Euromillions Jackpot Passes The €100 Million Mark

The lottery world holds its collective breath once again as the Euromillions jackpot crosses the coveted €100 Million mark. Where will the jackpot end up? Take a guess and win free Euromillions tickets.

Way back in 2009 the Italian SuperEnaLotto was on a stunning roll eventually reaching €147,807,000.00 before it was won. We asked you what you thought the winning jackpot amount would be and the person who guessed the closest amount won a 3 month subscription to the SuperEnaLotto!

Well, it’s that time again! We want to know from you where the Euromillions jackpot is going to end up? Currently sitting at an estimated €101,000,000.00 for this Friday nights draw, will it be won or will Euromillions roll again? If it is won, what will the exact winning amount be?

Leave your guesses in the comments section below and the closest guess will take home a 3 month subscription to Euromillions. In the event that more than one person chooses the same amount, the person who posted first will win!

No guesses as to who just won the Euromillions lottery…

Euromillions jackpot winners

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7 lucky numbers are going to win a jackpot amount sitting at over €100 million. Make them your numbers!

Please note: Friday 3rd August features the last rollover draw before the Euromillions jackpot limit is reached (and the jackpot amount is no longer in doubt). This is therefore the last draw when you can make your guesses. Good Luck!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Euromillions jackpot prediction game. With the jackpot cap now reached it is a guarantee that the jackpot will be won (or roll-down) at €190,000,000!

There were a number of you who correctly predicted this amount. We are giving the prize to the FIRST person who correctly placed this prediction. Well done to Eugen from Romania who was the first to guess the correct jackpot amount back on the 19th July. We are also crediting everyone else who predicted €190,000,000 with one free Euromillions voucher. Good luck for Tuesday's Euromillions draw - it's the biggest one in history!

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Posted by Brian (19/07/2012)


Posted by Lim (19/07/2012)

im guess will be go to top about EUR 144,444,000

Posted by Lai (19/07/2012)

EUR 122,222,000.-

Posted by Yuli (19/07/2012)

no more higher, stop in here eur102,222,222.-

Posted by Marlon (19/07/2012)


Posted by Vladimir (19/07/2012)

On Friday will be a € 150 million.

Posted by Vladimir (19/07/2012)

This is a € 125 million, I wanted to write.

Posted by Subrat (19/07/2012)

€101,000,000.00 for this Friday nights draw, will be won by one person. Subrat Mohanty India

Posted by Paul (19/07/2012)

EUR 144,000,000

Posted by Subrat (19/07/2012)

It will reach to EUR 144,444,000 and won by single person.

Posted by Harry (19/07/2012)


Posted by Danica (19/07/2012)

It will 135.000.000Eur.

Posted by Patricia (19/07/2012)


Posted by Miroslav (19/07/2012)


Posted by Martin (19/07/2012)

€135 million

Posted by Henrik (19/07/2012)

It will be won this time, at 101.000.000 (and i´ll win it ;) )

Posted by Maxielle (19/07/2012)

EUR 103,000,000.00

Posted by Moses (19/07/2012)

It will be euro 160,000,000.......I hope I win it.....luck luck n more luck is what I need

Posted by Srikanth (19/07/2012)

it will end at EUR 12243800

Posted by Inderbeer (19/07/2012)

E101,000,000 winner i raja india

Posted by Julian (19/07/2012)

If will it be won the exact winning amount be €671,871,200.00 Or Euromillions will roll again to be €103,000,000.00

Posted by Eugen (19/07/2012)

€190,000,000. The jackpot hasn't been so big in a while, it's about time :)

Posted by Samson (20/07/2012)

Euro 113,037,672

Posted by Vijay (20/07/2012)

€101,000,000.00 for this Friday nights draw, will be won by one person.

Posted by -3_JIV (20/07/2012)

on friday the 19 july 2012,jackpot will be EUR 111,000,000(NELSON IN CRICKET TERMS)WON AND SHARED BY 3 PEOPLE.

Posted by Krishnan (20/07/2012)

It will reach the cap that is Euros 190 million

Posted by Sudha (20/07/2012)

It will be won at 123 million today

Posted by Gurmeet (20/07/2012)

I guess this time Euromillion Jackpot is going to be won on coming Tuesday i.e.24th. July 2012 with an amount of 117,000,000.00 Euros.

Posted by Vandana (20/07/2012)

This time winning jackpot will be around 111,000,000.00 Euros.

