Weekend Lottery Winning Results | 26 January’15

Play lottery as often as you please, whether it be participation in the midweek lottos, or the exciting weekend lottery games – PlayHugeLottos.com has all the action available to play as often as you wish.  The online lottery site boasts all the world’s top lottery games from around four continents.  Let’s review how the very best games performed over their weekend lottery draws. With focus firmly placed on Euro Lotto from EuroMillions, and UK Lottery, as well as the US Lottery games of Mega Millions and the top prized Powerball weekend jackpot game.  Here are your weekend lottery jackpot results.

First up was the Friday draws of EuroMillions and Mega Millions games. The top prize from EuroMillions stood at a whopping €15 million – but was not claimed on Friday.  Top Winnings did however see one EuroMillions million winning in the second tier where a single ticket winner matched 5 and 1 Star Ball.  This player took home prizing of €1,422,697.00. That would not be all the top winning, as 7 more players were crowned as winners for their matches of 5 earning them each windfalls of €67,747.40.  That third tier win was followed closely by fourth tier wins of € 7,648.90, granted to 31 players for matches of 4 and 2 Star Balls. 

mega millions, powerball and euromillions lottery

In the Mega Millions court, the Friday evening draw saw a jackpot offering of $20 million.  The unclaimed jackpot as well as the second prize category will live another day as no players were savvy enough to ensnare those elusive prizes. Winnings could therefore only be observed from the third tier onward where matches of 4 and the Mega Ball earned 19 players a prize of $ 5,000.00 each.  Moving down the prize ladder further winnings of $ 500.00 in the fourth tier were awarded to as many as 285 players for matches of 4, and subsequently closing off the game’s higher lottery prize offerings.

Saturday’s jackpot action was to come from the UK National Lottery game, and a much anticipated US Powerball draw. Top first place prizing for UK Lottery was at £12,2 million and at $230 million for Powerball.  Neither the UK Lotto or US Powerball game would let go of their top jackpot prizes, leaving them to rollover and live to excite and entice another draw crowd.  UK Lottery saw 3 players take home second place prizing to the value of £ 124,237.00 for their matches of 5 and the Bonus Ball.  Third tier winnings also gave 338 players windfalls of £ 936.00 for their successful matches of 5 and closing off the games highest winnings prize giving.

The Powerball game also awarded top prizing – but did so at record-breaking level as 10 players made off with amazing winnings of $1 million each in the second tier.  These were followed by third tier winnings of $10,000 given to 39 players who matched 4 and the Power Ball, and rounding up the highest winnings of the day.


With none of the games providing jackpot first place winnings, it might be easy to become disillusioned with world lottery, but just one look at how easily the games awarded consolation prize winnings (and the lucrative level of those winnings), ensures that faith is quickly restored.  Also considering the very frequent prize giving of games like EuroMillions and UK Lottery, faithful players now that it’s just a matter of time before they part with their first place jackpot prizes.  Mega Millions is still in its infancy in terms of jackpot prizing, since it has just come off an astronomical nine-figure jackpot claim from a single-ticket winner just last week, with Powerball surely soon to follow suite.  The generous rollovers serve to escalate the jackpot prizing for astounding midweek jackpot games, leaving the world top lotto games with jackpot of:


POWERBALL:         $261 million

MEGA MILLIONS:   $25 million

EUROMILLIONS:    €21 million

UK LOTTO:             £14,7 million


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