Important Lotto Draw Information Over The Festive Period

With the festive season in full swing, we would like to inform lottery players that there are a few lottery draw changes happening at the moment.


The SuperEnaLotto draw for the 25 December 2014 will be brought forward to the 24th December 2014 due to the public holiday (Christmas Day).

Which in fact is fabulous news, as SuperEnaLotto lottery enthusiasts now have two consequtive days worth of lotto fun.

We would also like to confirm that players who have already purchased SuperEnaLotto entries into the draw which would have taken place on Thursday the 25th, that these entries will automatically be moved into the draw taking place on the 24th December 2014.

SuperEna Max

As the SuperEna Max is based on the SuperEnaLotto, the same will apply to the SuperEna Max draw that would have taken place on the 25th December 2014 and once again all entries already purchased for the draw on the 25th December 2014 will be moved into the SuperEna Max draw on the 24th December 2014.

No changes have been made to the either the SuperEnaLotto or the SuperEna Max draws taking place on 23rd December 2014 and we would once again like to take this opportunity to remind players that there is 259 million Euro up for grabs in tomorrow night’s SuperEna Max SuperStar draw!

Festive jackpots

Furthermore, the following lotteries will also have new cut-off times during this period:

La Primitiva

The cut-off time to place your La Primitiva tickets for the draw taking place on the 25 December 2014 has been brought forward to 12 noon GMT on the 24th December 2014.

Lotto 6aus49

The Lotto 6aus49 (German Lotto) cut-off time for the draw taking place on the 25 December 2014 has also been brought forward to 2pm GMT on the 24th December 2014.

Take advantage of these incredible life-changing festive draws right here at – where we always have your lottery needs covered!

Good luck!

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Posted by Debashish D (22/12/2014)

Thank you very much. It was indeed a very good gesture by the entire team @ PHL towards their dedicated members. keep up the good work.

Posted by Beni (22/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by NAgaZ8l (22/12/2014)

So excited for these draws!!

Posted by Julian (22/12/2014)

Its very very good keep it up

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/12/2014)

it will be nice to win something for the festive period.

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (23/12/2014)

Kwl hopefully I win.

Posted by A. Mufied (23/12/2014)

I really like to play GermanLotto,.. in 2 weeks i win the combination, even in small win,.. but it make me happy,.. Hehehe..

Posted by Marcin (23/12/2014)

SuperEna Max 258,000,000 Euro

Posted by Piotr (23/12/2014)

Good Luck

Posted by Krishnan (23/12/2014)

Luck preponed !

Posted by NAgaZ8l (23/12/2014)

Sometimes when you know, you know. You feel it in your bones**

Posted by Marcin (24/12/2014)

Good Luck

Posted by Piotr (24/12/2014)

I like superenalotto

Posted by Dorota (24/12/2014)

EuroMillions 25,000,000 Euro

Posted by Sudha (24/12/2014)

HUgelottos are always prompt in notifying important information be it regarding date or any other change.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (25/12/2014)

SuperEna Max 102 million euros!! It's mine**

Posted by QXE (26/12/2014)

I hope my family and I will close the year with ninety nine mega ones.

Posted by Marcin (26/12/2014)

I like Lotto 6aus49

Posted by Dorota (26/12/2014)

Mega-Sena 89,000,000 $

Posted by 9mck (26/12/2014)

oh what a pity said the lady in the city, now we'll just have to twiddle our thumbs..

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/12/2014)

Looking forward to a Mega Millions win!!!

Posted by Marcin (27/12/2014)

Mega Millions 172,000,000 $

Posted by Dorota (27/12/2014)

Good Luck

Posted by Marcin (28/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by Dorota (28/12/2014)

PowerBall 120,000,000 $

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/12/2014)

looking forward to the super draw on new year's eve.

Posted by Marcin (29/12/2014)

Good Luck

Posted by Krishnan (29/12/2014)

Though brought forward to DEC 24, its Jackpot carry forward journey continues !

Posted by Marcin (30/12/2014)

i like Superenalotto

Posted by Dorota (30/12/2014)

Good Luck

Posted by QXE (30/12/2014)

Really spoiled for choice and both in Mega dollars, one American and the other Braazziilllian. Hew 2015 here we come

Posted by Sudha (31/12/2014)

What is going to be an important news in JAN 2015 is, one or more of the players on Hugelottos will be winning a sizeable amount of prize on ticket/s purchased through Hugelotts.!

Posted by Marcin (31/12/2014)

Mega Millions 188,000,000 $

Posted by GqUyM (31/12/2014)

Hopefully I win for the new year!

Posted by Marcin (1/01/2015)

Good Luck

Posted by Piotr (1/01/2015)

SuperEna Max 116,000,000 Euro

Posted by Dorota (2/01/2015)

PowerBall 131,000,000 $

Posted by Marcin (4/01/2015)

SuperEna Max 122,000,000 Euro

Posted by Dorota (4/01/2015)

Spanish La Primitiva 23.000.000 Euro

Posted by Marcin (5/01/2015)

EuroMillions 22,000,000 euro

Posted by Dorota (5/01/2015)

EuroJackpot 13.000.000 EURO

Posted by Marcin (6/01/2015)

Mega Millions 206,000,000 $

Posted by Piotr (6/01/2015)

Lotto 6aus49 10,000,000 EURO

Posted by Dorota (6/01/2015)

SuperEna Max 128,000,000 EURO

Posted by Nasiru (6/01/2015)

Good Luck

Posted by Leyla (30/04/2017)

Good Luck

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