Posted by Rudolf (20/07/2012)


Posted by Rakesh (20/07/2012)


Posted by Anil Kumar (20/07/2012)

114 million

Posted by J14m6nsa (20/07/2012)

The time is NOW!!!!!Euromillions tonight!!!

Posted by Gergely (20/07/2012)

132.5 Million €

Posted by Oleksandr (20/07/2012)

132 000 000 euros.

Posted by Vjaceslavs (20/07/2012)

I will win 101 mill !!!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (20/07/2012)

149,587,254 euros

Posted by Debashish D (20/07/2012)

EUR 163000000

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (20/07/2012)

around 104 million euros.jacpot will be won today's(20/07/2012)draw.

Posted by Kian Huat (20/07/2012)

It has to be at 126m euros.

Posted by Willy (20/07/2012)

I think €109,700,000.00

Posted by Percivell (20/07/2012)

It will be a roll on & $ 110 Million will be the jackpot

Posted by Chandni (20/07/2012)

EUR 115000000

Posted by Chandni Vitthal (20/07/2012)

EUR 125000000

Posted by Leong Chen Shing (20/07/2012)

I'd say EUR 118,331,219

Posted by Jamesetta (21/07/2012)

138 million which I'd 112 euro

Posted by Jamesetta (21/07/2012)

138 million which I'd 112 euro jamesetta le

Posted by Jamesetta (21/07/2012)

138. Mil which is 112 euro

Posted by Krishnan (21/07/2012)

Will be won at 134 milliuon

Posted by Lim (21/07/2012)

looks like be hit eur 112,222,222,- for this times

Posted by Sreenivas (21/07/2012)

It will be euro 112,685,998.this time

Posted by Usha (21/07/2012)

For 24/07/2012 euro 112,550,850.

Posted by Manasa (21/07/2012)

For 24/07/2012 draw euro 112,625,780.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (21/07/2012)

134,545,213 euro

Posted by Chandrasekhar (21/07/2012)

It will be won on 24.07.2012 EURO 117,352,260 Chandrasekhar.B.R

Posted by RUq+RO (21/07/2012)


Posted by Aleksandar (21/07/2012)

EUR 155000000

Posted by Thomas (21/07/2012)

tuesday will be the last draw its 112,000,000,euros

Posted by 5+ZHXW (21/07/2012)

180 000 000 Euros

Posted by Tatiana (21/07/2012)

EUR 167,000,000 ON 31.07.2012

Posted by Lai (21/07/2012)

wow...will go to eur 112,399,999.-

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (22/07/2012)

Either heading for the final cap of Euro 190 Million if not won this week at 112 Million Euro.

Posted by Abhijit (22/07/2012)

€101,000,000.00 will be won by one person this friday.

Posted by Sreenivas (22/07/2012)

It will be 112,650,850.euro

Posted by Usha (22/07/2012)

Will hit EURO 112,580,770.

Posted by Manasa (22/07/2012)

It has to be 112,710,940.euros

Posted by L_A5G (22/07/2012)

113,077 million euro

Posted by Michael (22/07/2012)

130 million euros

Posted by Naledi (22/07/2012)

it will be won at 120,569,454 MIL EUROS

Posted by P_DPXl (22/07/2012)

EUR 124 000 000

Posted by Golesedi (22/07/2012)

the jackpot will be won at 128 mil euros...

Posted by Boris (23/07/2012)

EUR 113,800,000

Posted by Claire (23/07/2012)


Posted by Mayukh (23/07/2012)

135 million

Posted by YLrGo (23/07/2012)


Posted by Shuchi (23/07/2012)

It may be around EU 137,000,000

Posted by Balasubramaniam (23/07/2012)

162,845,215 euros

Posted by Shane (23/07/2012)


Posted by Yuli (23/07/2012)

maybe stop in eur113,311,113.-

Posted by Dorothy (23/07/2012)


Posted by Sophie (23/07/2012)

EUR 146,000,000

Posted by Vjaceslavs (23/07/2012)

yooooooooo !!!! 112 millionsI will win !!!

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (23/07/2012)

it is tuesday 24/07/2012 around 115 millions euro

Posted by Anthony (23/07/2012)

I say Euro 142 Million

Posted by Anthony (24/07/2012)

142,500,000 euros

Posted by Ilya (24/07/2012)

I think that EuroMillions Jackpot will be won at the mark of €191,000,000 or something close to it this time.

