Powerball Jackpot Winner Comes Forward | 5 December’14

Much to the envy of so many worldwide players, the Powerball jackpot of $90 million was finally grabbed over the past weekend – with the lucky lottery winner finally coming forward to put claim to the mammoth jackpot prize.  Who was the mystery jackpot winner?  Let’s see whose life will now forever be changed by the fortuitous US Powerball Lottery.

Seattle is home to the world’s newest prosperous Powerball winner who walks away $90 million wealthier since the big weekend lotto win on Saturday.  Lucky winner Lisa Quam said of her win that she just couldn’t believe it.  Her disbelief was extended to her family when she shouted:

"I yelled to my family, 'Get up here!' They all thought I was mad and angry about something. My daughter asked, 'Is this an emergency?' and I said, 'Yes!'"

powerball lottery winner lisa quam

Speaking from a news conference yesterday the fortuitous players revealed that she ran to the grocery store to take a break from Thanksgiving Day cooking to pick up the Black Friday newspaper and some spices.  She and her husband bought two Powerball tickets on the way to checkout; Lisa says:

"The cashier was really nice and asked if we wanted to purchase Powerball. I said, 'Sure!' I had never purchased a Powerball ticket before.”

Their lucky decision paid off ‘big-time’ as she even admits to only being a “special occasions” lottery player – and this was her first Powerball game!  Now that’s what you call amazing luck, but according to Lisa she’s actually not a very lucky person, with her husband even stating:

"My husband says it's just dumb luck."

She has been working as a sourcing specialist at Boeing, managing contracts for 25 years and her husband of 32 years has been a Boeing mechanic for around 16 years.  The couple have yet to decide whether or not to take the money over 30 annual payments or the immediate lump sum payment.  If Quam chooses the latter, she instantly walks away with $56.8 million in winnings. 

And what does the new US Lottery multi-mega-million wish to do with her giant winnings first?

The couple plan to quit their jobs, and immediately travel.  After which they plan to buy a new car which they have already picked out – a Subaru Forester.  Not the most lavish or luxury car considering the sizeable amount that they have won, but at least they’ll have a great deal of change left over from the purchase.

powerball lottery jackpot winner

The midweek Powerball draw went unclaimed, meaning that the first prize now sits at a magnificent $50 million ahead of the next draw on Saturday.  Will the big draw get another big winner, or continue to roll on to giant jackpot glory.  PlayHugeLottos.com brings you as many as 14 lottery games from around 4 continents, thereby giving you nothing but the best games which frequently dole out giant jackpots.  Be part of the prolific online winning team that allows its members the best odds of lottery winning, by allowing them to participate freely and in complete control of any and all of these games.  Games which are comprised of Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, UK Lottery and so much more! 


Which reminds us – tonight’s Mega Millions (which is freely available to play on the site) stands at a towering $80 million and is the weekend’s game to watch!  You could have been in the running for that big jackpot if you played online with PlayHugeLottos.  The site provides guaranteed entry into all its games so you could have been in for the win.  Don’t forget to get your entries in now so that you don’t miss out on any more crazy weekend jackpots! 


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Posted by Beni (5/12/2014)

Happy to win

Posted by Julian (5/12/2014)

Its very good keep it up may be i might be the next winner

Posted by Ying Kwong (5/12/2014)

Congratulations! Everyone has a chance in a lottery draw if you buy at least 1 entry.

Posted by Marcin (5/12/2014)


Posted by Piotr (5/12/2014)


Posted by Dorota (5/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by Sudha (6/12/2014)

really enthusing. Best wishes and greetings to the winners

Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/12/2014)

Lisa's fortune was not just luck, but divine intervention!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/12/2014)

i hope i make the millions jackpot soon also

Posted by Sudha (8/12/2014)

How long one can afford to be in the background having won such a huge Jack pot?

Posted by NAgaZ8l (8/12/2014)

Time to win the SuperEna Max Jackpot!!

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (8/12/2014)

Weird how many win on there first try???

Posted by Marcin (8/12/2014)


Posted by Sudha (9/12/2014)

A big win like this will become public eventually.

Posted by Dorota (9/12/2014)

SuperEna Max 122.000.000 Euro

Posted by Krishnan (10/12/2014)

Sure. Occasional buyers often end up lucky !

Posted by Marcin (10/12/2014)

Mega Millions 102,000,000 dollars

Posted by Atik (13/12/2014)

Congratulations Lisa and may god also bless us all with this kind of fortune.

Posted by Irina (21/12/2014)

I am very happy for you Lisa.One day I will definitely win.

Posted by Chandra Shekaran Nair (29/01/2015)


Posted by Leyla (19/05/2017)


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