What if Celebrities Were Normal People

Celebrities are known for being attractive with a consistent youthfulness that defies the years. When your career is so dependent on your appearance you will spend as much money as it takes to live healthily and engage in beauty routines to keep up appearances no matter the cost. Thankfully for most celebrities they are also incredibly wealthy, so money is not an issue. But what if these celebrities were just normal people?

Photographer Danny Evans has created photo-shopped images of the world’s favourite celebrities as they might appear in the absence of million Dollar beauty routines. The results are an eye opener and just show what a little bit of effort, lots of money and perhaps even some surgery can achieve.

The re-imagining of J-Lo as a homely middle aged woman…


Beauty Routines For A Lottery Winner

It’s no surprise that Euromillions has had some oversized winners of their massively oversized jackpots. The two biggest Euromillions jackpots have been won by couples that perhaps will be using their new found wealth to invest in some beauty treatments and weight loss routines.

The mega wealthy often have the luxury (time and money) of being able to pamper themselves with personal trainers, home gyms, beauty products, spa treatments and luxury weightloss resort-style clinics.

If you were a mega lottery winner would you invest in some of the cash to transform yourself into a celebrity?

Could You Afford To Look Like Jennifer Aniston?

Danny Evans left no celebrity unexamined in his artwork. His ‘victims’ include actress Gwyneth Paltrow, singer Kanye West, socialite Nicole Richie and Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston.

43 year old ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston recently made headlines when she unveiled her beauty secrets. Estimates put her yearly body maintenance routines to be in the region of $141,037.97. So unless genetics are well and truly on your side you may very well need to take home a big lottery jackpot win before being able to afford the ‘Aniston Appearance’.

Celebrities Minus The Million Dollar Glamour

If you took away the million Dollar beauty routines, the ridiculously expensive wardrobes and the high-priced personal trainers and stylists what are you left with?

According to Danny Evans you are left with a collection of regular, normal people who you might find living next door to you.

What if David Beckham wasn’t the highest paid footballer in the world?


What if Tom Cruise worked at McDonalds instead of in Hollywood?

Tom Cruise

What if Madonna was just a regular 54 year old mom?


What if Twilight star Kirsten Stewart wasn’t currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood?


Some might consider it shallow for wealthy celebrities to spend so much money on their appearances but let’s be honest; if they looked just like us then they probably wouldn’t be famous in the first place!

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Posted by Subrat (21/08/2012)

God knows whether my dream will success or not.

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