Posted by -3_JIV (24/07/2012)


Posted by Guntis (24/07/2012)

Euro 121,543,392 on 27.07.2012.

Posted by Vladimir (24/07/2012)

Today will be € 122 million or € 124 million jackpot in Euromillions.

Posted by ZkTbMH-Fn (24/07/2012)

€ 136 million

Posted by Miroslav (24/07/2012)

Today will be € 121 million jackpot.

Posted by Patricia (24/07/2012)

Today will be € 119 million jackpot.

Posted by Rudolf (24/07/2012)

Today will be € 120 million jackpot.

Posted by YLrGo (24/07/2012)

125 000 000

Posted by Vladislav (24/07/2012)

123 million euro

Posted by Lim (24/07/2012)

or maybe eur 112,211,112.-

Posted by Gergely (25/07/2012)

137.3 million €

Posted by Sudha (25/07/2012)

Will be won at 177 Million Euros

Posted by Krishnan (25/07/2012)

Will be won at 188 Million Euros

Posted by Anil (25/07/2012)

135 million will happen on this Friday 27th

Posted by Sreenivas (25/07/2012)

for 27/07/2012 euro 135,325,655.

Posted by Boris (25/07/2012)

EUR 137,500,000

Posted by Usha (25/07/2012)

EURO 135,415,260.[FOR 27/07/2012 draw]

Posted by Manasa (25/07/2012)

It will be hit euro 135,150,290. for 27/07/2012 draw

Posted by Līga (25/07/2012)

Euro 135,635,000

Posted by Samson (25/07/2012)

Euro 162,555,900

Posted by Lim (25/07/2012)

wow....this times will be hit eur135,531,135

Posted by Balasubramaniam (25/07/2012)

194,584,213 euros

Posted by Artur (25/07/2012)

135 million euros.

Posted by M0HlEGXCsRRhOmgr (25/07/2012)

166,321,987 euros

Posted by Vladimir (25/07/2012)

135.000.000€ Then on Friday will be € 165 million in the EuroMillions jackpot.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (25/07/2012)

two of my earlier prediction has gone wrong.third one must be right.jactpot will be won on friday 27/07/2012 in spain.jacpot amount around 142.3 millions euros

Posted by Lee (25/07/2012)

162million euros

Posted by Surendranath (25/07/2012)

135Million Euros

Posted by Lai (25/07/2012)

gonna be eur136,111,112.-

Posted by Sophie (25/07/2012)

EUR 170,000,000

Posted by Chandrasekhar (26/07/2012)

Tuesday won jackpot EURO 123,854,635 and won by huge lotto player.

Posted by Kristjan (26/07/2012)

191 million euros and three winners

Posted by Gergely (26/07/2012)

137.2 million €

Posted by Balasubramaniam (26/07/2012)

185,482,575 euros

Posted by Padmanabha (27/07/2012)

Euro 138,520,000

Posted by Krishnan (27/07/2012)

Wiining at 167,777,777 Euros

Posted by Balasubramaniam (27/07/2012)

143,927,658 euros

Posted by Moses (27/07/2012)

175,000,000 euros

Posted by Sreenivas (27/07/2012)

It will be 140,425,360. euros

Posted by Usha (27/07/2012)

Euros for 27/07/2012 draw is 140,255,680.

Posted by Manasa (27/07/2012)

I hope now time to hit Euro 140,560,450.

Posted by -3_JIV (27/07/2012)

JACKPOT FOR THE 27 JULY 2012 WILL BE EURO 147,113,123.

Posted by Sreenivas (27/07/2012)

This time euro 140,780,350. for 27/07/2012

Posted by Gergely (27/07/2012)

142.44 million €

Posted by Lim (27/07/2012)

wow will raise to eur140,041,140.-

Posted by Lai (28/07/2012)

its times for hit eur155,555,555.-

Posted by Balasubramaniam (28/07/2012)

175,652,968 EUROS

Posted by Boris (28/07/2012)

EUR 165,550,000

Posted by Gergely (28/07/2012)

154,235 million €

Posted by Gergely (28/07/2012)

154,235 million €

Posted by Nailton (28/07/2012)


Posted by Eugen (28/07/2012)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (29/07/2012)

179,258,753 euros

Posted by Sreenivas (29/07/2012)

It will be 154,590,960.euros

Posted by Usha (29/07/2012)

Euro 154,160,890. for 31/07/2012

Posted by Manasa (29/07/2012)

for 31/07/2012 draw 153,950,990. euro

Posted by Sreenivas (29/07/2012)

for 31/07/2012 draw 155,485,856. euro

Posted by Luanna (29/07/2012)

€ 176,715,802

Posted by Yuli (29/07/2012)

gonna be eur160,333,333.- this times

Posted by Balasubramaniam (30/07/2012)

158,646,281 euros

Posted by Maneet (30/07/2012)

It's gonna be 222,000,000 euros.

