The Biggest Lottery Wins in History

Frivolous spending, large bank accounts, ‘Black’ American Express cards and private island homes – that’s the life of winners, the life of millionaires … and the life we all dream we could live.  Throughout history, worldwide lottery games have seen to it that this life became a reality for a select few who chose to loyally participate in their lucrative jackpot draws.  

With a rich history (pun intended) of making more people wealthy, playing the lottery has disproved the stigma surrounding it and over time what was largely taboo has now become one of the world’s most exhilarating past-times.    The reality and very real possibility of a mega lottery win has finally, albeit rather slowly, dawned on people who now clamor for lottery tickets on a weekly basis, so that they may share in the great fortune that lottery draws seem to dole out to players each week.  A sneak-peek into the prosperous world of lottery serves to corroborate just how well the flourishing games have awarded those dedicated to playing for substantial amounts.  Since its inception in 1996 the world of lottery and more recently, online lottery, has captivated all with its abundance in prize giving; from its modest beginnings of a US$ 65 million jackpot (modest in lottery first prize terms) to its current gargantuan prizing US$ 425.3 million!

Our info graphic below depicts a concise look at the highest past wins celebrated by various players around the world and the lucky lottery games that dished them out:


biggest winners infographic

biggest winners infographic

biggest winners infographic


The European games such as Italy’s SuperEnalotto, Eurojackpot, UK National Lottery and Euromillions all make an appearance – and not surprisingly so, the Euromillions is considered one of the world’s most beloved world lottery games and frequently hands out great jackpot prizes.  It has a record of handing out two of the biggest lottery wins in July 2011 and August 2012.  SuperEnalotto and Eurojackpot each feature a win each, as well as the kick-starter, the UK Lottery, which featured the first big jackpot win in January 1996.

The stars of jackpot games, however, come in the form of the two magnanimous US-based lotteries – Mega Millions and Powerball.  The US Powerball is responsible for dishing out the largest prizes in lottery history, making an appearance twelve times!  The Mega Millions game comes in a close second at being a nine-time jackpot awarding game, actually eleven-time if you count the two Big Game winnings (the Mega Millions was previously known as The Big Game, and later The Big Game: Mega Millions).


The biggest ever lottery win came in the form of a Mega Millions jackpot, dished out to a fortuitous two players who shared the mammoth US$ 648 million in December, 2013.    


Everyone’s dream is to win a big lottery jackpot, but not just win it but claim it – meaning that it does not get shared!  That’s achieved by being a single-ticket winner, making sure that all the bounty is yours, and that you decide who you’d like to share it with.  The biggest single-ticket win came in 2013 as well, May in fact, where a grand jackpot of US$590.5 million was claimed by one winner who surely doesn’t EVER have to be concerned with financial stresses ever again!


For those who don’t mind sharing – considering how ridiculously bounteous some of these jackpot prizing is – a shared, group win means just more people to share the joy of a victorious lottery win with!  This proves especially true with lottery syndicates popping up everywhere, and actually becoming a very successful method of play, as players pool together finances, resources and more.  The largest lottery group winning in history comes in the form of that ‘other’ big win, the biggest ever lottery jackpot win where only two people shared the US$ 648 million first place prize.  Second to that was an esteemed US$ 448 million win in 2013 which was shared between three people who managed the win through the US Powerball game.


Two years stand out as the most prosperous – the times between 2012 and 2013.  These two years saw big lottery booms and wins with more players proving triumphant in this time period than any other.  Not only do these years mark the most winnings, but also the highest winnings in lottery history.

To conclude, with the numbers in, the stats all point to one thing:  lottery playing is and has been the most fruitful endeavor when considering the fastest and easiest way to making mega-millions.   With online lottery, firmly the most preferred method of lottery participation, more players are introduced to the exciting world of millions which is brought into their homes and available at a click of the mouse. has been the only lottery vendor in existence able to claim that it has been providing lottery to the masses since well before online lottery gameplay was introduced.  The company was started over a decade ago with the aim of introducing lottery games to foreign players from other countries, and quickly became an industry leader and trustworthy international lottery purchaser.  The pioneering company has cemented its legacy with its online lottery presence, which provides all its key services through a functional and user-friendly site.

All the world’s most generous lottery games such as Mega Millions, Powerball, Euromillions and more are all available to play online through the safe and secure site.  Making use of crypto currency as a form of transacting has seen the company propel itself to new heights as the world’s first global lottery company to employ the fast, secure and convenient method of payment.  This ensures that players from all over the world, irrespective of region, may participate in all the games available; and to do so in any language of their choice as the site is multilingual as well.

Truly, is the most comprehensive site for online lottery play, and has definitely been behind some of the largest wins in lottery history.  Join the prestigious winners circle by registering and signing up, and who knows you may be featured as one of history’s most fortunate lottery winners too.  Good luck and good gaming lottery fans!      

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Posted by Rajesh.r (2/10/2014)

What an idea ?

Posted by Ionut (2/10/2014)

wow... I'm just shocked... so many Jackpots... When I see number like 337, 648, 587 millions, I feel I'm in a movie... not an easy thing to accept that that was a real Jackpot in the Real World... (I know that was the annuity option and there were also taxes but still...) This article is a real eye opener

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/10/2014)

Astonishing!!! So BIG wins!!!!!! Now is the chance for me to get myself on the sheet of BIG winners by winning today's EURO MILLIONS SUPERDRAW!!!!

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (3/10/2014)

I would love to win a jackpot.

Posted by Krishnan (3/10/2014)

Limited extravagance and some benevolence needed when you win big!

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Posted by Beni (3/10/2014)

Big win is the best

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With EURO MILLIONS SUPPERDRAW a few hours away let me put in my numbers and join the list of BIG WINNERS.

Posted by Julian (3/10/2014)

I hope and pray that I will get some day.

Posted by Dorota (4/10/2014)

EuroMillions EU €111.000.000

Posted by Krishnan (4/10/2014)

Inspiring statistics indeed

Posted by Edmore (4/10/2014)

I celebrate 13 years in marriage on the 13th of October and i have just celebrated my 38th birthday,trust the present will be coming on tuesday the 7th...PHL,making my dream come true

Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/10/2014)

The biggest lottery just got BIGGER! The euro millions super draw rolled over, hopefully to my side! What a handsome figure to win!

Posted by MlcLaY (6/10/2014)

I am just about to get married and I would love to win big and work for passion and travel with the love of my life!

Posted by Mykola (7/10/2014)

удачи всем!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/10/2014)

Great News!!!! The euro millions have rolled over to 128 million euros!!!! That's awesome!!!!

Posted by Naheem (17/10/2014)

Dream couldnt be bigger than this...Mega millions, mega dreams, here i come,Oh destiny Give me my share of dreams...

Posted by Vladislav (2/11/2014)

Somebody should break the record for the largest jackpot win. Why not me?

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