The Wealthiest People in History

Playing the online lottery has given the general public an exclusive opportunity to enter the annuls of history as one of the world’s wealthiest people.  General cash or giant capital is only one half of what makes a truly successful, wealthy individual.  Most of the wealthiest people in history have not just simply been heirs, or just lucked out; many of them actually worked really hard to maintain the wealth that they have built up or accumulated over the years.  As inspiration for building on your big, would-be win when you play lottery online with – here are some of the world’s richest and inspirationally wealthy people throughout history:  


history's richest

To this very day, the Ford Auto Company has been one of the most popular car manufacturers, with the F-150 pickup series being the best-selling truck in America for decades.  The founder was of course Henry Ford who built his wealth up, starting with the notoriously popular Model-T, and rapidly sped up production through including assembly lines and lowering the price of his vehicles.  Ford made sure that American families could all finally afford a vehicle and this ensured that his company would live on successfully even well after his death, at the ripe old age of 83, and more impressively at an adjusted net worth of $188 billion.


history's richest

The violent rise to power (and eventually violent fall from power) was what made Muammar ‘Colonel’ Gaddafi one of Libya’s feared revolutionaries.  His stronghold over Libya came in the form of a coup d’état in the late 1960’s.  His wealth would slowly and steadily increase and by the time of his death his adjusted net worth amounted to over $200 billion.


history's richest

The Rothschilds are admittedly a family, and not a single person – but they’re included in the list because any single one of them represents an example of incredible wealth throughout history and their generations.  Originally the family hales from Frankfurt, Germany; with their wealth generated through banking business which quickly overtook other banking institutions in terms of wealth.  The Rothschild family isn’t as successful as what they once were, but are still one of the richest families in the world today.  Their adjusted net worth is purported to amount to around $350 billion.


history's richest

Owning the title of ‘single, wealthiest American to ever live’ definitely leaves a lot to learn from in terms of gaining and maintaining wealth.  J. D. Rockefeller owes his riches to wealth gained in the oil market during the latter part of the 1800’s and eventually was established enough to start up his own oil company.  With the demand for oil and gasoline rising – Rockefeller’s wealth skyrocketed as well.  Near the turn of the century, Rockefeller was so wealthy that he decided to live out the latter half of his life in early retirement.  He donated large sums of money to schools and hospitals and founded the University of Chicago.  He is also noted as the first American to ever reach a net worth of $1 billion – with that amount being a drop in the ocean compared to his eventual net worth of $400 billion.

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There has been great wealth celebrated throughout history, with it being very encouraging to find that not only royals can accumulate such wealth and financial freedom.  Trying your hand at UK lottery online might just be the very first step you take to your very own personal riches, so register now at and win big with the UK Lotto and as many as 14 other online lottery games to choose from.  Good luck and good gaming!

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