Winning Lottery Numbers Chosen By Your Dog

Filed under the “what will they think of next” category, a US company has created a board game that allows the family dog to pick your winning lottery numbers. Are they barking mad?

We took a look at pets that own a lottery fortune but pets that actually pick the winning lottery numbers is new territory for us here at Well, the “Lucky Dog Lottery” game does just that. As the tagline states: "Let your pet make your bet!"

Sit, rollover, pick lottery numbers… Good dog!

lucky dog

Do you have a lucky dog?

If you are tired of trying lottery quick-picks, lottery wheels, playing your family’s birthday numbers or simply leaving the numbers to fate then perhaps this is the game for you. You will of course need to own a dog. The luckier the dog, the better!

So how is the game played?

A game mat is placed on the floor and numbered chips are spread out evenly over it
A special leash is attached to your dog’s collar, just long enough to touch the floor
Players then spin the spinner which will land on one of four colours
A favourite dog toy is then thrown to the corresponding colour on the mat
Your dog will chase the toy across the game mat and in the process numbered chips will stick to the special leash
You can then make a record of the numbers – these will comprise the lottery numbers you will enter
Continue until you have as many lucky numbers as you require

Secret To Winning Lottery Numbers?

Does your faithful family dog hold the key to picking your winning lottery numbers? We have seen the outcome of leaving a Mega Millions number selection up to a Gorilla. How much better could a family dog be at picking winning lottery numbers?

We are not sure how likely this method is to bring in your winning numbers but it does seem like fun and is certainly a very creative way to go about selecting your lottery numbers.

Whether picked by hand or paw, why not put your chosen lottery numbers to the test on this week’s American Powerball - sitting at a lovely $70,000,000!

play powerball


Posted by Brian (5/07/2012)

This is definitely one of the craziest ideas for choosing lottery numbers I've ever seen!!

Posted by Yusman (24/06/2013)

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