The World’s Unluckiest Or Luckiest Man – You Decide

We have all heard about people who just seem to continuously find themselves facing bad luck. No matter what your bad luck in life has been, we can guarantee that you haven’t seen bad luck like THIS before!

Meet Frane Selek, a music teacher from Croatia who didn’t so much get stuck in a pool of bad luck as drowned in one. Born in 1929 and married four times Mr. Selek just couldn’t shake the bad luck that lasted for over 74 years of his life.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

It all started on a cold winter’s day (as so many bad things often do) in 1962 while Mr. Selek was on a train to Dubrovnik when it tragically derailed into an icy river killing 17 passengers. Selek miraculously escaped with his life although he suffered from hypothermia, scratches, bruises and a broken arm.

A year later while flying this time (no more trains for Mr. Selek) from Zagreb to Rijeka a door blew out from the cockpit area and Mr. Selek got blown straight out of the plane. Had this happened to any normal man they would undoubtedly have been killed but Mr. Selek woke up just a few days later in hospital hearing that he had landed safely on a haystack. Wow, talk about making hay while the sun shines?

Even though he was plagued by unfortunate events, Mr. Selek never gave up playing the lottery...

Frane Selek

Well, amazingly enough, things didn’t end there for Mr. Selek. In 1966 while travelling on a bus (no more trains or planes for Mr. Salek) the bus unfortunately veered off the road, ploughing into a river. The terrible crash resulted in four casualties but Mr. Selek escaped death yet again and came out totally unharmed.
Clearly not having much luck with mass transport vehicles, Mr. Selek turned to the passenger motor car – without much better luck. His fourth near death experience came along in 1970 when his motor car caught fire. Mr. Selek was fortunate enough to escape just seconds before the fuel tank exploded. 3 years later another of Mr. Selek’s car’s caught fire, blowing flames through the air vents. The fire did not kill Mr. Selek but unfortunately it left him almost completely hairless.

For the next 20 years Mr. Selek lived a quiet, accident-free life and probably thought that his bad luck had changed for the better, he was wrong. He narrowly escaped injury after being hit by a bus. This was followed a year later by yet another accident. While driving along a mountain road he was forced through a crash barrier on the side of the road to avoid an oncoming truck. He had a narrow escape by jumping out of the vehicle and landing in a tree. He watched as his car exploded 300 feet below.

Mr. Unlucky No More

Mr. Selek’s hopes of a reversal in fortune were indeed finally rewarded. In 2003 his luck took a massive turn for the better when he won 1 million US Dollars on the Croatian lottery! He is now deservedly well-known around town as “Mr Lucky”.

This is just another example of how, when you least expect it, your luck can change. Even for someone as unbelievably unlucky as Mr. Selek!

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Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (6/07/2012)

I think he is a lucky man.Take the instance of 1962 when the train was derailed.17 people died but he did survive.You can call the 17 people unlucky.Then in 1963 when he fell on the haysak and survived and indeed I have never seen anyone falling off a plain and surviving.Then when he jumped from his car which exploded and crashed 300 m ahead and he still lived.I would say indeed he is a lucky man as he did win 1 Million USD in lottery plus he won his life from the hands of death several times in his life not once

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