Posted by Samson (30/07/2012)

Euro 172,653,850

Posted by Lim (30/07/2012)


Posted by RUq+RO (30/07/2012)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (31/07/2012)


Posted by -3_JIV (31/07/2012)

EUROS 156,113,113

Posted by Golesedi (31/07/2012)

il go for 153,000,000 euros

Posted by Lai (31/07/2012)


Posted by Eugen (31/07/2012)

€ 179,800,000 if won on Aug 3.

Posted by Lim (1/08/2012)

oh my god will hit eur181,181,181.-

Posted by Balasubramaniam (1/08/2012)

177,485,251 EUROS

Posted by Boris (1/08/2012)

EUR 178,675,556

Posted by Gergely (1/08/2012)

179.5 million €

Posted by Sreenivas (1/08/2012)

I hope now the time has come & it will hit euro 181,650.950.

Posted by Samson (1/08/2012)

Euro 184,975,600

Posted by Manasa (1/08/2012)

Now euro 182,125,855.

Posted by Usha (1/08/2012)

euro 180,975,995.

Posted by Sreenivas (1/08/2012)

This time euro 182,965,850.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (1/08/2012)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (1/08/2012)

181,257,698 euros

Posted by Sophie (1/08/2012)

EUR 178,000,000

Posted by Lai (1/08/2012)


Posted by Henrik (1/08/2012)

Hope this is the time we dont need it to grow bigger ;) 178,100,000. is my guess....

Posted by Balasubramaniam (2/08/2012)

177,954,876 euros

Posted by Balasubramaniam (2/08/2012)

183,976,874 euros

Posted by Gergely (2/08/2012)

190,1 million €

Posted by (2/08/2012)

Please note: Friday 3rd August features the last rollover draw before the Euromillions jackpot limit is reached (and the jackpot amount is no longer in doubt). This is therefore the last draw when you can make your guesses. Good Luck!

Posted by Yuli (2/08/2012)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/08/2012)

189,875,572 euros

Posted by -3_JIV (3/08/2012)

183,113,113 euros

Posted by Subrat (3/08/2012)

The Euromillions jackpot limit will reach its maximum amount i.e the jackpot amount is no longer in doubt.

Posted by Vladimir (3/08/2012)

Today it is 190 million €.

Posted by Subrat (3/08/2012)

The Euromillions jackpot limit is reached (and the jackpot amount is no longer in doubt) and the jackpot will won by 1 person.

Posted by Danica (3/08/2012)

Today it is 190 million €.

Posted by Lim (3/08/2012)


Posted by Samson (3/08/2012)

Total amount Euro 186,450,500 shared by 2 winners.

Posted by Sophie (3/08/2012)

$ 218,000,000 USA dollar :DD

Posted by Krishnan (3/08/2012)

It will reach 203 Million euros But winning amount will be restricted to 190 million which is the seiling cap

Posted by Sudha (3/08/2012)

Jackpot will reach 211 Euros but only 190 Euros alone will be won due to upper limits fixed by the lottery organizers.

Posted by Usha (3/08/2012)

It will be euro 177,555,856.

Posted by Sreenivas (3/08/2012)

I hope now euro 178,678,798

Posted by Manasa (3/08/2012)

euro 184,458,385.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/08/2012)

192,578,254 euros

Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/08/2012)

1845,278,582 euros

Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/08/2012)

184,278,582 euros

Posted by Usha (3/08/2012)

euro 185,595,875

Posted by Usha (3/08/2012)

euro 190,354,689

Posted by Sreenivas (3/08/2012)

euro 186,545,645.

Posted by Usha (3/08/2012)

euro 187,256,878

Posted by Asescenao Manuel (3/08/2012)

It will be won tonight at 176 mil. This time the winner could be outside UK

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