To Wheel Or Not To Wheel Your Lotto Numbers

With the SuperEna Max jackpot soaring to an incredible 144 million Euro, excitement is in the air at, with lottery fans and especially SuperEna Max lottery fans looking to take a slice of the jackpot lottery pie.

Every time the SuperEna Max or this week’s 70 million Dollar US Powerball jackpot climbs this high lottery players are reminded just how amazing a gigantic jackpot win could change our lives for the better forever. Naturally, what we really want is to ensure that our selected lottery numbers we placed for these draws will have the best possible chance of winning the elusive jackpot.
For players who wish to make the most of their lottery numbers that they have entered into these big draws, we would like to remind you of an extremely good play option available right here at

Lotto balls

Extra Number

If you are looking for a unique way to increase your odds of winning a lottery prize for tonight’s 144 million Euro SuperEna Max draw, then why not try our Extra Number play option? The Extra Number tool is based on the very popular principle of 'Lottery Wheeling'.

The Extra number tool allows lottery players to add up to 3 extra numbers to your lottery entry and works out all the permutations and combinations for you. By simply using the Extra number tool you will be increasing your chance of winning a bigger prize!

PlayHugeLottos player wins 46 times using the extra number play option

On the 1st of November 2014, a very lucky player from Brazil won an incredible 46 times in one transaction. That’s right! Forty six times.  Now that’s what we call ensuring the odds are in your favour.

What is lottery wheeling?

The lottery wheel system isn't nearly as mysterious as people would have you believe! It's just a way to play combinations of a set of numbers when you play your entries into the lottery.
The best way to explain what Lotto Wheels are is showing an example. The following example considers very few numbers which keeps the idea as basic as possible and easier to comprehend.  It can be easily generalized with more numbers because the concept stays the same.

For example:

1 2 3
1 2 4
1 2 5
1 3 4
1 3 5
1 4 5
2 3 4
2 3 5
2 4 5
3 4 5

These 10 combinations can already be called a Lotto Wheel.

The type of lottery player who would be enticed by the Extra Number play option would be someone who wishes to enter a broader amount of numbers that is required. By doing so, the lottery player will have a greater coverage of numbers in the draw.

Lottery wheeling

How to play the extra number:

To utilise the Extra Number tool on your next entry, click on Play Options under Extra’s on the right hand side of the screen. Select Play Options and then scroll down until you find the Extra Number play option.

To play your extra number, you will select your lottery numbers in the usual manner, clicking on your lucky numbers in the relevant playblock.
Once you have done so you then need to select your extra number in the relevant section. Players will be able to select up to three extra numbers to add to your selection. Once you have selected how many extra numbers you would like to add, all you need to do is click on the play now button.

The system will automatically work out all the possible combinations applicable to your number selection utilising all the permutations available from your extended number selection.

Lottery wheeling is an effective lottery strategy for winning more multiple-tier prizes. By playing the your favourite lottery online, and wanting to use this great tool, you will not need to struggle with spreadsheets and manual calculations nor is there any risk of error.

Extra Number, lottery wheeling

All this brings us to this next story...

Australian investor syndicate buys 5 million lottery tickets

Imagine for one moment that you were a billionaire and money was absolutely no issue. What would prevent you from buying every possible lottery combination for a particular draw? Is this even possible? Can we actually even purchase every single possible combination. Not monetary wise... but within the time period necessary.

Back in 1992 on the 25th of February, an Australian investor syndicate tried to do just that. The odds of winning the $27 million Virginia lottery was 1 in 7. This meant that in order to successfully purchase every single combination they would have to purchase the entire 7 million different combinations.  Due to the time issue with all the logistics that go into something like this the syndicate only managed to buy approximately 5 million lottery tickets.

Bulk Purchasing

Firstly we have to remember that they were buying their lottery tickets offline. Now when purchasing a lottery ticket ‘the old fashioned way’, one has to fill out the ticket. Avid lottery players that do go down to the corner shop to take part in your own national lottery will know that this is rather a time consuming task. Imagine doing this 7 million times in order to select every single combination. It doesn’t end here though, once you have filled out your tickets you still need to stand in line (with your load) and get the lottery terminal to print them all out! 

What the Australian syndicate did was, pay multiple retailers to sell the blocks of lottery tickets in bulk. This however, resulted in one store closing its lottery terminal. But, even though they did find a slight solution to the problem they still only managed to purchase 5 million of the combinations before ticket sales were closed.
Remember the Mega Millions takes place not once but twice a week, so there’s a limited time frame in order to buy such a large amount of lottery tickets.

So as you can see, even if you had the money to buy every single lottery combination, the time needed to do so might not be on your side.

Virginia officials were worried that another group would try spending millions to buy all the lottery combinations and lottery officials debated whether or not to restrict bulk sales of lottery tickets.

At a public hearing, most of the criticism came from the public. Hans Smetona, a 22-year-old pizza deliveryman said, "No one wants to be in line behind anyone who's there for three or four days."

The hearing concluded that sales agents would give priority to individuals in line before taking orders from bulk purchasers. The main reason behind this decision was due to the fact that the store had to put an “out of order” sign on their lottery terminal while an employee printed off the thousands of tickets for the Australian investor syndicate.

If you are wondering if purchasing just over 5 million tickets paid off.  The answer is, yes! The group did manage to hit the jackpot with one of the tickets they purchased.  With 2 million combinations still not purchased, and after spending so much money – they must have been extremely relieved that their project paid off.

But what bothers me is... who went through all those tickets with a little highlighter to mark off the winning numbers? Not to mention getting rid of all the tickets that did not match any prize thereafter.

Lottery tickets

By buying your lottery tickets online right here at,  you will be put in touch with the world’s best lottery games such as the Mega Millions, Powerball, Euromillions and the SuperEna Max.  These games have been carefully selected for their massive jackpots and frequent payouts and players.  With so many lottery winners never realising that they have won either the jackpot or a substantial amount in a lower tiered win, playing the lottery online will ensure that you receive your lottery winnings.
With an online registration to the site, you are just a mouse-click away from all the lottery action, draws, and online lottery winnings.
Playing the lottery online definitely has its advantages. No queues, automated results checker showing your matches and in the event of a win, a phone call informing you thereof.

That’s more like it!

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