains to be seen.  What will this mean for lottery playing worldwide, where most games give the player the option to freely come forward and announce your victory or remain anonymous? This interesting debate seems largely unresolved and looks like it might continue to cause worldwide controversy.

How do you weigh in?  Would you wish to remain anonymous when winning big as you play lottery online with  Or do you feel that winners should be announced, and that it’s the public’s right to know who has won big with Euro Lotto or US Lottery.

Let us know your opinion in the Comments section below, and earn some FREE lottery playing points in the process.   




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Posted by NAgaZ8l (27/01/2015)

I think it's my right to remain anonymous. Period.

Posted by Benyamin Hosea (27/01/2015)

Privacy isl above all

Posted by KHEE (27/01/2015)

i which to remain anonymous ...

Posted by IWw0Ut- (28/01/2015)

NO NO NO Winners names should not be published. That is for their own security and sanity!!!!

Posted by Subrat (28/01/2015)

Only Winners name should be published but winners photo and address should be confidential.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (28/01/2015)

On paragraph 2 which starts with Two distinct arguments surface, You say On one end many feel that the public have the right to know exactly who is receiving government funds,. Why and how is this money a winner receives government money? I really feel that when one has won the lottery its no longer government money that can subject him/her to public identity. Let him/her if anything identify willingly to the public. BUT WINNERS IDENTITIES SHOULD REMAIN PRIVATE PERIOD. If you remember well you carried an article that one Euromillions winner tried to make him/her known to the public. The end results were that people were troubling them day in day out until they moved out of the place for fear of more troubles. Are the proponents of this want that situation happen to lottery winners? Surely its a haze situation.

Posted by Marcin (28/01/2015)

Good news

Posted by GoHQSV (28/01/2015)

Winners should be not be made known. Must only be made public with the winner`s permission.

Posted by Percivell (28/01/2015)

Only Jackpot Winner name should be published

Posted by Kabo (28/01/2015)

I personally think the winner has the right to choose to remain anonymous or not. What's the point of playing the lotto when actually winning it will make your life miserable. This might happen if your privacy is greatly invaded.

Posted by Kabo (28/01/2015)

I personally think the winner has the right to choose to remain anonymous or not. What's the point of playing the lotto when actually winning it will make your life miserable. This might happen if your privacy is greatly invaded.

Posted by Harold (29/01/2015)

Privacy is important to all. keep it that way.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/01/2015)

i think the winner should decide if he wants to remain anonymous or not

Posted by NAgaZ8l (29/01/2015)

...And the vote for PRIVACY wins!!!

Posted by Bent Lehinn (29/01/2015)

I think that it is up to the winner to decide whether he/she want the public to know their identity. If it is a matter of paying taxes in the winners own country, then it is up to the politicians to make the appropriate laws to get the winners identity for tax reasons. The public do not need to know the winners identity.

Posted by ETpHUZlqcYV (29/01/2015)

Winners should be allowed to remain anonymous, if they so wish

Posted by Patrick Joseph (29/01/2015)

as with all personal things in the home,whats in stays in and No exceptions.

Posted by Owen (29/01/2015)

All winners should be able to chose if they want to have there win published or not

Posted by O6k4tlek (29/01/2015)

I'd support the 90 days grace period. In some countries, Politicians, police and mafias could harass an individual. better have a head start and disappear.

Posted by John (29/01/2015)

The right to privacy is fundamental to a democracy

Posted by John (29/01/2015)

The right to privacy is fundamental to a democracy

Posted by Kamal Kanti (29/01/2015)

I am waiting when published jack pot wining ld no published my ld or not we are poor people everybody pray me god give me one jack pot winner. Play huge lotto team l pray long long live and all players long live thanks kamal sen

Posted by Merlina (29/01/2015)

yes thats right the winner should not be made public for security reasons...

Posted by 5wL4 (29/01/2015)

I think it's up to the winner, but the right to privacy should be protected.

Posted by Clint (29/01/2015)

To enjoy playing the lottery and winning the lottery it's about the individual freedom of choice.

Posted by Robert (30/01/2015)

I assume that it is the security services that have the greatest concern and would therefore like the names released. Surely the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Tax Office and Financial regulators already have the power to subpoena the winners name and investigate if there has been any fraudulent action. My privacy from the general public is, in my view, sacrosanct!!!

Posted by YCEwn (30/01/2015)

It must be the winners decision

Posted by Kamal (30/01/2015)

Only jack pot winer name published kamal kanti sen bangladesh

Posted by Kamal Kanti (2/02/2015)

Winner nama and ld published l won a lottery l pay sum money bangladesh poor mother who can't see her poor mother thanks kamal kanti sen from bangladesh

Posted by Manuela (4/02/2015)

The person who paid for the ticket is the one who should determine what, how much, or if any, information is made public about them. In Australia where any win, be it winning at a race track, in a casino, lottos, lotteries, a car raffle for charity, or even the Friday night meat raffle, is considered a "windfall" and therefore not subject to any taxes. You have the right to remain anonymous. The choice is yours, as it should be. In the US, where players pay state and/or Government taxes on their winnings, winners ought to be allowed the choice to be and stay anonymous. Personally, I do not understand why winners would "need" to be identified? It certainly isn't because they could be trying to avoid paying "proper" taxes and whatever else the Government thinks they are due, because every department who can, have already taken their share before the winner gets paid. Furthermore, in todays world where everything is connected with a click of a button anyway, getting your jackpot winnings deposited into your account most likely electronically, would no doubt get flagged and noticed by the relevant departments. I think that those people who say that Winners should have their details made public are just jealous with envy. These people have this negative attitude because they cannot have it themselves. Nosy Parker's, who will or can not mind their own business. Sour Grapes. Let winners remain anonymous if they choose to remain private. It is no-ones business who has won what and how much.

Posted by Amos (9/05/2015)

depends on the winner and the contract.

Posted by Ritwick (20/09/2015)

The Arizona way is okay, but no photographs please.

Posted by Leyla (11/04/2017)

Good news

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