Teenage Lottery Winners

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question frequently asked by either our parents or teachers. At the age of sixteen we aren’t exactly sure either, but there are a few teenagers that have become overnight multi-millionaires. 

Deisi Ocampo, 19 years old - $4 million

The latest teenager to win millions is Deisi Ocampo.  Deisi’s father bought her two $20 scratch cards for her 19th birthday last week and it was one of these Million Money Mania scratchcards that won Deisi an incredible $4million Dollars!  What an amazing birthday present.  “It turned out to be the best birthday present ever,” said Miss Ocampo as she told lottery officials how she and her father never thought that they would be in this position right now.

Deisi, was presented with her cheque for $4 million. When accepting the winning cheque, the birthday girl said that she plans to use her lottery winnings on her family and to invest in her future.

Deisi Ocampo lottery winner

When asked what she would do with her winnings, she said that she would buy a new house for her family and then put the rest of her winnings into pursuing her dream of completing her degree and then going on to become a nurse.
Deisi’s father, who’s name has not been released, said that although his daughter is still a teenager, she will not be like other teenager’s coming into millions and ruining their lives.  Deisi is a bright young girl with great ideas about her future.
Anonymous, 18 years old - $22 million

You might remember the 18 year old from Britain who won a colossal £22 million on the EuroMillions lottery game last year.  Lottery organisers Camelot have refused to 'confirm or deny' the winner's identity as the winner wished to remain anonymous. The company did confirm though that there was a £22 million EuroMillions winner. 

22 million anonymous EuroMillions winner

 lanthe Fullagar, 18 years old - 7 million
Lottery winner lanthe Fullagar celebrated winning £7million in 2008 with lashings of cider and baked beans on toast. Ianthe’s another lottery winner with a good head on her shoulders as she told lottery officials that she has no intention of changing her career plans and studying laws after her gap year. Ianthe told lottery officials that she had worked hard to get where she was and that she still plans on going to university.  I’m sure her gap year will be a little more luxurious after her win though.
Before her lottery win Ianthe was working as a waitress for £4.75 an hour when she bought her winning ticket.
Ianthe also planned to continue living like a normal student and not like a millionaire. Besides, she loves her beans on toast.
It was only the second time that Ianthe bought a EuroMillions lottery ticket. She decided that seen as though the EuroMillions had hit the 100 million Euro mark she would purchase another ticket.  She watched the live draw on television with her mother, Zoe, a 40-year-old community nurse.

Ianthe Fullagar

Stacey Bywater, 18 years old – £1,1 million

Another fabulous teenager to become an overnight millionaire is, Stacey Bywater, who when asked what she would be doing with her win, said that she will enable her parents to put down a substantial deposit on a house of their own and then help her sister who was made redundant.

Stacey first thought that she had only matched four numbers, while watching the draw on the Saturday evening on telly. The four numbers would have paid £70. It was a while later that she realised that she in fact had five of the winning numbers. When she went to see how much the five numbers would give her, her dad said, ‘I think you need to sit down and check your numbers again because you’ve got the full six!”

The £1,117,779 winner teenager also has modest plans for her fortune and said that she will stick with her job and take her family on holiday to Turkey. She would also like a soft-top Mini for when she passes her driving test.

Stacey Bywater

Jane Park, 18 years old  – £1 million

A teenager who scooped £1 million on the Lottery claims her lottery win will not change her.  Jane, who lived with her mom at the time of her win, said she’s not much of a shopper but does like buying new bags.
Upon receiving her winning cheque Jane did say that she planned on buying a Range Rover but needed to learn how to drive first.  She also planned on staying with her mom as she did not want to live on her own.

Although Jane did plan on taking her friends on a holiday, it never materialised as her friends either could not take time off from work or they never had passports. Jane claims that not having anything to do all day when her friends are at work can be boring.

Callie Rogers, 16 years old  - £1.9 million

Unfortunately not all teenage lottery wins end up with a fairytale ending. We just have to look at Callie Rogers, who won £1.9 million at the tender age of sixteen.  Callie however spent all her lottery winnings on cosmetic surgery, drugs and partying. Thankfully, Callie has turned her life around now.

Callie lottery winner

If only this 7 year old was old enough to buy a lottery ticket

Seven your old Olivia Wrenn, got extremely lucky when she stumbled across a four-leaf clover while walking through a bluebell wood near her home in Somerset. As we know, four-leaf clovers are extremely rare and deemed to be very lucky. These clovers are also said to attract money. Following her rare discovery, the schoolgirl asked her mother Karen to preserve the lucky flower by putting it in a laminator, alongside the date.

Four leaf clover

If you are planning to register your sons and daughters so that they too can win the lottery, please remember that individuals may not purchase entries or claim prize monies under the age of 18. Anyone over the age of eighteen is more than welcome to purchase lottery tickets online at PlayHugeLottos.com.


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Posted by Beni (29/10/2014)

I like big winner

Posted by Ying Kwong (30/10/2014)

Must be very self-disciplined if one is young and super rich.

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good news

Posted by Dorota (1/11/2014)

very very very good

Posted by Vladislav (2/11/2014)

Good thing I'm old enough to play 😄!

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (3/11/2014)

Very lucky

Posted by GqUyM (9/11/2014)

Eish, to win that kind of money at that young age can be daunting...

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/01/2015)

Some people have luck turning up early in life.

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