$203 Powerball Winner

Just when the Mega Millions got won, we saw the American Powerball rolling on full steam ahead and reaching an incredible $203 million.  Lottery enthusiasts once again logged on to play their lucky numbers on the Powerball lottery online in the hope that it would be their turn to strike it rich.

For one lucky lottery player, this in fact did come true as it was reported that one person matched all the winning Powerball numbers drawn on Saturday evening. The winning Powerball numbers for the 8th November 2014 were:

09 – 19 – 33 – 38 – 54 – and Power ball 15.

Five players, who only just missed sharing the 203 million dollars, did however clear $1,000,000.00 for matching five main numbers drawn.

08.11.2014 Powerball results

With the US Powerball rolling for twelve weeks and bringing with it a bigger jackpot every time, Powerball fans were anxiously waiting to see the draw results and if someone had scooped the 203 million Dollars.

It’s still too early to know who has won the $203 million Powerball jackpot as players do take their time claiming their lottery wins. This is more than likely due to the fact that they themselves do not know or the newly made lottery millionaire is seeking financial advice before hand.

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot was reported to be slightly less, at $202.6 million than that of the advertised amount, due to the fact that the jackpot are estimated values based in part on expected ticket sales. The $202.6 million is the annuity value of the Powerball jackpot. By opting for the annuity, means the winner wants the full amount - the cash will be paid out in escalating instalments over thirty years.  Most jackpot winners however, prefer taking the cash option, with means receiving the money all at once. This option does mean that the jackpot amount is adjusted downward from the advertised annuity value.

Even though this Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot is at its minimum jackpot amount of $40 million, it’s still a huge amount of money to see reflecting in your bank account.

Biggest jackpot available right now

If you don’t have any particular favourite lottery, and you simply prefer playing the biggest jackpot that is currently available, then this week’s €215,000,000 SuperEna Max jackpot taking place on the 11th November 2014 is just for you. Buy your lottery tickets online today to guarantee your shot at winning the jackpot.

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Posted by Beni (10/11/2014)


Posted by Ying Kwong (10/11/2014)

Don't miss it guys!

Posted by Krishnan (11/11/2014)

Jackpot irony ! Once again a single individual winner !!

Posted by Patrick (11/11/2014)

Congratulations to the winner!;

Posted by Marcin (11/11/2014)


Posted by Piotr (11/11/2014)

I like megamillions

Posted by Dorota (11/11/2014)

My favourite lottery is powerball

Posted by Jv5hX (11/11/2014)

Nice win.. congratulations

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (11/11/2014)


Posted by Andreas Josef (11/11/2014)

Hopefully it's me this time around!!!

Posted by Andreas Josef (11/11/2014)

Hopefully it's me this time around!!!

Posted by Ionut (11/11/2014)

Yap, I just prefer playing the biggest jackpot that is currently available, whatever, is just cash.

Posted by ZqTd (11/11/2014)

Played for all 3 days ... holding thumbs that lucks comes knocking on my door!

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (12/11/2014)

1 million is still a nice prize

Posted by Piotr (12/11/2014)

I like megamillion

Posted by Julian (12/11/2014)

Congratulations from all of us in our Family & say Prayers evryday & you get more

Posted by Dorota (13/11/2014)

Mega-Sena 26,100,000 dollars

Posted by Dorota (14/11/2014)

Lotto 6aus49 German Lotto 9,000,000 Euros

Posted by Piotr (15/11/2014)

Congratulations to winner

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (15/11/2014)

One day soon hopefully

Posted by Piotr (16/11/2014)

EuroJackpot €40,000,000

Posted by NAgaZ8l (16/11/2014)

Super Ena Max 133,000,000 euros **Optimism is the best strategy**

Posted by Leyla (1/06/2017)

Congratulations to the winner!

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