Be Uber-Rich With The EuroMillions Superdraw

For most of us, money can buy happiness, especially if you have won millions of the latest mega lottery jackpot like the 162 million EuroMillions Superdraw Quadruple Rollover.  You only have to look at the world’s rich list and see what how they are living the mega wealthy lifestyle – they literally have the world at their fingertips. 

If they want something – they buy it. The sky’s the limit and they enjoy the best of the best.

Being mega rich comes with privileges and perks. They probably can’t even remember what it was like to stand in a queue. They simply board their private jets, complete with every desirable amenity imaginable and cross the globe as many times as they want to, chasing the sun and living the uber-wealthy life. 

Lottery lifestyle

The super-rich love going big! Their endless fortunes also come with fantastic opportunities and they enjoy only the finest the world has to offer, whether it’s a luxurious home in Mumbai, a $2 million bottle of cognac to sip while travelling in their private on call limo’s or their own private islands to kick back and relax. 

Below is a list of things only billionaires can afford to do, and yes, some are rather odd.

The $200,000 Pigeon

$200,000 on a pigeon?  Pigeon racing may not be on everyone’s top ten list of sports, but in Asia it’s huge and there’s a lot of money to be made.  While most fans are not in the billionaire class, there are a few.  One Chinese buyer paid an astonishing $200,000 for a racing pigeon. Let’s hope this highly pedigreed bird will be winning back the owners initial capital! 

Most expensive racing pigeon

The $1 Billion Home

India’s richest man was definitely thinking big when he spent $1 billion dollars on what’s known as the world’s most expensive home.  With 9 elevators, a theatre comprising of 50 seats, a two story recreation centre and three helipads on the roof.  I can imagine it now, hearing the burring sound above and thinking “My dinner guests have landed.”  - The joys of being super rich. 

Billion dollar home

The $19M Car

Cars, supercars, fast cars, have always been on the top ten list, as one of the first things they would buy after winning the jackpot.  There are those that don’t kid around, as in the 2010 purchase of a Ferrari 250 GTO from the 1960s by British radio host Chris Evans. Evans reportedly paid a staggering 12 million pounds for the car, which equals about $19 million dollars.

The $18M Car

The $390,000 Reward

Be honest - have you ever bribed your child with luxury goods to encourage them to do well in their education? I’ve promised the latest must have teenage gadget but a limousine? Sean “Diddy” Combs did just that. He rewarded his seventeen year old son, Justin, for making the honour roll. 



There are many billionaires who have earned their money through financial smarts and continue to make purchases that, at least on some level, make sense. For the rest of us, at least we get free entertainment from the not-so-frugal billionaires.

Of course, excessive purchases tend to make the news but by simply purchasing a EuroMillions lottery ticket at right now – could see you make the uber rich list and giving you the opportunity to buy – well, anything.

Red play now button

Everyone dreams of what they would do if they were rich, but what would you dream about if you had billions? Let us know in the comments section below and earn a few LottoPoints at the same time!


Posted by Ying Kwong (18/10/2014)

Will use my winning monies to invest plus making regular donations to charitable org. Enjoying luxurious life is not my cup of tea.

Posted by Beni (18/10/2014)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (18/10/2014)

Jackpot will reach 200,000,000 euros, I will buy all !!!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/10/2014)

Sounds interesting and entertaining! I hope i can experience all those with the euro millions win!

Posted by Subrat (20/10/2014)

Money can buy happiness, especially if you’re a billionaire. Billionaires have the world at their fingertips, literally. They can do any and everything because there are no limits. The ones that are lucky enough to be a member of this extremely wealthy club get the best of the best.Also donation to the charity is my first priortiy.

Posted by Krishnan (21/10/2014)

Vijay Mallya gifted an island on his son's birthday. Unfortunate his Kingfisher has grounded now.

Posted by Patrick (21/10/2014)

With Euro million win on my hand,this is a life I must experience.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (21/10/2014)

Lol that's what I was going to say 'Subrat'** I would buy even more happiness than I already have**

Posted by Vladislav (2/11/2014)

Star a company where my employees are the best paid employees in the world.

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