Confessions of a Lottery Winner

Most players dream of that big lottery win and what they would do with all that bountiful loot - all the trips they would make and sports cars they would buy … but closer online research paints a rather dreary picture, as many lottery winners have been recorded as squandering their money in just a matter of years and some even end up worse-off than they were before they won.  We’ve come across a Reddit interview of a player who managed a big $30 million lottery win with the Mega Millions US Lottery game and has been enjoying his new-found fortune successfully.  The player wished to remain anonymous but was generous enough to answer some of the most pertinent questions lottery enthusiasts around the world might have.  The conversation went a little something like this:

lottery winner celebrations

How much did you actually get?

A little under 20 million dollars.

What did you do when you found out you won?

Made photocopies of the ticket and contacted a lawyer.

What was the first thing you bought?

My first "lottery" purchase was a safe.

What was the most ridiculous thing you bought?

The T-rex animatronic head used in the Jurassic Park film.  It cost me $90K and sits right behind my sofa.

How much did you give to others (charity, family, etc.)?

I gave my parents and sister $1 million each, donated another million to a scholarship fund. Paid off the debt of lifelong friends (total cost was about $200K).

How badly do people pester you for handouts (for business, charity, etc.)?

When it first happened I was deluged by people I hadn't seen in years asking me for help, telling me their SOB stories, and wanting to start a business. I bought into a lot of it at first but you quickly become hardened and learn to say no. I haven't been asked for money in a few years now, largely because I've been travelling.

How do you plan on living the rest of your life?

My first decision was to do nothing. But nothing gets boring fast!

How did you invest it?

Various mutual funds and a full time financial advisor who is in turn monitored by a full time accountant... who is then audited in secret by a team of auditors.

Although the interview seemed rather tame (especially compared to other millionaire winning stories) it seems abundantly clear that this lotto winner had his head on his shoulders and kept cool in the face of their big multi-million winning excitement.  Upon further reading of the replies and retorts after the interview, we could see that this millionaire winner has a penchant for travel and spends most of his/her time traversing back and forth across continents.  He/she has spoilt themselves with a Porsche collection as well as donated to various world charities and organizations.   


lottery winning celebrations

The Mega Millions winner advised to remain calm and not get into a frenzied state; they made sure to primarily invest a generous portion and also has given a million to each of his/her parents and sister as well.  The winner has a will set up which includes their family and a few close friends as beneficiaries, as well as a trust set up which will ensure great donations to some chosen charities. can concur with some of the players very strategic tactics upon finding out about the lottery win, especially making a copy of the lottery ticket and signing the back of the original.  Playing the lottery online through PlayHugeLottos is a better alternative, however, as there is no need for securing actual lottery tickets through vendors, instead players can simply participate online and view the lotto results on the actual site itself (a great deal easier, and convenient). 


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The greatest advice given on the forum is that players should play the lottery, enjoy the thrilling experience and not cling to each draw as a do-or-die situation.  Rather enjoy the process as a whole and in the event of a big win, the winner also advises to:

 “Set up a blind trust, have a tax lawyer collect your winnings for the trust, and the lottery simply publishes that a trust collected the totals. People found out when I told a few friends out of excitement.”

lottery balls and cash

This lucky lotto winner also reports that he was just one of four jackpot winners in this specific draw, and with his/her life so free of financial burden, just imagine if you were the lucky jackpot single-ticket winner!  Make your biggest dreams a reality by enjoying the world of mega million lotteries.  Buy lottery tickets online through and stand a chance to join the mega millionaire club now!  

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Posted by Beni (10/10/2014)

Winner big lottos is the best.

Posted by Ying Kwong (10/10/2014)

Yeah, be calm after hitting a huge jackpot!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/10/2014)

i think it would be better for one's own sanity that nobody knows of the win. it makes sense to have a financial person involved in overseeing the activities of your money.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (12/10/2014)

sound advice to potential winners!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (12/10/2014)

sound advice to potential winners!

Posted by Rajesh.r (12/10/2014)

Wow wow oh beauty

Posted by Vladislav (2/11/2014)

Sounds like a smart person. But a collection of Porsches? Common has to be a guy, right?

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